Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 21: Su Shen Gun

Chapter 21: Su Shen Gun[1]

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As Su Jingwen was driving the car, she thought, “Why did Ning Qingxue come? I am very familiar with her.” Usually, someone like Ning Qingxue wouldn’t come to a birthday party when she wasn’t invited.

“Oh no!” Su Jingwen suddenly remembered something important. “Ye Mo is also coming tonight! What would happen if they see each other?”

“Jingwen, what’s wrong? Your mind doesn’t seem to be here,” Li Mumei saw that Su Jingwen appeared to be a bit distracted and hurriedly asked.

“Oh, nothing really, I suddenly remembered something but it’s fine now. Oh right, Mumei, you didn’t tell me that Qingxue was coming. Qingxue, have you taken over your father’s business by now? I heard some people saying that you were already at Ning Family Medical Materials,” Su Jingwen tried to find some conversation in order to divert from her feelings of surprise.

However, Li Mumei said: “Actually, Sister Qingxue took over the business in Beijing ages ago, and I have always been there to help Sister Qingxue manage the business. It’s just that some things happened and Sister Qingxue has now temporary left Ning Family Medical Materials.”

Su Jingwen didn’t ask what it was. It was probably internal conflict, and it was better not to ask about these things. Seeing there was trouble knitted between Ning Qingxue’s eyebrows, she probably came to relieve herself of the unhappy things. Should she give Ye Mo a call to tell him not to come tonight, so that Ning Qingxue’s doesn’t feel worse?

Thinking about it, Su Jingwen suddenly realized something important: Ye Mo didn’t have a phone at all, he wasn’t at school right now either, and she didn’t even know where he lived, so she couldn’t possibly contact him. By the looks of things, it was set in stone that Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue were going to meet.

“Sister Jingwen, I heard from Mumei that your mother wasn’t very well, is she better now?” Of course, Ning Qingxue could tell Su Jingwen was a bit distracted, so she took the initiative to ask first.

Su Jingwen had returned to being herself and decided to worry about Ye Mo later; it wasn’t something that she could control now anyway. Hearing Ning Qingxue ask, she smiled happily: “My mother is all well! Didn’t Mumei tell you?”

Ning Qingxue felt a bit awkward. She didn’t ask Li Mumei about Su Jingwen’s mother’s condition before coming. However, Su Jingwen didn’t seem to mind and continued: “I met a master purely by chance, you guys don’t know about it, but that master’s charm…”

Su Jingwen admired Ye Mo the most now. When Ning Qingxue asked, she made it sound like that master who sold her the charms was indisputable and unrivaled in the whole universe. She even recounted the specific details of buying and using the charms.

Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei had their jaws open in shock after hearing this. They all stared stiffly at Su Jingwen. It was very rare to see someone like Su Jingwen being so superstitious, especially after receiving such a high education. To them, the person who sold Su Jingwen the charms definitely had an eloquent mouth.

“Um, Jingwen, it’s good that your mother is well. There is no need to go into such elaborate detail about how she recovered...” seeing how Su Jingwen was so superstitious, Li Mumei could only hint at her.

“I know you guys don’t believe me, and I won’t force you to. I have a fireball charm on me, if I didn’t treasure it so much, I would use it and show you guys. However, if I did, I wouldn’t be able to buy another one even with all the money in the world since I can’t find that master anymore,” Su Jingwen said helplessly.

“Okay, we believe you, Su Shen Gun,” Under great reluctance, Li Mumei could only surrender.

Even Ning Qingxue, who had a constant frown in her eyebrows, wanted to laugh. Su Jingwen was older than both of them, but her words were so unrealistic. It just could not be matched with her astute reputation. Seeing such a beautiful lady talk about a master who used shady charms really didn’t match. If her own situation weren’t so dire, she would have probably laughed seeing Su Jingwen put on such a shen gun show.


Ye Mo made the bracelet and just put it straight in his pocket since he couldn’t find a proper packaging to make it look better. He started recovering his Chi immediately as he spent quite some effort into making this bracelet; if it weren’t so difficult to sell them, he would probably make a few to sell.

Since coming to this world, it was the first time Ye Mo took the taxi. He didn’t want to run to Yu Wan private place, and neither did he know the way.

Ye Mo’s taxi stopped outside. The guard at the door saw Ye Mo take the taxi over and was surprised as he didn’t look like someone wealthy. Although he was wearing neat and clean clothes, his hair wasn’t groomed and was unkempt. Moreover, he was wearing a normal pair of vans; these shoes couldn’t be worth more than 30-40 dollars, so he immediately stopped Ye Mo.

“Sir, this is a private place, it isn’t open to public—” Before the guard finished his words, Ye Mo took out the invitation and handed it to the guard as he didn’t care. With this appearance, it was normal for the guard to keep a close eye on him.

The guard looked through the invitation a few times, and after confirming, he returned it to Ye Mo with surprise: “Apologies, please go in.” Just when Ye Mo went into the yard, a red Porsche pulled into the yard. In contrast with his entrance, this time it was as though the guard was just purely for display. The red Porsche dashed past Ye Mo, before slowly reversing back to where he stood. The driver was evidently quite arrogant; this was a big yard, not a high-speed freeway. One glance could tell that this was a very cocky person. Just as Ye Mo thought this, a girl jumped off the car.

Clad in a red top and tight jeans, her womanly features were clearly outlined and an air of superior arrogance and glamor was evident.

“Su Mei…” Ye Mo wasn’t surprised to see her here. She was Su Jingwen’s cousin after all, and it was normal for her to come to Su Jingwen’s birthday party. However, although this woman was arrogant at school, she still seemed reserved. However, he didn’t think that outside of school, she didn’t bother to hide it at all.

“Ye Mo? Stop! What are you doing here?” Su Mei was rejected without reason last time and lost several hundred dollars to Ye Mo which made her feel very uncomfortable. Ye Mo stared at Su Mei in a feigned bafflement: “I came here because I was invited. Is this place yours? Do I need to report to you before I come?”

At this moment, another girl jumped off the car. She dressed similar to Su Mei but what made her more eye-catching was that her hair was dyed yellow. “What’s wrong, Mei Mei? Who is THIS guy?” This girl asked Su Mei and scanned Ye Mo with a haughty side glance. Su Mei sneered, and before she could talk, a military-plated Audi parked at the door but didn’t come in. Instead, a twenty or so year old youth got off. He also saw Ye Mo and walked over.

“Mei, long time no see, what’s wrong, you don’t seem to be happy,” this youth had a smile and greeted her from a far distance. Su Mei saw this boy coming over, and her face immediately turned into a smile: “Brother Wang Shu, you didn’t even come to see me, yet you say long time no see?”

1: Shen Gun: a person who pretends to be spiritually connected to a higher being and spreads false religious content to gain respect and social status

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