Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 24: Shabby Gift

Chapter 24: Shabby Gift

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“Zhao Hong, sorry, I’m busy right now, please sit somewhere else,” Ning Qingxue was annoyed since she finally summoned the courage to say what she wanted but was interrupted. Zhao Hong looked at Ye Mo in surprise and was wondering how this poor-looking person, who somehow found his way in here, could be connected to Ning Qingxue.

“Hello, I’m Zhao Hong. I just came back from Cambridge University, and I’ll be staying at the Ning Hai Government Office for now. If you have any trouble in Ning Hai, just come to me. I can help you with the trivial stuff,” Zhao Hong didn’t leave just because of Ning Qingxue’s words and instead extended his hands elegantly. For him, shaking hands with Ye Mo was due to Ning Qingxue. Although he didn’t know why Ning Qingxue was talking to this person, he just wanted to get a good impression from Ning Qingxue.

What took Zhao Hong by surprise was that Ye Mo casually took a fruit from the waiter’s plate and didn’t even seem to see Zhao Hong’s hands. Zhao Hong’s face reddened and awkwardly dropped his hand. He glared at Ye Mo and was just regretting extending his hand when Wang Xu came over.

“Brother, you’re quite something, your move even tricked me! Nice technique! This is my number, we must have a talk sometimes!” Wang Xu patted Ye Mo’s shoulder excitedly as soon as he came and gave him a name card with only his phone number. Ye Mo had a good first impression of Wang Xu. He felt Wang Xu was a decent person and could become friends. So once he heard Wang Xu say this, he also smiled and said: “Sure, gladly.”

Ning Qingxue saw Ye Mo’s completely opposite attitudes towards two different people and seemed to be thinking about it. “Brother Xu, you are here! Hehe,” Zhao Hong saw Wang Xu and laughed awkwardly.

“Fake foreigner, why did you come back? Aren’t you supposed to be in England?” Wang Xu’s words were very straight forward. Zhao Hong said awkwardly: “I have already graduated, I am now working in the government office at Ning Hai City. I didn’t think Brother Xu had the time to come too.”

“It was conveniently on the way for me to Ning Hai,” after Wang Xu had responded to Zhao Hong, he turned to Ye Mo and said, “Brother Ye, you must remember to call me later on, oh, gimme your number too!”

“He doesn’t have a phone,” Su Jingwen’s voice came here in time. Ye Mo laughed bitterly in his heart. No matter where he sat, there would be a lot of people surrounding him quickly. He didn’t like this boisterous environment. He had the urge to give Su Jingwen her present and leave. “Jingwen, happy birthday to you, I brought this diamond necklace from England just for you. I hope you will like it!” Zhao Hong saw he was starting to be neglected from the conversation, and hurried out to take his present.

“Thank you, Zhao Hong.” After saying a few words, Su Jingwen took the necklace and gave it to the female servant in the background. As Zhao Hong saw that Su Jingwen didn’t give his gift a second thought, a glimpse of disappointment flashed across his eyes.

“Sister Jingwen, I also brought something for you!” Su Mei noticed the situation and immediately gave out a set of cosmetics products. At this moment, the guests all started giving their gifts, but many people already gave their presents at the door. Those who came in to give her the gifts were all Su Jingwen’s good friends.

Even Ning Qingxue gave an exquisite chest brooch. Ye Mo then realized that, although he deemed his present to be the most precious, its look compared to other people’s presents was barely acceptable. However, at this moment, Su Jingwen had to look full of hope at him. Ye Mo smiled bitterly, he took out the bracelet he made from his pocket and gave it to Su Jingwen as he said: “I made this myself. I know it’s a bit shabby, and I apologize, but I didn’t have the money to buy something more expensive.”

The bracelet was made of six pea-sized beads scattered loosely at different places. It was easily discernible that the Jade had a crappy quality and obviously didn’t look good. Everyone around them looked at Ye Mo’s gift in surprise and thought: “Even if you didn’t have money, a random piece of jewelry would still look better than this weird bracelet you made yourself. The beads are ugly, perhaps it was even made from a fake piece of Jade. If that was true, then this bracelet was only worth a few dollars which was much cheaper than any finished good.”

“Pfff…” Some people in the crowd finally couldn’t hold it in and laughed. This guy really was unique. Not only did he wear poor clothes, but also gave such a poor presents.

“This present is really unique, probably the only one that exists in the world, hehe…” Zhao Hong saw Ye Mo offering this gift and finally found a chance to ridicule Ye Mo. Su Jingwen rolled her eyes towards Zhao Hong but happily accepted Ye Mo’s bracelet while she wore it joyfully on her wrist: “Ye… thank you! Thank you for making a present for me yourself! I really like this bracelet, does it have a name?”

Ye Mo smiled and said: “I named it the Six Harmony.”

“Six Harmony? This name is really quite unique,” Su Mei looked at the sanguine Su Jingwen and wanted to say something about Ye Mo but resisted the urge to. Ning Qingxue saw Ye Mo giving such a cheap present yet still had a calm face without any sign of uneasiness, and when she looked at Su Jingwen’s joy of receiving the present, Ning Qingxue suddenly felt a weird feeling that she couldn’t explain.

Soft music played, and the first dance was coming. Just when everyone started guessing who Su Jingwen would get to dance with her for the first song, Su Jingwen looked at Ye Mo and said: “Ye Mo, would you dance with me for this tune?”

“He is Ye Mo?!” Zhao Hong obviously heard about the things between Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue, and his expression became weird. From Su Jingwen accepting Ye Mo’s present and wearing it on her hand to inviting Ye Mo to dance with her, even those who didn’t know Su Jingwen knew that Ye Mo was probably someone Su Jingwen pushed out to be a shield. It was to defend against those who wanted to dance with her tonight.

However, Ning Qingxue didn’t think this way. She felt that Su Jingwen genuinely wanted to invite Ye Mo to dance. Although she didn’t know why Su Jingwen would do something like this, there was an unreasonable feeling of annoyance in her heart. She immediately felt confused about her feelings. Ye Mo also didn’t think Su Jingwen would invite him to this gathering for this and said awkwardly: “Unfortunately, I don’t know how to dance at all.”

Su Jingwen became dazed for a moment. She considered everything else except for the fact that Ye Mo couldn’t dance. Although Ye Mo was abandoned by the Ye family, he was still once a “Young Master” there, and he was a student of Ning Hai University, how could he not know how to dance?

Only Li Mumei knew that Ye Mo really didn’t know how to dance. In the past, although Ye Mo was boastful, he never seemed to go to the dancefloors or clubs. He barely had any friends and only liked to show-off and be arrogant.

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