Strongest Abandoned Son

Chapter 8: House Mates

Chapter 8: House Mates

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This middle-aged person was also practicing his fists nearby, and Ye Mo also saw him. However, Ye Mo thought his martial arts were merely for show and didn’t pay attention to it too much. Now that he came to greet him, Ye Mo couldn’t just ignore him, so he smiled and answered, “I’m just practicing randomly by myself, it’s nothing much.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, this middle aged man smiled awkwardly. It was quite obvious that Ye Mo wasn’t interested in getting to know him. However, he really felt that Ye Mo’s fist technique was good which made him want to get to know him, thus coming up to say hello.

“My name is Fang Weicheng. I can tell you have a great master, and my hands are itching to perform, how about we have a quick match?” after the middle-aged man had said that, Ye Mo finally understood that he came to him looking for a fight. Looking at Fang Weicheng, Ye Mo shook his head and said: “You are no match for me, there is no need to spar.”

Fang Weicheng fazed. Just before, Ye Mo’s words made him think that he was very humble. However, he suddenly became so arrogant. His face couldn’t help but redden after hearing Ye Mo’s words. Although this young man’s martial arts caught his attention, this kid overestimated himself too much by saying that he was no match for him.

Fang Weicheng entered the army when he was 17 and left when he was 32. Although he became a driver after retirement, he had never dropped his martial arts practice. How could Ye Mo say that he was no match for him? This young man was at most barely over 20. There was no way he would believe that he was no match for a kid in his early twenties.

The reason he wanted to spar with this young man was that he felt Ye Mo’s martial arts weren’t for show, just like him, and fighting with Ye Mo would definitely bring him benefits.

“How would you know that I am no match for you? To be honest, after I left the army, I had never met someone that could be my match. Since you’re so confident, then why don’t we try?” Fang Weicheng felt he was losing face.

Ye Mo shook his head and said reluctantly: “Okay, since you want to, then take the first move.”

“Just right here? We’re not going to a larger place?” Fang Weicheng looked around. Ye Mo smiled and said: “It’s only a matter of a few moves, that won’t be necessary.”

“You…” Fang Weicheng was rendered speechless by Ye Mo’s words. Anger started to rise in his heart as he spoke with some fury: “In that case, I’m attacking!”

Fang Weicheng’s attack was the mediocre yet sturdy “Black Tiger Tearing The Heart”. Although it might look simple, his thought was that when this young man would make a move, Fang Weicheng’s attack would immediately change and let Ye Mo know of his power.

Unexpectedly to him, just when Fang Weicheng struck with his fist, Ye Mo suddenly took a step forward and grabbed Fang Weicheng’s fist before he even had the chance to change his move. Ye Mo raised his hand, and Fang Weicheng’s near 100 Kg body was raised up which caused Fang Weicheng’s head to immediately buzz.

It truly exceeded his senses. When he regained consciousness, he realized that he had been thrown on a stone stool beside Ye Mo, as if he had been sitting there from the beginning. Meanwhile, the young man he sparred with had already disappeared.

“Amazing…” After some time, Fang Weicheng finally caught on with what had happened and muttered to himself, “Even the instructor in the army couldn’t win against me so easily!”


When Ye Mo walked into the little yard, Xu Wei was observing the flowers he cultivated. Although Ye Mo grew a lot of flowers, it was all mainly to cover up that Silver Heart Grass.

Seeing Ye Mo walk in, Xu Wei felt a bit awkward and hurriedly stand up, trying to find a conversation: “I didn’t think that you liked growing flowers. Usually, men who grow flowers are very meticulous, so you seem like a meticulous person. Oh, I bought some vegetables today, let’s eat together later. After all, we’re neighbors, and we can get to know each other a little.”

Ye Mo had always been eating outside and didn’t expect someone would invite him to dinner today. Of course, he wouldn’t reject something like this and smiled: “Okay, thank you. I always see you going early and coming late, how come you didn’t go to work today?”

“One of my colleagues applied for a leave of absence for these few days, and coincidentally, I was resting so I am taking night shifts for her,” Xu Wei didn’t think this zhai nan’s observations were so on point.

Xu Wei’s dishes were not bad, at least they were better than what Ye Mo got when he went out to eat every day. “Today’s food was excellent, thank you!” then Ye Mo thought: “How good would it be if I could freeload some food off her every day? Then, I wouldn’t have to go out every day for food.”

“We’re neighbors, no need to thank me. You can also invite me to eat in the future.” Xu Wei said playfully and started to feel that Ye Mo didn’t seem like a bad person.

Ye Mo smiled awkwardly and said: “I never cook myself.”

“Then go to the restaurant,” Xu Wei felt this Ye Mo was cute. Usually, one invited a girl who he wasn’t too familiar with to the restaurant, who would cook themselves? Don’t they usually go to restaurants?

Ye Mo said helplessly: “Okay, if I have the opportunity, I will invite you,” meanwhile, he thought to himself, “I knew there were never free foods in the world. As soon as one finishes this lunch, one owes the other the next.”

“Ye Mo let’s exchange numbers, mine is 13xxxxxxxx, what’s yours?” Xu Wei took out an exquisite pink phone and asked.

“I don’t have a phone. If you need something, just knock on my door, I can still help you out with the usual stuff. All right, I’m going back now,” after he had finished, Ye Mo stood up and went back to his room

Xu Wei fazed for a bit, then thought that even a laborer nowadays would have a phone, yet Ye Mo didn’t even have one so he might be in an awful situation. She wondered when she looked at him if he even paid the rent, and how the owner could let him live here if he didn’t.

However, this guy seemed to really value his dignity and actually said he was able to help her with the usual stuff. Xu Wei shook her head. This Ye Mo didn’t seem like a bad guy, it was just that he needed to save his face. She wondered if she should help him find a job in the hospital, as it was better than being jobless.

Xu Wei thought that she was at least kind of pretty, but this Ye Mo didn’t even want to sit for a little longer which was disappointing. It was as though he really came for the food. However, Xu Wei thought it through very quickly and concluded that he was probably self-conscious. After all, he was jobless and couldn’t even afford a phone so, of course, he would be uncomfortable sitting down and talking with her. Thinking about this, Xu Wei finally found some peace in her heart.

Meanwhile, when Ye Mo went back to his room, he wondered if he should buy a phone. However, he decided that it was completely useless since he really didn’t have any friends or relatives here, so he would have no one to contact. Therefore, he extinguished the idea.

His 50,000 dollars were all spent on rent and some herbs, as well as on the daily expenditure. Now, there was only around 20,000 left, so Ye Mo decided to set up his stall again.

However, this time, he wasn’t going to sell charms as they were too hard to sell. If he didn’t meet that desperate woman last time, he probably wouldn’t even be able to sell one.

This time, his idea was to set up a small night market clinic stall. This was because Xu Wei’s job inspired him. Another reason for that mobile clinic stall was that it was mobile and others wouldn’t target him. On top of that, in the night market, the city guards wouldn’t care, and he could cultivate while waiting for customers. Of course, the main reason was that the government forbade nomadic doctors, so he could only open his business at night.

Ye Mo’s idea was the same as selling charms. He was either going to do nothing at all or earn enough for a long time.

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