Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 1 (2)

Humans had all sorts of ways to live their lives.

Some people were successful.

Some people trembled with fear.

Some people prospered.

Some people were anxious about the difficulties.

But for a certain two-year-old child, these were all not things that could be realized.

But then, how should this child's life be described?



At least, in the eyes of bystanders, that's how this child was supposed to live. Naturally, for a two-year-old child, this wasn't something he could understand. Therefore even if fate was unfair and forced him to live this way, the child didn't particularly care about it.

However, right now, this child understood all this. He suddenly felt unusual exhaustion, not because he was tired or anything but because of disease. His consciousness faded in and out. Everything seemed to be gradually falling apart. All methods seemed unable to stem this from happening, it wasn't even able to relieve his pain, not even slightly.

This child could feel it. He faintly realized.

This really was the end for him.

However, this child wasn't particularly sad or anything. It really couldn't be helped. This boy knew the day would come sooner or later. It was just this day came a bit too quick.

According to the result of the medical examination, he only had about ten years left. Although this part was unexpected, did that even matter?

"Be it now or ten years later makes no difference."

Perhaps for a normal person, they could do a lot in ten years and create beautiful memories. Humans were that sort of beings, even if they knew they would die the next day, they would live their fullest to leave behind a legacy and show the world the proof of their existence.

An average person would've snapped if a doctor said they only had 10 years left to live, cursing and even blamed God for their misfortune.

But 10 years sounded too long for this child.

"Even if I still have another ten years to live, there's nothing that would change."

This was not because of any complicated reason but simply because he could barely move his body.

Just like an elderly who was at their death's door, the boy's body couldn't support him like a normal person. Taking this into account, to be frank, even if the boy had another ten years, he wouldn't be able to step foot outside to see the world.

He could barely took a step from the bed.

That being the case.

"Why bother to waste more time?"

This wasn't a complaint and not because he abandoned himself to his grief but simply because the boy reached the conclusion that he didn't want to spend the rest of his life being miserable.

Therefore, right now, the boy cleared his thoughts and waited for his fate.

Time passed slowly but surely.



This all had nothing to do with the boy. He could feel his body gradually lost its strength and collapsed. Along with his consciousness which slowly faded away.

At this rate, in just a few seconds, the boy's organs would soon stop functioning. In other words, he would die.

No, a better term would be dying young.

That was the boy's destiny.

Normally speaking, this shouldn't be the destiny of a two-year-old child. Perhaps a way to change his fate did not exist in the modern world.

Only if…there was a miracle.

In the modern world, did that sort of thing exist?

The boy didn't even think there was such a thing. At that moment, he obtained precisely what he didn't believe existed.

"If that is the thing you lack since God will not give it to you, then I will give it to you."

When that sound resounded in his mind, the boy who was on his death's door couldn't help but stare.

That was because that sound not only seeped through his whole consciousness but could be said to have even reached his inner soul.

That sound was aloof and did not contain any emotions a human should have. Hearing the sound, the boy could only stare, he didn't even have enough energy to consider what was happening.

After all, the boy was only two-year-old, at best, he had knowledge but not experience. Therefore the boy's mind had to ask a single thing.

"Who are you?"

That was the only question he had. And the voice actually replied.

It was no longer aloof and emotionless like before.


As if expressing a complex expression, the voice said.

"I'm just a human."

Regarding this boy, the opposite party who seemed like a God but actually called themselves human said a few words to him.

"I hope that you can also survive as an ordinary human."

Those were the last words that mysterious voice left for the boy. The words that were etched deep into the boy's heart and will always be remembered by the boy.

Naturally, these words will affect the fate of the boy in the future.

The boy had no idea about all this, he didn't even have the right to reject.

The boy only knew one thing.

"I…can survive?"

This question obtained a silent answer.

A radiant light filled the boy's vision.


Seeing the bright light, the boy cried out. That was the only expression when one was extremely moved. Even though this was an unfamiliar feeling for the boy, he instinctively knew how to react.

The boy saw this light as his saving grace and reached out his hands, trying to grab the ray of light. At last, what he saw in the bright light was a dazzling, quite plain and mysterious yet attractive ring.

Henceforth, this boy could finally, obtain a new life as a human.

It's just a pity that this life was not able similar to what the voice had said earlier…

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