Strongest Counterattack

Chapter 341 - From Now On...

Chapter 341 From Now On…

In winter, the fog was rarely seen in the coastal cities, which was unlike those inland cities, especially those with a poor geographical environment. As a result, whenever winter came, it would be the busiest time of the year for the southern coastal cities, especially many cities like Hainan. Somebody even jokingly called Sanya a special administrative region of the three provinces in Northeastern China.

However, though the rich could go to the south to pass the winter days, the ordinary had no choice but to put up with the fog. Besides, the gap between the rich and the poor became wider and wider, making the contradictory conditions more and more obvious.

As a coastal city in the north, the winter in Tsingtao was somewhat cold. However, at least it was not foggy at all, which could be counted as a blessing. If the weather were much better, it would be much more comfortable, which was true for the weather over the past few days.

Today was another brand new day. As the sun rose from sea level, most of the people knew that the weather today was going to be good again, which was almost the same as it was a few days ago. To the majority of the people, there was no difference between today and the usual days at all. However, to some people, today was destined to be an unforgettable day in their lives.

As some got married, some became parents, some broke up and got dumped, and some lost their relatives today, Qin Ran was going to accomplish today what she had fantasized about many times for more than 20 years. In the future, she would not suffer from any torture anymore.

As for Qin Sheng, there was a slight difference between today and his former days. That was because he was still a captive today and was waiting to see how the Song family would deal with him. However, he did not know that today would be the turning point of his life. From now on, there would be a vast difference between his current life and his future one.

After Qin Ran took a shower and got herself changed, she stood in front of the French windows and stared at the faraway sea. Weather like this was rarely seen in the winter days in Beijing. It was unknown whether it was because the weather was good or she was going to reconcile with her brother that she was in a pretty good mood.

Standing in front of the French windows, Qin Ran became absent-minded gradually. She was thinking about many things, including what the scene would be like when she met Qin Sheng a while later, how Qin Sheng would react, and what they were going to talk about with each other. She was thinking that after they went back to Beijing, she definitely would take Qin Sheng to the old house first so that he could recollect all the memories of his childhood. Besides that, she would take Qin Sheng to sweep the grave for their mother. After that, she would take him to meet their grandmother, uncle, and so on.

It was not until Qin Ran’s mobile rang out that she finally came to her senses and did not know whether she should cry or laugh. She thought she was acting too rashly. Everything needed to be done slowly on the condition that Qin Sheng needed to accept this reality and his identity first.

Gongsun said in a low voice, “Ran Ran. We are already in the hall waiting for you.” He felt more excited than he did normally. As long as Qin Sheng went back to the Qin family, Qin Ran definitely would go back to live in the Qin family as well. In that case, the siheyuan would become busy in the future and would be no longer desolate.

A few minutes later, Qin Ran went downstairs and linked up with Nan Gong and Gongsun in the hall. Zhuang Zhou had gone to the parking lot to drive the car back. They would go to see the Song family together today.

After Nan Gong saw Qin Ran, she praised her sincerely by saying, “Sister, you are so beautiful today.” To her, there was no difference between today and her previous days. But she knew what today meant to Qin Ran.

Qin Ran smiled gently as she asked, “Could it be that I was not beautiful before?” She was meticulously dressed today and looked at herself in the mirror again and again. This was because she might have been too excited or she had wanted to show her best side in front of Qin Sheng.

Nan Gong held Qin Ran’s arms immediately and said intimately, “Of course I didn’t mean that. Sister has been quite beautiful before. However, you are much beautiful today, and that’s all. One who doesn’t know the ins and outs would think you are going on a date.”

Gongsun by their side smiled and teased them as he said, “Today is far more important than a date.” Even if Qin Ran were going on a date today, she would not give a damn about it at all. Moreover, never had she been on a date, except for the group of sworn followers and childhood friends. She seldom saw any man. Though there were many young and talented men in Sijiu City, they all became her friends in the end.

Nan Gong covered her mouth and laughed cutely. She dared not make fun of Qin Ran. Only Uncle Gongsun was qualified to do that.

It was not until Zhuang Zhou had driven the car to the entrance at this time that Qin Ran, Gongsun, and Nan Gong walked out of the hotel and got in the car. After that, they drove to No. 8 on Laiyang Road.

