Stunning Poisonous Doctor Princess

Chapter 1 Volunteering

"Blood pressure, normal!"

"Heart rate, normal!"

"Physical indexes are all satisfied with the experiment requirements. We can start now."

On a cold platform, Su Qingge in a suit of dark green gowns was lying quietly and calmly in the experimental apparatus.

She still looked pretty and delicate without wearing any makeup. Her eyes were more unperturbed than anyone present.

"Qingge, do you really think over this?" asked the dean, a man over 50 years old. His face was always serious and expressionless, but now he seemed slightly wistful.

The person, who was lying there as the subject, was one of the most outstanding students he had guided during his life.

"Sir, I have considered fully. You are the only person who is clear about the whole course of operation here except me. And your wife is old, Langlang is young," said Su Qingge reassuringly to the teacher as before, then her gaze unwittingly passed over the other senior schoolmates around. As her expected, some of them refused to look into her eyes.

Except for her, no one would be such a fool to volunteer herself in this experimental operation that had never been done in human history.

"Sir, there are three minutes left to warm up the machine now. All the staffs please leave the experiment area immediately."

The emotionless voice was looping through a speaker in the laboratory. The dean took a last glance at Su Qingge, and kept walking with turning back his head several times. Then he left the experiment area together with the students.

Looking around the empty laboratory, Su Qingge finally exhaled secretly. Grabbing the clothes tightly, her hands became frozen.

No one actually knew that her cold sweat had already soaked her back.

Not fear? How could she not fear?

No one would know if she could walk down this platform. And if she did, it was unknown whether she would have any other after-effects.

This was exactly an unknown experimental field.

But she was the first one to do that.

Thinking of that, she was filled with expectations for success in mind.

She turned over and saw the data looping on an LCD panel.

Three years ago, she began this research with her teacher wholeheartedly.

The object of this experiment was to automatically recognize the poison when it was approached at short range by transplanting simulation of human brain waves.

They analyzed the property of medicine among the known Chinese herbal medicine and compound medicine, then figured out the most appropriate proportion of detoxification.

In other words, as long as the transplanting was successful, everyone could become a pharmacist.

In that case, it would be a great step for medical science in the world. However, this was only a vision.

"Sir, the preparation is all set, we can begin the experiment now." Inside the spacious observation room, all people were keeping close eyes on the grizzled-hair dean.

The dean finally made up his mind and nodded his head, pushing the button with a grim face.

Lying in the machine, Su Qingge stared at the suddenly blinking red-green indicator lights all the time.

"Energy transferred 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, 90%, and 100%!" The plain mechanical female voice rang out, which put everyone on edge.

Su Qingge's head spun dizzily in a moment as it was caused by the high-speed shaking apparatus. It was time to transplant the wave when it synchronized with her brain waves.

Fifteen seconds.

Feeling sick, Su Qingge couldn't help frowning.

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