Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 28: Stalking

Chapter 28: Stalking

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Zhen Wenqiao went in his BMW and drove towards a far off place, unaware that Ye Mo was following him. Soon the car stopped as a 40-or-so-year-old man, who was carrying a woman, rushed at the BMW while Zhen Wenqiao hurried out of the car and went to help him.

What made Ye Mo surprised was that he knew the woman. The woman, carried by both Zhen Wenqiao and the other man, was Yun Bing who was also known as Merciless Bing, Ye Mo’s English teacher.

“Why would Yun Bing be waiting for Zhen Wenqiao here?” Ye Mo was astonished, but he didn’t keep it on his mind. It looked like Yun Bing was drunk or something and needed people to hold her.

Under the dim yellow street light, Zhen Wenqiao quickly carried Yun Bing into his BMW. Although he didn’t know what the relationship between Yun Bing and Zhen Wenqiao was, being carried into the car drunk like that was definitely not right. However, Ye Mo didn’t have a good impression of Yun Bing and wouldn’t care about what happened to her; today, he was here to take care of Zhen Wenqiao.

The BMW spewed exhaust gasses and drove off while Ye Mo followed behind secretly. Luckily, they were in the city, and the speed limit wasn’t high. Right now, Ye Mo’s cloud shadow step was at a high-enough level that he could keep up with the car.

More than ten minutes later, the BMW drove into a quiet district. However, Ye Mo couldn’t go in from the main entrance. After making sure there were no cameras around, Ye Mo jumped over a wall into the small living district and kept his eyes on the BMW from a distance.

He quickly saw the car stopping outside a building. Zhen Wenqiao and the other man hurriedly carried Yun Bing up the stairs, but Ye Mo could only watch from below as he was only in the first stage of Chi Gathering. If he was in stage 3, he could follow them with an invisibility art. However, if he followed now he would be seen, and it wasn’t suitable to teach Zhen Wenqiao a lesson in the stairways; it would be better inside.

Ye Mo waited down there for some time, and before long, a light in a room on the fourth floor lit up. Ye Mo immediately knew where they went and didn’t hesitate to climb up through the window and soon, he entered the lit-up room through the kitchen.

“Young master Qiao, I am ready.” Hearing that voice, Ye Mo knew this was the other man talking.

“Start when I go on this woman. Remember to film it clearly and capture all the specifics, especially when she moans. I want all of it! I don’t believe that she won’t cooperate after all that.” After Zhen Wenqiao’s words, Ye Mo heard a ripping sound, like clothes being shred.

“So, these two want to gang rape Merciless Bing and also want to record it!” He wondered whether she had had a conflict with the two in the past or if she had some incriminating evidence against them in her hands for the situation to be like that. Ye Mo originally thought the ripping move was done by Zhen Wenqiao, but when he kicked the door open, he found out the shredding movement was made by Yun Bing herself.

Yun Bing’s face was ruddy and steaming, and it was obvious that she was under the influence of some potent aphrodisiacs. She had already ripped off half the clothes in front of her chest showing two snow white balls that were firm and plump, and even Ye Mo was a bit fazed after seeing them.

“Who are you?!” As Ye Mo kicked open the door, Zhen Wenqiao and the cameraman were immediately frightened. However, when they saw a single man walking in with a covered face, they immediately gasped a sigh of relief. Zhen Wenqiao was aware that the man behind him knew martial arts and was quite proficient at it.

“Friend, what do you want to do? If you just want money, we don’t need to cross paths, and we can let you play after we finish enjoying ourselves. This is a high-quality woman…” Zhen Wenqiao was wary of Ye Mo as he was talking. At the same time, he was putting back on the clothes he was about to take off.

“Human scum…” Ye Mo just spoke two words and kicked Zhen Wenqiao — whose hand was still on the button — when he was send flying by Ye Mo, crashing into the wall. When he fell down, he immediately fainted.

The middle-aged cameraman saw this masked person attacking with dexterity, so he immediately threw his camera aside and took out a knife from his waist, stabbing towards Ye Mo.

His moves were reasonably agile; however, his opponent was Ye Mo. In Ye Mo’s eyes, this guy was even worse than Fang Weicheng who wanted to fight him in the park last time. He made two consecutive kicks and used only one move to send flying this person, who Zhen Wenqiao thought was quite powerful.

While the middle-aged man flew, he sent the camera beside him flying into the ceiling and crashed, shattering into pieces. Meanwhile, the middle-aged man fell on top of Zhen Wenqiao.

“Hold it, friend, do you know who he is? He is the son of Mayor Zheng, aren’t you afraid…” this middle-aged man was kicked to the ground and yet still wanted to threaten him.

Ye Mo sneered and kicked this man on the head; he fainted promptly, as if on command. Ye Mo looked at the room, on the wall hung a picture of Yun Bing, and another one was of her carrying a little girl. He thought that this was Yun Bing’s room and that Zhen Wenqiao was really sinister. If he had done these things with Yun Bing in her room and made it into a video, Yun Bing would likely be forced to suicide or to comply with Wenqiao’s every need.

He wondered what Zhen Wenqiao wanted from Yun Bing, it couldn’t be just purely wanting to go in bed with her. Ye Mo didn’t want to bother with these things and carried the unconscious middle-aged man and Zhen Wenqiao. He didn’t want to teach them a lesson in her room, and Yun Bing didn’t look very appropriate.

Just when Ye Mo walked to the door, Yun Bing’s moan sounded, and there was another ripping sound of clothes. Ye Mo turned around and saw Yun Bing had stripped down to three spots that were barely covered.

The almost completely nude Yun Bing laying on the bed with her almost uncovered three spots and her pink translucent underwear made Ye Mo’s heart beat really fast. However, Ye Mo immediately knew things weren’t right, the aphrodisiac Yun Bing was under seemed to be too potent. He estimated that without sex, her body would probably be greatly damaged or even debilitated and cursed at how evil Zhen Wenqiao was.

Ye Mo looked at Yun Bing’s white yet ruddy-looking body and sighed. He dumped the two men outside and walked next to Yun Bing’s bed as he wanted to help her push out the remaining drug power. However, just when Ye Mo walked in front of the bed, he was bear hugged by Yun Bing like how a drowning person clutched to a wooden stump.

The soft and aromatic body pushed into Ye Mo’s arms, and Ye Mo uncontrollably felt aroused. Yun Bing seemed to exhale a comfortable breath and scratched Ye Mo’s back with her fingers. She kept pushing her body onto Ye Mo as though she was pushing herself inside Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s heart was burning with fire, but he was already in the first stage of Chi Gathering. After the short temptation, he immediately reacted and palmed Yun Bing’s head. With the use of Chi, a faint aroma of gas was pulled out of Yun Bing’s body. As Ye Mo continued to use Chi to pull out the aphrodisiac component in Yun Bing’s body, Yun Bing gradually settled down.

After a long time, Ye Mo was full of sweat but finally managed to push out the remaining components from her body. He was relieved and took down the black clothes to wipe the sweat from his head. However, Yun Bing woke up coincidentally at this exact moment. Abruptly, she felt she was almost completely nude and opened her eyes in horror seeing Ye Mo, who was wiping his sweat and, under embarrassment and rage, she fainted once again.

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