It was already nine o’clock by this time. Song Zhiqiu’s father, Song Wushuang, was on his way to No. 8 on Laiyang Road. Song Zhiqiu’s grandfather had given such a name to Song Wushuang, which contained a simple meaning, namely, the noble ones were unique and incomparable in the world. Song Wushuang had become such a gentleman. Among all the members in the Song family in Shandong, he was the most favorable one, whose character was completely different from that of Song Jianing’s father, Song Hongtu. Speaking of the meaning of Song Hongtu’s name, except for the surface meaning, it could be mainly explained by one sentence, namely, building up the glorious foundation throughout the ages, carrying out the magnificent plan, holding a sharp knife in hand, and breaking down all the limitations and obstacles.

After all, Song Hongtu was the first son of the Old Master. At that time, the Song family had been swaying amid a raging storm under that kind of circumstance. Consequently, the Old Master had given such a formidable name to his first son, hoping that he could maintain the Song family’s foundation and develop a better future. When his second son had been born, the Old Master had been in a quite different state, hoping that his second son could become a gentleman and behave well in both his words and deeds. As for his third son, the name that the Old Master had given him was much more simple, which was Song Yishi. This was because Song Yishi had two senior brothers to shoulder all the responsibilities for him, so he should enjoy his life instead of living an exhausting life. The Old Master had hoped that his third son could live merrily for his entire life.

It was unknown whether it was because fate had tricked them or that the Old Master had been capable of foreseeing, but in the end, the Old Master’s three sons had lived the same way as their names indicated. Consequently, the great family with cultural heritage was unique. Culture heritage was everywhere in the kind of family like the Song family. If one was uneducated, one could only give a name like Goudan or Huzi to his children.

The group of people including Song Wushuang had set out from Jinan before six o’clock. That was because Song Wushuang had a routine, who basically would sleep at 10 o’clock every night. Even if he had social interactions, he would not go to bed later than 11 o’clock. The next morning, he would get up at half-past five. After that, he would do exercise, eat breakfast, and start his brand new day.

Song Jianing’s father, Song Hongtu, went to pick up Song Wushuang personally. As two biological brothers, they got along with each other pretty well. To be more exact, all three sons in the Song family got along with each other pretty well. After Old Master Song had passed away, they had acted strictly according to their father’s will. Never had they come into a conflict for the sake of inheritance. In the end, they had taken a portion of their legacies out and founded a family trust fund, which was to provide financial aid for the amazing and young talents of their collateral relatives. As for other portions of their legacies, they had used them in philanthropic businesses. Most importantly, they had dared not act randomly. After all, there was another Senior Uncle in Sijiu City, their father’s younger male cousin, who would watch over them. If they dared to ruin the Song family’s reputation, their Senior Uncle would not treat them kindly.

On their way to No. 8 on Laiyang Road, Song Hongtu and Song Wushuang sat in the back seats of the Bentley and chatted with each other casually. Song Hongtu had big eyes and bushy eyebrows and was also bearded. He had powerful charisma. Song Wushuang was cultured and elegant, who wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. He looked kind, benevolent, and approachable. Both of them were characteristic and big men in Shandong, whose height was over 1.8 meters. Consequently, their related children were not short at all. Song Jianing was 1.85 meters tall and Song Zhiqiu was 1.7 meters tall. Consequently, the family genes were pretty significant.

Song Hongtu said randomly, “You should stay in Tsingtao for a few more days this time. Some old friends said we should hold a reunion with each other.” He lived in Tsingtao now and Song Wushuang had been living in Jinan all the time.

Song Wushuang shook his head as he said, “If it had not been for Zhiqiu’s issue, I would not have come here. Many issues are going on in Jinan recently. Since the end of the year will be here soon, we should communicate more with some connections. Old Master passed away this year. This year is a pretty special one for us.”

“What you said makes sense. I will come back to Jinan next time. At that time, I will also communicate more with the connections. You should not shoulder all the responsibility.” Song Hongtu got Song Wushuang’s point. Though they had support from the connections in Beijing, the Old Master had passed away this year, making many things become much more unpredictable. It was better if they were more prudent.

Song Wushuang nodded. As two biological brothers, they would discuss many things with each other. Neither of them would act arbitrarily. When it came to how to deal with many things, his brother would always inquire of him and ask for his opinion.

