Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 2: Ning Family Wants To Break Marriage Engagement

Chapter 2: Ning Family Wants To Break Marriage Engagement

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Ye Mo looked at this woman in front of him astonishingly. Her hair was short, and although she wasn’t pretty, something was endearing about her face. She seemed familiar, but he couldn’t remember her. The other memories of the original Ye Mo started to blur after some of them resurfaced in class. He only had the memories of his past life, before his reincarnation.

“Hmph, Ye Mo, I lent that much money to you, and you pretend not to know me. You really are annoying!” said the round-faced woman.

Ye Mo suddenly remembered. This woman was called Wang Ying, someone of the Wang Family in the capital. She was very outgoing and manly, as she usually talked without much consideration, but she didn’t have an evil heart. Like Ye Mo, she also studied at the Ning Hai University.

Ye Mo wasn’t welcomed in the capital initially and didn’t know many people, much less after he was kicked out of the Ye Family. The reason he was acquainted with her was that Wang Ying and his sister Ye Ling were classmates and often came to Ye Mo’s house to play.

Although Ye Mo was expelled out of the Ye Family, many people who knew Ye Mo pretended not to know him. However, Wang Ying was vivacious and wasn’t so calculative. She didn’t pretend that she did not recognize him; instead, she even lent money to him when he had hard times in his life.

“Ugh, it’s you, Wang Ying, I’m sorry, my head was dizzy just then, and I didn’t recognize you...” as Ye Mo was speaking, he thought about the fact that he didn’t even have the money to eat. Maybe he should ask her for a bit more.

Just when Ye Mo was thinking of an excuse to borrow money, Wang Ying spoke mysteriously: “Ye Mo, do you know who is the most famous after you in the capital? Oh, I shouldn’t say most famous but most hilarious.”

Wang Ying didn’t seem to care at all if her words hurt Ye Mo’s feelings as she continued to talk happily.

She also didn’t expect Ye Mo to answer her, so instead, she continued to speak mysteriously: “A few months ago, the Ning Family went to your Ye Family to break the engagement. You know what your great uncle said?”

Ye Mo spoke plainly: “I am Ye Mo, I don’t have an uncle.”

“Oh, right, I’m sorry, I forgot you’re no longer of the Ye Family. Your great…. Oh I mean Mr. Ye said that Ye Mo was no longer a part of the Ye Family. As for the marriage, I have no clue. I heard that he goes to school at Ning Hai University. You can negotiate with him at Ning Hai.

“The Ning Family was furious but could do nothing about it. Hey, Ye Mo, did people from the Ning Family came looking for you? I heard that the Song Family sent people to the Ning Family and wanted to engage Ning Qingxue to Song Shaowen. Hehe, you won’t be able to imagine what your fiancé said,” speaking until that point, Wang Ying looked at Ye Mo very satisfactorily; she wanted to know Ye Mo’s reaction.

Ye Mo shook his head. Honestly, he had no impression of Ning Qingxue, although she might be the prettiest woman in the capital and was also his fiancé, he was no longer the original Ye Mo nor was he the direct descendant of the Ye Family. Ning Qingxue’s attitude had nothing to do with him and could marry whoever she wanted; he wouldn’t care at all.

On top of that, no matter how beautiful Ning Qingxue was, could she be more attractive than his master? Before, his EQ was too low. His master was nice to him, and he thought it was a sign of concern for his well-being, but after experiencing life and death, if he still couldn’t understand his master Luo Ying’s feelings for him, then he should go and die again. But now, he didn’t even know if Luo Ying had reincarnated like him.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo was dazed. Seeing Ye Mo’s state, Wang Ying thought he was either reluctant to let go of Ning Qingxue or was still troubled by his exile. She hurriedly added, “Ye Mo, although Ning Qingxue is gorgeous, she is from the Ning Family, but you are no longer the Young Master of the Ye Family, so…”

Of course, Ye Mo understood what Wang Ying meant and smiled indifferently before saying: “Ning Qingxue? Oh, I’ve already forgotten about her,” he was speaking the truth; he couldn’t actually remember who Ning Qingxue was at all. Talking about impressions, he probably had a greater opinion of Wang Ying.

Wang Ying rolled her eyes, but she continued to talk: “If you say this, Ning Qingxue will be hurt. Do you know who was the most laughed at in the capital? It was her.”

Ye Mo was shocked and wondered how it was possible that she could be laughed at. He was naturally impotent and was kicked out of the Ye Family, and if the Ning Family announced that they broke off the engagement, everything would be okay. Could a lone ranger like him dare to ask for her hand in marriage?

Wang Ying did not wait for his answer and continued: “When the Song Family proposed to Ning Qingxue, she announced in public, ‘I am already Ye Mo’s woman and wouldn’t marry another person, unless…’ but she only said ‘unless’ and didn’t say anything else. I don’t know what she meant by that, but after her words had got out, it was said that her father was so furious that he locked her up. I don’t know if this is true or false.

“It is because she said this that people in the entire capital are laughing at her. Although everyone knows that she is using you as an excuse to reject the proposal. Do you know what people are saying about you? They are all saying that since she hadn’t tasted a man yet, she doesn’t know what natural impotence is, so when she learns about it...

“Oh wait, I’m sorry, my words aren’t directed at you. It’s what everyone else is saying,” at that point, Wang Ying finally realized that the person she was talking about was right in front of her. Just then, she thought that it was very likely that Ye Mo would take off his pants to check his thing.

On the other hand, Ye Mo only thought that this Wang Ying was really immature; spilling the beans without considering the impact of her words. Fortunately now, he actually didn’t feel anything because he wasn’t naturally impotent at all. As long as he reached the third stage of Chii Gathering, his blocked meridian would open up itself. Although it was very hard to reach stage three, there was still hope for him.

As for Ning Qingxue, of course, he wouldn’t take her words seriously. Although Ye Mo hadn’t seen her, with the title of the prettiest woman in the capital, she should be stunning. She probably didn’t like Song Shaowen and thus used Ye Mo as a shield. However, what he couldn’t understand was, why announcing it in a public environment? Wouldn’t it be fine just to tell it to the Song Family?

But then, Ye Mo immediately understood, Ning Qingxue didn’t want to be engaged with anyone right now and therefore said that publicly. It wasn’t because she wouldn’t marry anyone else besides Ye Mo, her word “unless….” meant “unless she wanted to marry someone”. The woman was smart.

“And, here, this is for you,” Wang Ying took out an envelope and gave it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo opened the envelope and found a stack of money inside. He looked at Wang Ying in surprise, he hadn’t even asked for it, and she was already so generous in giving.

“This is from your brother, um, that Ye Zifeng. He said someone else asked him to give this to you but didn’t say who. I think it was probably himself,” Wang Ying’s words reminded Ye Mo of the existence of his younger brother and little sister.

It seemed that Ye Ling never looked to be happy with him but his brother, Ye Zifeng, was actually kind to him. He needed this money right now and couldn’t refuse it; he would pay him back in the future.

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