Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 26: Taking Ning Qingxue Home

Chapter 26: Taking Ning Qingxue Home

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“What? Qingxue wants to marry Ye Mo? How is this possible?” Su Jingwen was also shocked by Li Mumei’s words. She didn’t think that Ning Qingxue had such a crazy idea. Her first reaction was actually to oppose the decision, and Li Mumei looked at Su Jingwen with some degree of shock to her response to the situation.

Su Jingwen also seemed to realize that her reaction was inappropriate and ridiculed herself: “I’m only saying Qingxue is such an excellent girl, how could she— or rather, why would she decide to marry Ye Mo? Even if she wanted to avoid the marriage arranged by her family, she shouldn’t do that to herself.”

Li Mumei sighed and replied, “It’s because Ye Mo is disabled that Qingxue would make such a decision. Sister Qingxue is really unfortunate. However, today I saw Ye Mo, and he is completely different from the Ye Mo in my memories. I had no idea a person could change so much. Sigh, if he weren’t kicked out of the Ye family and didn’t have a problem with his body, then everything would be perfect.”

Su Jingwen sunk back into silence. She didn’t know why but unconsciously, she just wanted to disagree with Ye Mo marrying Ning Qingxue, but she couldn’t find any reason. “Was it just because he danced with me today? Or was it because he looked like that master who sold me the charms?”

“What’s wrong? Jingwen?” Li Mumei saw Su Jingwen become silent and hurriedly ask.

“Huh, oh, nothing, I was just wondering if maybe I could help with something?” Su Jingwen was dragged back into the reality by Li Mumei. Li Mumei didn’t know why Su Jingwen’s mind always wandered off, so she could only say: “I will send you some photos of Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo sleeping together in pajamas to you. You just need to find an entertainment media outlet to release them and then find some journalists to interview them about their marriage.”

Su Jingwen looked at Li Mumei with her eyes wide open and said after a while: “You thought of such a wicked idea? You will damage Qingxue’s reputation!” Li Mumei sighed once again before responding: “Even if her reputation was damaged, it is better than being in the hands of Song Shaowen. Your Su Family is also in Beijing; I think you know what sort of hungry wolf Song Shaowen is. If Sister Qingxue had a choice, do you think that she would want to do this?”

Su Jingwen already knew what sort of person Song Shaowen was. Saying he was bad was the understatement of the year. He was a demon that ate humans without spitting the bones, and countless girls in Beijing suffered in his hands. She also understood why Ning Qingxue would make this decision. After a few moments of thinking, Su Jingwen replied: “However, this way, wouldn’t Ye Mo be the victim? He’s innocent here.”

“I also know that he is innocent, and initially, I thought that by giving him some money, he would be glad to do it. But I almost couldn’t recognize the Ye Mo of today compared to the Ye Mo from the past. Could a person really change this much after experiencing hardship? I can no longer be of any help with this situation. We can only wait and see if Ye Mo wishes to help Ning Qingxue and, if he doesn’t, then there’s nothing we can do anymore,” Li Mumei said helplessly.

Su Jingwen opened her mouth but eventually didn’t say anything. At this moment, both of them were silent.


“What would be so important to you that we would have to go where I live for you to say it? Can’t you say it here?” Ye Mo looked at her with surprise.

Ning Qingxue lowered her head. She couldn’t bear to explain the plan to Ye Mo; if Ye Mo didn’t agree to Li Mumei’s plan, would leaving the country even work? After thinking for a while, she grounded her teeth and said: “ I want to go to your place tonight because there’s something I have to talk you about privately.”

Seeing how she suddenly popped this sentence with tightly frowned eyebrows, Ye Mo sighed. Although he didn’t know Ning Qingxue’s intentions, he seemed to see his master before him with tightly knit eyebrows like that, so he said helplessly: “Fine, you can come with me. We will leave in a moment, but please just wait for me a little, I have to say goodbye to Su Jingwen first.”