Song Hongtu frowned and asked, “How are you going to deal with this issue?” Two years had passed since the issue had taken place. He had forgotten about Qin Sheng. The ancient jade was the only thing that could bring back his old memories since the Old Master had borne it in mind constantly. As the saying goes, the seniors would strive for vindication, while the juniors did not care about it at all.

Song Wushuang had a pretty big heart and took everything pretty lightly. He frowned as he said, “Honestly speaking, I only want to figure out why he had run away from the wedding at that time. As long as Zhiqiu could forget the past, I won’t have any problems at all. After all, we can’t kill him. Better that we do not meddle in a kind of thing like this. As for the ancient jade, whatever you’d like to do to him, I am OK with it.”

Song Hongtu, who was not that gracious, said straightforwardly, “Because of the ancient jade, the Old Master did not die happily. This lad should be mainly responsible for that. In the first place, we had gotten the ancient jade. He had taken it away conveniently in the end. The group of people sent out by us had been chasing after him for a long time, who had suffered a lot of torture. Consequently, we could not let go of him.”

Song Wushuang shook his hands as he said, “OK. We can talk about it after we meet him.”

First, Song Wushuang came to Tsingtao to deal with the issue of Qin Sheng. Second, he was here to have a good conversation with his daughter. Though she had grown up, nobody in the family could handle her except for her father. She would obey her father’s order.

10 minutes later, Song Hongtu’s Bentley stopped at the entrance of Song Jianing’s villa. Song Zhiqiu and Song Jianing had been waiting for them there. Though Song Jianing acted as if he were his father’s grandson in front of his father, he got along with his uncle pretty well. Sometimes, if he were in conflict with the Old Master, it would always be his uncle who could convince him.

As for Song Zhiqiu, she was the pearl of the whole Song family. Back when she had decided to get engaged to Qin Sheng, it had been easy for the Song family to consent to her. If Qin Sheng were to compare the Song family’s reaction with that of the Lin family, he really should have been grateful for how the Song family had treated him.

After Song Jianing greeted his father, he said smilingly, “Second Uncle, why did you put on weight recently?”

Song Wushuang replied in a low voice, “I’ve been quite occupied in recent days and have not exercised in a long time. Consequently, I put on weight. Your Second Lady nags me about it every day. So you don’t need to bring it up. Otherwise, my daughter would watch over me.”

Song Zhiqiu held Song Wushuang’s arms and said resentfully, “Father, am I an inconsiderate daughter?”

Since Song Hongtu did not have a daughter, he took Song Zhiqiu as his biological daughter, and it was the same with the little girl of his junior brother. Though the little girl just went to high school this year, she was highly favored. After all, two sisters of his, along with himself, all had gotten two sons in their families. Admittedly, the Song family’s lineage was quite prosperous.

Song Hongtu looked cheerful as he said, “Zhiqiu, the reason your father said so is to complain that you did not ever go back to Jinan. You can’t fall into his trap. If you leave here, I will hate it.”

Song Wushuang said in a half-playful manner, “She is my daughter. Why did you take her away from me? If you were capable, you should get your own.”

Song Hongtu felt happy as he said, “See, he is anxious.”

After they had been making fun of each other for a while, all of them went into the villa. Since Song Jianing’s wife and children were not at home, it was pretty quiet inside the villa. After they entered the villa, the atmosphere inside was not as casual as it had been outside, which became somewhat depressing in an instant.

Song Hongtu directly spoke up and asked, “Where is he?”

Song Jianing replied, “Upstairs.”

Song Hongtu waved his hands as he said, “Escort him downstairs.”

Song Jianing winked at his bodyguards immediately. Two bodyguards went upstairs to escort Qin Sheng downstairs accordingly.

Song Zhiqiu took advantage of this opportunity to say, “Father, Eldest Uncle, I’ve forgotten all the things in the past. I also forgave him. So kindly don’t put him on the spot.”

This time, instead of supporting Song Zhiqiu, whom Song Hongtu always spoiled, he said solemnly, “Zhiqiu, as for the issue today, you don’t need to say anything further. Your father and I will decide together how to deal with him. It is none of your business.”

Song Zhiqiu felt stressed as she said, “Eldest Uncle…”

Song Jianing held Song Zhiqiu’s hands and whispered in a low voice, “You should talk later. If you talk now, it will go the other way for you.”

