Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 2087 - 2087 Three big divine sects

2087 Three big divine sects

Ye Mo thought about it and realised what happened. The Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect women were all immortal goddesss. They wouldn’t be together with another man. This was unheard of. Now that this immortal goddess was with a man and she looked very nervous, clearly she betrayed the Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect.

Ye Mo didn’t mind. In his eyes, the Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect was only so so. He didn’t even feel saint Ji Xi was very sacred much less this ordinary sect members. She was just a pretty woman that’s all.

Ye Mo hadn’t left yet because he wanted to know what the two were doing here.

“Wan bei Zhu Wenmao, please forgive me for offending qian bei. It’s my fault that Yue He came here, please don’t spread the news about us.” The man said respectfully and subtly stood in front of the immortal goddess Yue He.

“Qian bei, wan bei is indeed from the Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect but brother Wenmao didn’t ask me to come. I wanted to go with him. I’m willing to go back to the Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect and receive punishment. This has nothing to do with brother Wenmao, please let him go.” The beautiful woman quickly explained.

Ye Mo was speechless “I have no problem with you two being together. Do whatever you want. I don’t know Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect and I won’t go report you in…”

Before they could rejoice, Ye Mo’s tone suddenly went cold “But tell me why you came here. If you lie at all, then don’t blame me.”

Their faces became nervous again but this silence didn’t last very long before Zhu Wenmao saluted with his fists to Ye Mo “Qian bei, wan bei don’t dare to ask who qian bei is. Wan bei had decided to not live on after Yuehe goes so wan bei will tell qian bei the reason…”

Ye Mo frowned “I didn’t say to kill you, what are you talking about?”

“Brother Wenmao let me explain.” Lei Yuehe’s face went calm again.

Lei Yuehe bowed to Ye Mo again and said “Qian bei probably knows which sect is the strongest in the Divine Dao Realm right?”

Ye Mo nodded “It’s probably your Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect right?”

Lei Yuehe shook her head “No, out of the three big divine sects, Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect was the weakest. The strongest was Xu Yue divine dao, then it was Great Sun God Mountain. Xu Yue divine dao had perished so the strongest is Great Sun God Mountain.”

Lei Yuehe said this subconsciously and then realised that Ye Mo probably knew all this. She said with fear “Wan bei said too much, qian bei probably knows this.”

Ye Mo didn’t know it at all so he could only say awkwardly “just say everything you know. I didn’t know that indeed. I’ve been in solitary cultivation…”

The two looked at Ye Mo with shock but didn’t dare to rebuke. After all, the three big divine sects of the Divine Dao Realm was instant second flag. There was no way Ye Mo didn’t know about them.

“Our sect saint Qing saved the collapsing Divine Dao Realm and thus was respected by people of the broken realm and rose our sect to eh number one sect. But in fact, there’s a sect who wasn’t affected much just like ours. It’s the Great Sun God Mountain.”

Lei Yuehe was very precise and Ye Mo nodded happily “Continue.”

“yes.” Lei Yuehe continued “Ever since Xu Yue divine dao was annihilated, the people from Great Sun God Mountain rarely appeared. After countless years, people from Great Sun God Mountain started to come out. We know that evne two of the Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect combined is no match for Great Sun God Mountain.”

Ye Mo asked “You’re saying that Great Sun God Mountain wants to annihilate Immortal Goddess Sacred Sect?”

Lei Yuehe said definitely “They do.”

“You’re all sects of a broken realm why do this?” Ye Mo asked.

“The reason they haven’t done this is because the main peak of the Great Sun God Mountain, the Great Sun God Peak’s law is incomplete. It was contaminated. They need to sacrifice our saint to purify it. Once the impurities are gone, the powers of the Great Sun God Mountain would rise again.”

Hearing this, Ye Mo was more confused and asked with a frown “How do you sacrifice the saint?”

“At the peak of the Great Sun God Mountain, slice open the neck of the saint and let her blood flow down the peak until the saint dies and all of her life force is devoured by the Great Sun God Mountain.” Lei Yuehe said dejectedly.

Then she added “This is just their excuse. If we don’t lend them the saint, they would use this to attack. After we lend them the sent they would still attack.

Ye Mo could guess that Ji Xi wasn’t the sect as Ji Xi told her that for some reason she was no longer saint.

This Great Sun God Mountain was so bleak. The Divine Dao Realm was already withered to this state and they still want to dominate everything. If this continues, the Divine Dao Realm would eventually completely cripple.

“I heard that a prodigy of Great Sun God Mountain is about to reach Primordial Essence Divine Emperor. They’re probably doing this for that prodigy. They want to use the entire realm to vindicate his down. Once he fuses the Divine Dao Realm and completes the sect, his Primordial Essence Divine Emperor would be in great completion.” Zhu Wenge said.

Then he said hatefully, “I’ve suspected the Great Sun God Mountain long had such plans.”

You’re saying that a Dao Essence Divine Emperor peak stage of Great Sun God Mountain is about to fuse the entire realm and then use it to vindicate primordial essence?” Ye Mo asked in shock. Isn’t this spirit controlling the entire Divine Dao Realm for himself?

This was more than cruel. On the surface it seemed to be doing good but even a Primordial Essence Divine Emperor would have to kill all the living beings here. Even if he didn’t, all the living beings on this place would be spirit controlled and turn into divine dao laws once he perfected the world laws here.

“Yes.” Zhu Wenmao sighed.

Ye Mo shook his head “Impossible, if it’s just a Dao Essence Divine Emperor, there’s no way he can do this.”

Ye Mo’s cultivation level was far from Dao Essence Divine Emperor but he had some understanding of Dao Essence Divine Emperor. He knew that even a peak stage Dao Essence Divine Emperor can’t spirit control the entire Divine Dao Realm. That was suicide.

“Perhaps he isn’t dao essence, perhaps he is already primordial essence.”

Ye Mo’s heart was shook. Could a Primordial Essence Divine Emperor spirit control the Divine Dao Realm?

It’s said that the Divine Dao Realm had five Primordial Essence Divine Emperor before and they remained in balance. No one dared to spirit control the Divine Dao Realm. But before, even if there was just one Primordial Essence Divine Emperor, he wouldn’t be able to spirit control the complete Divine Dao Realm.

But now the Divine Dao Realm was broken, a Primordial Essence Divine Emperor might really be able to spirit control this realm and then rebuild the realm with his god art. That way, this realm would probably be his chaos world.

If there really was such a guy then he would have to flee this place.

The three fell in silence. Ye Mo finally realised what Zhu Wenmao’s death meant but he was still suspicious.

“If qian bei doesn’t have any business wan bei will be going.” Seeing Ye Mo not talk, Zhu Wenmao said again.

Ye Mo nodded “Lei Yuehe, I want to ask you another question. I know your saint Ji Xi, did she come back?”

Hearing this, Lei Yuehe dazed but soon reacted and bowed “Qian bei, saint Xi has been back to the sect for a few years. But now, she’s no longer the saint. It’s someone else.”

Ye Mo rejoiced, Ji Xi was back and he could get his gourd from her.

“Okay, I’m very happy with your answer. I have one last question. Why did you guys come to Xu Yue divine dao?” Ye Mo thought about getting the gourd and was very happy.

Zhu Wenmao sighed. He knew he had to answer and bowed to Ye Mo “Because wan bei is the only surviving sect member of Xu Yue divine dao.”

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