Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 30: Life After Marriage

Chapter 30: Life After Marriage

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“Why are you wearing pajamas?” Ye Mo asked weirdly and wondered if they were getting some kinky photoshoot. As if understanding what Ye Mo thought, Li Mumei said: “If Qingxue is not scared, what are you scared of? Do you believe that you are the main character of the photo shoots?”

“Mumei…” Although Ning Qingxue’s views of Ye Mo weren’t excellent, Li Mumei’s curt words made her feel quite awkward. After all, these photoshoots did make Ning Qingxue feel somewhat repulsed.

Ye Mo wanted to reject, but when he saw Ning Qingxue, her morose eyes once again reminded him of Luo Ying, so in the end, he still agreed. Perhaps in the depths of his heart, he subconsciously saw Ning Qingxue as his master Luo Ying or used her as a way to think about Luo Ying. And plus, if Ning Qingxue wasn’t scared, what should he be scared of? These sort of things shouldn’t matter to him. He had nothing to lose even if he helped.

He put on his pajamas and leaned on the head of the bed together with Ning Qingxue. Ye Mo had a strange feeling. Ning Qingxue’s faint virgin smell enchanted him; he subconsciously moved closer to Ning Qingxue and didn’t seem to realize that this was only an act.

Ning Qingxue also wore pajamas and lay beside Ye Mo. Her eyes frowned as if she was repulsed, but her manner returned to normal quickly. Ye Mo’s body didn’t have a smell that she disliked. Instead, it was really fresh. That faint manliness with an almost infant-like smell made Ning Qingxue a bit confused.

She seemed to notice Ye Mo move over closer to her, but unconsciously, she actually didn’t move away. Instead, she leaned together with Ye Mo, closing her eyes.

Ning Qingxue’s body was very soft and made Ye Mo feel very comfortable. But not long after he squeezed together with Ning Qingxue, he realized this was a performance, and there was still a Li Mumei on the side. It wasn’t time for him to be aroused. Thinking about this, Ye Mo was alerted in his heart and wanted to move aside.

However, Li Mumei said in surprise: “You two, don’t tell me you’re actually into the act. Hey, I’ve taken the pictures already. You can come down. Really…”

Ning Qingxue was suddenly shocked awake and immediately blushed. She really didn’t know how she got into it and didn’t dare to look at Ye Mo and Li Mumei. Instead, she nervously grabbed her coat and pulled it over her body.

Ye Mo laughed and touched his nose as he put on his clothes as though no one was around. Then, he left the room.

“Mumei, I…” Ning Qingxue didn’t seem to know how to explain her actions just then. She didn’t know why she would be attracted by Ye Mo and didn’t push him away.

“It’s okay; I’ve got the pictures ready. I’ll send them to Jingwen later and bring a copy back to Beijing. From now on, you should just live here by yourself for now, for a month or so. Then, things would be clear and concrete. I’ll come over and visit you frequently,” Li Mumei then sighed and continued: “Luckily Ye Mo has a particular condition; otherwise, I think it would be really dangerous for you two to be together.”

Of course, Ning Qingxue knew what Li Mumei meant, but she didn’t know how to argue against that; she even suspected that Ye Mo was a normal man. Otherwise, how could he sleep with Xu Wei? Although she thought that, she was too embarrassed to say it out loud.

However, she knew her feelings towards Ye Mo. Regardless of whether Ye Mo was impotent, Mumei thought too much. That was just an accident. At that moment, there was only peace in her heart, and nothing else.


The next day, the greatest news wasn’t the news of Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue’s marriage. Instead, it was the discovery of two homosexuals on the Genesis Square, a couple who drove a BMW. But when the police intervened, they realized one of them was the vice mayor’s son, and both of them were heavily injured. Obviously, someone was behind all this. Although Zheng Wenqiao and the other man were saved in time, they had become mentally disabled. Now, this matter was an unsolved case.

After Li Mumei had left, Ye Mo’s life returned to what it was before. He found out that as long as he didn’t bring home food, Ning Qingxue basically wouldn’t eat. He didn’t know that when Ning Qingxue came out, she only brought a card and she gave that card to him. Now, she didn’t have any money on her. After what happened last time, she was too embarrassed to call Li Mumei. Plus, Ye Mo took 500,000 dollars from her. It wasn’t much even if she ate with Ye Mo’s money.

If it was just Ye Mo alone, he didn’t really care what he ate and didn’t even mind if he didn’t. However, Ning Qingxue was here, so he had to bring food for Ning Qingxue each day. However, after a few days, he discovered that Ning Qingxue ate very little of the food he brought home. He sighed; he knew that Ning Qingxue probably had some diet habits and wasn’t used to eating takeaway food.

Therefore, Ye Mo could only buy vegetables and cook the food himself. However, he only had 50,000 on him, and after buying herbs and some other daily items, he only had 20,000 remaining. Meanwhile, he looked at Ning Qingxue’s card. He thought that she lived at his place and ate with his money so it wouldn’t matter if he used her card for some money. He wasn’t looking to keep the remaining money by the end of the deal anyway, so he only needed it for necessities.

However, what made Ye Mo disappointed was that he could not withdraw 5 cents, much less 500,000 dollars from Ning Qingxue’s card; there was no other reason but that the card was frozen. Although a lot of things didn’t go successfully, there was something good, and that was that Ning Qingxue didn’t dislike Ye Mo’s cooking. She actually ate quite a lot each time which made Ye Mo rest easier. Otherwise, if Ning Qingxue became fragile as if a slight gust could topple her, that woman Li Mumei would probably become furious. Even though it didn’t matter if she was furious, he was just scared that she would go to Ning Hai University and go on a rampage.

Plus, he didn’t have a bad impression towards Ning Qingxue and even felt that she was decent, so he didn’t want to see her starve either. Ning Qingxue was very strange; although Ye Mo bought little amounts of vegetables home, when Ye Mo started cooking, she actually ate more. Perhaps because Ye Mo’s cooking was suitable to her tastes, only a week later, she found out that she was a bit fatter than before.

On the other hand, what made Ye Mo the happiest was that his Silver Heart Grass was finally mature and the seeds were ready to harvest. Ye Mo carefully took the 39 Silver Heart Grass seeds and put them in a jade bottle he prepared beforehand. He didn’t want to plant them in this yard anymore because he wasn’t going to live here for two years. After things had been settled here, he was going to leave Ning Hai immediately as he had the feeling that Ning Hai was no longer suitable for him to stay.

After taking the 39 seeds, Ye Mo started to prepare this Silver Heart Grass. It was a Silver Heart Grass in perfect conditions, and utilizing it the best way possible was the key. He might even reach the second stage of Chi Gathering thanks to it. With the remaining 20,000 dollars, Ye Mo spent more than 10,000 buying the best medical materials he could find to make a bowl of soup with the Silver Heart Grass.

Ning Qingxue asked Ye Mo to bring her a few books from the library each time he went out. She rarely left his house and usually stayed in the yard reading books. When Ye Mo tended to his flowers, she also watched silently, and when Ye Mo made a herbal soup, she also watched without making a sound and never asking anything.

Xu Wei usually came back at night and left very early for work. Other than exchanging a few sentences with Ye Mo, she rarely encountered Ning Qingxue. This made her remember the time when Ye Mo first came. Ye Mo was like that as well and barely saw her.

Ye Mo prepared the entire bucket of herbs to fit into a bowl of soup and was prepared to drink it that night when he cultivated.

“Ye Mo, I want to ask for your help.” Other than borrowing some books, Ning Qingxue seldom spoke with Ye Mo, and actually, this was the first time she took the initiative to talk to Ye Mo.

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