Qin Sheng was escorted downstairs by two bodyguards soon after. His mental state today was far worse than it had been last night. He had not slept at all last night. Firstly, he had thought about many things, including reflecting on the experience during this period, how to overcome the difficulty this time, and which way he should choose next. Secondly, he indeed had not dared to sleep at all, fearing that Song Jianing would pack him into a duffel bag and directly throw him into the sea in the evening.

As he went downstairs, he knew that the seniors of the Song family were here. Since the Old Master of the Song family had passed away, those who would show up would have to be Song Zhiqiu’s father, Eldest Uncle, or Third Uncle. As expected, the Song family’s Big Boss and Lao Er were both sitting squarely on the sofa and waiting for his arrival so that they could deal with him.

Though Qin Sheng was not in good spirits, he still greeted them quite courteously as he said, “Greetings go to both Eldest Uncle Song and Uncle Song. I am sorry for disturbing you once again.”

Song Jianing murmured, “F**k. You are still so tough. I definitely will make you feel terror today.”

Song Hongtu glimpsed at Song Wushuang, who was observing Qin Sheng up and down. Song Hongtu was not interested in Qin Sheng at all. All he wanted to do was to solve this issue hurriedly so that more trouble would not arise.

“Qin Sheng, back when I saw you for the first time, it did not occur to me that you would be so capable that you could even drive all the members of the Song family crazy. Speaking of you and Zhiqiu’s issue at that time, I regretted consenting to your engagement and allowing Zhiqiu to do as she pleased. Fine! How did you dare to run away from the wedding, making a joke of our family? Did you have any problems with our family? How did you dare to take away the ancient jade, which our family members had exerted great effort to get? The Zhang family reclaimed the ancient jade now. Speaking now of all these things in the past, I am getting angry. If I don’t forcibly deal with you, I will not let bygones be bygones.” Originally, Song Hongtu had not been so angry. However, as he reflected on the past, he became more and more indignant.

Song Wushuang was still observing Qin Sheng, feeling somewhat disappointed. He thought, “The older this young man got, the more miserable he became. How did that happen?” Before, Qin Sheng had been vigorous, young, confident, and lively. But now, he instead lacked some energy, spirit, and vigor, and ended up becoming somewhat mediocre and depraved. Consequently, Song Wushuang was quite disappointed with him.

Upon hearing her Eldest Uncle’s words, Song Zhiqiu looked at Song Jianing in a hurry, who had promised that he would help her appeal for Qin Sheng in front of the seniors. Song Jianing smiled gently. After that, he said spoke up as he said, “Father, what you said makes sense. We can’t spare this lad who had hurt Zhiqiu so deeply and made us lose the ancient jade. He dared to come to Tsingtao now, indicating he makes light of our family.”

What Song Jianing had said made Song Zhiqiu feel dumbfounded. She stared at Song Jianing incredulously and didn’t believe that it was Song Jianing who was speaking. He had promised her that he would plead for Qin Sheng, right? So why had he said these words at this moment?

Song Zhiqiu said with red eyes, “Brother, that’s not right. You promised me last night.” She still hoped that Song Jianing could plead for Qin Sheng in front of the seniors.

At this moment, Song Jianing did not deceive Song Zhiqiu anymore and said frankly, “Zhiqiu, forgive me for deceiving you last night. I can say yes to any request from you. However, as for this issue, I can’t let you do as you please.”

Song Zhiqiu felt somewhat collapsed as she said, “Don’t, don’t do that.” Since her Eldest Uncle was so tough, her father definitely would not spare Qin Sheng. Moreover, Song Jianing’s current attitude was evident. It was simply impossible for her to turn the situation around alone.

Song Zhiqiu cried, which made Qin Sheng feel somewhat sorry for her. He comforted her by saying, “Zhiqiu, don’t cry. I reaped what I had sowed. As for the debts I owe to both you and your family, I will pay them off this time.”

Qin Sheng had no way out. Back when he had been in Hangzhou, he had helpers since his brothers had been by his side and his supporters had been behind the scenes. However, he was in the hands of the Song family in Shandong, which was too mighty. He was a loner without any helpers at all. All he could do was accept the punishment. There was no room for him to fight back.

Instead of deciding on his own, Song Hongtu stared at Song Wushuang and inquired of him, “Lao Er, what do you think? If you have no other problems, I will be the one to make the decision.”