“You agreed?” Ning Qingxue stood up in pleasant surprise. The first time she saw Ye Mo, she was prepared to be rejected by him since he was completely different from what Li Mumei told her. She didn’t think Ye Mo would agree so easily.

“Jingwen, I’m going. Qingxue has some issues she would like to discuss and is coming with me.” Just when Ye Mo stood up, he saw Su Jingwen walk over with another girl. He seemed to have seen that girl before but didn’t have any impression of her. Li Mumei saw that Ye Mo didn’t even seem to notice her as if he didn’t know her. She thought to herself that he had definitely changed.

“Ah? Ye Mo, you... agreed?” Su Jingwen looked at Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo with a weird look. After her reply, she then realized why she would ask something like that. Meanwhile, Ye Mo looked at the three girl’s expressions and understood that there had to be something he didn’t know, yet he just smiled faintly. Even if there was something he didn’t know, he, Ye Mo, wasn’t afraid of anything.


When Ning Qingxue took her luggage case and went on the taxi with Ye Mo, she suddenly experienced a weird feeling. From the moment she walked on the streets with Ye Mo, it seemed as though all the pressure and worry in her heart were gone and was suddenly relieved.

“This place is where you live?” Ning Qingxue had an immediate sense of pleasantry after seeing Ye Mo residing in a house with a yard. This place was soundless, and the environment was very elegant. He really knew how to find places and discovered such a good place to live.

Ye Mo smiled and said: “Yeah, it cannot, however, compare with where you live, it’s a bit... shabby.”

Ning Qingxue shook her head and said: “No, I really like it here.”

“Ye Mo, you’re finally back? Let me tell you, last time you went… hm, who is she?” When Xu Wei first glanced upon Ning Qingxue, she was shocked by Ning Qingxue’s beauty. She always thought she had been good-looking but compared with Ning Qingxue; she was like an ugly duck.

This zhai nan could actually bring home such a beautiful girl? You really couldn’t judge people by their appearances, but Ye Mo didn’t seem to be ugly either. Ning Qingxue also saw Xu Wei and, as she noticed that the girl gave people a refreshing feeling, she thought: “Ye Mo’s tastes are not bad. No wonder he was hesitating whether he should take me home. It was because he already had a girl he was living with.”

Ning Qingxue even started to wonder if Ye Mo was a natural playboy, but suddenly realized that her thoughts were a bit revolting. She didn’t really care about these things; she “only” came to get married to him. “Wait, wouldn’t this girl be opposed to that?” Ning Qingxue suddenly felt uneasy.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward, and just when the two girls thought Ye Mo could help them introduce each other, Ye Mo walked inside first. Ning Qingxue looked at Xu Wei but could only follow Ye Mo and walk inside.

“You can sleep in my room tonight; if you have something that you want to tell me, you can do it now,” Ye Mo told her as he brought Ning Qingxue to his room.

“Huh, then where are you going to sleep tonight?” Ning Qingxue came planning to sleep in the same room as Ye Mo but on the couch. She only needed people to know she was sleeping in the same room as Ye Mo.

However, when she asked this, she immediately felt it was inappropriate. It wasn’t because she was shy. She was already prepared and wasn’t embarrassed about it. She just suddenly remembered the girl at the door. She didn’t think Ye Mo already had a girlfriend and was living with her. In her eyes, if they weren’t in a relationship, they had no reason to live together; Ning Qingxue didn’t have the concept of renting a place together in her mind.

“No need, I have a place to stay,” Ye Mo said casually.

“Sorry, Ye Mo did I cause misunderstandings with your girlfriend?” Ning Qingxue asked uneasily. Her words were also meant to test and see if that girl was his girlfriend or not.

Ye Mo waved his hand calmly and didn’t bother explaining to Ning Qingxue as he felt that he didn’t need to. Instead, he said: “You have something to tell me, now that we’re here, you can say it.”

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