Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 19

After that, the entire Chaldea’s technicians were summoned by Olga Marie to work overtime.

To observe what caused the Chaldeas to malfunction.

“We were only able to detect the fire civilization in 2019.”

What was that meant?

It meant human beings could only survive until 2019 and will be completely extinct before 2020.


If human history would disappear before 2020, that meant humanity only had two years before the extinction.

Because there was no sign of humanity would perish.

“If the cause did not exist in the future, it may only exist in the past.” Lev gave his statement.

So technicians in Chaldea focused only on observing the past, every possibility that will cause the extinction of humanity.

That was the singularity.

“Space Specific Point F.”

Chaldea assumed that was the cause of human extinction.

Upon learning this information, Olga Marie made a decision immediately.

“Issue a proposal to all Nations and issue the permission to perform a spiritual transfer.” She commanded.

Because rayshift was a technology that could travel to various eras, which could also affect time and space, it may lead to historical changes. Therefore, to perform rayshift, they must first obtain permission from countries around the world.

Once they got permission, they will execute the plan, and every master transported through the rayshift.

The heroic spirit summoning system, officially operated. All masters will summon their servants in order to fight in singularity f, to eliminate the source of the extinction of human history.

“This will be the first battle of Chaldea, and all the candidates of the master must give their best!”

“Because they will determine whether human history can continue to survive!”

“If there is anyone who can’t act appropriately, base on this situation right now, then, no matter how good that person can be, I won’t allow him to participate!” Olga Marrie said while she was looking at Rozen.

“If you can’t be serious this time, then Chaldea don’t need you.” Olga Marrie whispered to Rozen,

Rozen looked at Mashu and Roman with fearful expressions because of the situation.

Rozen walked in the corridor and clenched his fist.

Chaldea, Underground Training Facility.

This was the training facility of all master candidates used to practice their skills.

Because of Rozen was the no. 1 candidate in Chaldea, he could use the training facility at his will.


His magical power concentrated on his fingertips like a dark bullet, piercing the target.


The target was exploded, Rozen crushed the target one by one.

“As expected of my senpai.” Someone came from the distance.

Behind Rozen, Mashu was watching him with Fou on her shoulder.

“Senpai’s Gandr was very powerful.”


That was magic from northern Europe. It was basically a curse. If you pointed your fingers to an object, it could exert an effect and destroy the health state of the object. Therefore, it was also called a yin shot.

That magic would not cause a fatal wound on the target, but Rozen’s Gandr could be a lethal weapon.

Gandr was the secondary magic Rozen mastered after the summoning magic.

In summoning magic Rozen was second to none, but in other magic, he was just on an average level like others, except for gandr.

“Except for summoning magic, I only have this magic to defend myself.”

Rozen continued his training and ignoring Mashu.

“For the first time in history, don’t you want to participate?” Mashu’s sentence changed the atmosphere of the training facility.

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