Song Wushuang raised his eyeglasses as he said, “Qin Sheng, all I want is an explanation of why you ran away from the wedding.”

Song Wushuang and Song Zhiqiu were indeed the biological father and a biological daughter of each other, and had even asked the exact same question. However, the reason why Song Wushuang had not asked Qin Sheng a tougher question was that he feared his daughter would get hurt. He would not take that kind of risk.

Qin Sheng gave out an explanation. “My parents were gone in my childhood. My grandfather and I depended on each other for survival. To me, nothing was far more important than my grandfather. Back when my grandfather passed away, he reminded me that I should hang around all over the country in the next two years and do nothing at all. If I had gotten engaged to Zhiqiu, I definitely would have been bound by your family. Consequently, I chose to run away.”

However, Song Wushuang was not satisfied with the excuse that Qin Sheng had given. If Qin Sheng had told him directly that he simply had not liked Zhiqiu, he might have bought it. Consequently, Song Wushuang shook his head directly as he said, “I am unconvinced by your excuse. Brother, you decide how to deal with him.”

Song Zhiqiu held Song Wushuang’s arms, cried, and shouted, “Father, don’t…”

Qin Sheng smiled self-mockingly. It seemed that he definitely would be doomed this time. Even if the Song family did not kill him, they definitely would paralyze him. How ill-fated he was.

After Song Hongtu heard that Song Wushuang had consented to his decision, he laughed merrily as he said, “OK. Then, I…”

Right at this moment, it became chaotic all of a sudden outside. Moreover, the sound of quarreling and fighting could be heard. All the people in the Song family could not help frowning. Song Hongtu felt confused as he asked, “What is going on outside?”

Song Jianing, who had no idea what had happened outside, arranged for the bodyguards to leave and check it out immediately. Since it was a critical moment for them to get rid of Qin Sheng now, no accident should happen.

Before the bodyguards had walked forward a few steps, the door of the villa was pushed open from the outside. Qin Ran walked in slowly, looking queenly. Gongsun was behind her, while Zhuang Zhou and Nan Gong, the two oriental bodyguards, were in the rear.

Originally, back when the group of people including Qin Ran had arrived at the entrance of the Song family, they had intended to enter the villa after notifying the owner first. However, the bodyguard of the Song family firmly insisted that nobody was inside the villa, which Song Jianing had asked him to say in advance. The reason Song Jianing had done so was that he did not want to be disturbed by anybody. The bodyguard was just performing his duties according to his master’s order.

Of course, Qin Ran wasn’t convinced. Since the soft method had failed, tough tactics needed to be adopted. After all, she would explain it to the Song family at that time.

As Qin Ran led all the members of the Qin family into the living room of the villa, of course Qin Sheng was the first one to open his eyes widely. Qin Sheng opened his eyes so wide that his eyeballs almost popped out. His mouth could almost be stuffed with a durian. It seemed that he had seen a ghost in person, and seemed to be doubting everything happening in front of him. He thought he was dreaming or hallucinating.

This was because he of course knew the woman walking at the front, whom he had met before in Xiamen and Hangzhou. Though they had just met each other a few times, they had talked with each other in a congenial manner since they had many common topics. However, they had not had contact with each other at all later on.

However, never would he believe or dare to believe that the woman whom he had met just a few times before would actually show up in front of him at this moment today. What was happening now was beyond common sense, which was like if you told others that there was only a galactic system or a solar system in the universe, others would take you for a fool.

However, what was more unimaginable to Qin Sheng was that Zhuang Zhou, whom he had lost contact with a long time ago, actually had shown up with the woman at the same time. He thought, “What the hell is going on? Can anyone explain it to me? What on earth happened in this world? Could it be that time and space are in disorder?”

Qin Sheng did not believe what had happened in front of him at all. He thought he must have gone out of mind.

Unlike Qin Sheng, all the members of the Song family were convinced. They faced all the members of the Qin family and recognized Qin Ran and Gongsun in an instant.

This was because the Song family and the Qin family had some business connections. Whether it was Song Hongtu or Song Wushuang, both of them had seen Gongsun and Qin Ran. Gongsun was closely associated with Qin Changan. As for Qin Ran, since she was in charge of some specific matters of business, she had come into contact with the Song family before. Lastly, the Qin family and the Song family in Beijing had been friends for years. Their related family members must have met each other before.

Qin Ran walked forward slowly and said politely, “Eldest Uncle Song and Uncle Song, please forgive me for taking the liberty of disturbing you. I hope you’ll forgive me.”

Song Hongtu felt quite confused and did not know what Qin Ran and Gongsun were doing. He thought of one thing subconsciously, namely, since the family name of Qin Sheng was also Qin, could it be that they were here for the sake of Qin Sheng?

However, they knew Qin Sheng’s family background quite well, which had nothing to do with the Qin family in Beijing. In addition, based on the Qin family’s social status, it was simply impossible for Qin Sheng to be connected to it.

Even so, how had Qin Ran and Gongsun shown up in Tsingtao all of a sudden? Moreover, how come they had broken into their villa?

With those confusions in his mind, Song Hongtu finally spoke up on behalf of the Song family as he asked, “If I remember it right, you are Qin Changan’s daughter, Qin Ran, right? The respective subsidiaries on each of our sides cooperated before. I met you last time in Beijing. Oh, Mr. Gongsun, all hail to you.”

Gongsun only smiled and nodded at all the members of the Song family. Since Qin Ran represented the Qin family now, he was not qualified to speak up.

Qin Ran replied natural and unrestrained, “Thanks for remembering me, Eldest Uncle Song. My father asked me to send his regards to you and Uncle Song on his behalf.”

Upon thinking of the man named Qin Changan, whom he admired respectfully, Song Hongtu felt unconfident in an instant. He smiled as he said, “Has your father been OK in recent days? I would call on him for drinking next time I am in Beijing. However, I am afraid that Master Qin would not have time for that. However, Qin Ran, I wonder why you showed up here today.”

Instead of explaining more to Song Hongtu, Qin Ran got to the point directly as she said, “It’s no big deal at all. The reason why we visited your home today was to get one person from you, Eldest Uncle Song. You can regard it as a favor to us.”

Song Hongtu asked subconsciously, “Who?”

However, upon finishing his words, he already knew who Qin Ran was referring to. Since Qin Ran and Gongsun had come here in person to get one person from him, as for who it would be, he could not think of anybody else except for Qin Sheng.

However, how was Qin Sheng connected to the Qin family in Beijing? How did he make Qin Changan’s daughter and trusted subordinate come to Tsingtao in person and ask the Song family to free him? Qin Changan could have made a call on his own. If Qin Changan had done so, however complicated the dispute between Qin Sheng and the Song family was, they would have handed Qin Sheng over obediently.

Qin Ran pointed at Qin Sheng without hesitation. “Him.” However, she did not stare at Qin Sheng at all. It was because though she had noticed Qin Sheng early on, she had forced herself not to stare at Qin Sheng while restraining the excitement and her love for her brother in her heart. It was because she feared that she would emotionally collapse if she saw Qin Sheng’s current look.

As expected…

Song Hongtu was pretty confused, who acted almost the same as other members of the Song family. Song Wushuang stared at Qin Ran closely and furrowed his brows, thinking what on earth was going on now. Song Jianing did not come to his senses yet. Instead, he stared at Qin Ran senselessly, who had been his goddess before. He had taken her for a stunning fairy and thought of ways to hit on her previously. However, he had chickened out after learning about her identity. He felt somewhat excited about meeting her again today. At this moment, he had cast Qin Sheng’s issue to the wind.

Song Zhiqiu was the only one who felt abnormally happy at this moment, because what was happening now meant that Qin Sheng could be saved.

Originally, Song Hongtu had not intended to ask for more information since he was not qualified to do so. However, he could not help asking, “Qin Ran, since he is the enemy of our family, I need an acceptable explanation from you.”

At this time, the living room was abnormally quiet. All the people on the scene were waiting for Qin Ran’s explanation, including all the people behind Qin Ran. They all knew that starting from this moment, a lot of things would be drastically changed.

Qin Sheng was also waiting because only Qin Ran’s explanation could solve all of his confusion.

Qin Ran stared at all the members of the Song family and took a deep breath. After that, she said confidently and loudly, “He is my biological brother and Qin Changan’s biological son.” The look in her eyes was sharp.

As she finished her sentence, her voice sounded melodious and clear, yet intriguing, which was like the sound that rang out after a needle fell to the ground.

“Boom!” All the Song family members’ minds went blank…

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