Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 21

For the next month, the entire Chaldea was in a state of chaos.

All the technicians were mobilized by Olga Marie to work in various facilities in Chaldea. They observed the situation of the singularity f, to gather information for countermeasure.

All the staff had their own tasks, some went to various nations to obtain permission for rayshift, and some, traveled around the world to search for new master candidates.

Olga Marie was desperate to guarantee the success rate of the battle in the upcoming month.

Olga Marie will do anything to raise the success rate of this operation.

Incidentally, Olga Marie’s most trusted technician, Lev, also devoted himself to his work, but he was never seen again. And Roman was chosen as the substitute. To make sure everyone worked their own task precisely.

“There is an updated of “Magic ☆ Melly” this month!”

Roman, who was so excited, didn’t even care about the surroundings. He only met Rozen a few times in the whole month, and the rest of his time was to control every corner of Chaldea, taking care of the health of all the staff.

Incidentally, the so-called “Magic ☆ Melli” referred to a blog of a social media icon.

Roman was a loyal fan of this blog. He loved it so much that he treated it as his holy food. He was already a fan of that blog for a long time, even though everyone around him already told him to quit.

Rozen already considered several times to severe the ties from this shameful guy.

Everyone around the world came to Chaldea to be a master, so Chaldea had enough force to fight on the next battle.

“All master candidates have to pass a certain point in the mock battle. I will post the qualification. From now on, every master candidates can participate in mock battle freely. It is necessary to do a mock battle as a daily training activity!”

In summary, all the technicians and all the staff were busy, including Rozen.

Those who were not qualified to be a master will have to go home.

Rozen, who had the lowest physical strength in all Chaldea, often skip the mock battle.

But today, everyone in Chaldea witnessed Rozen’s real strength.

“No. 1 mock battle evaluation set a perfect score.”

“Is it a perfect score again this time?”

“Isn’t that guy who would give up only after passing the exam?”

“Why is he trying so desperately?”

“Is he finally panic too, know that humanity is on the verge of extinction?”

“If only I knew this sooner, I would give my best back then.”

Chaldea was in an uproar because of Rozen’s mock battle result.

Even all the top ten magus family had an eye for Rozen.

And every one that already knew him for a long time but underestimated him was shocked.

“He is indeed my one and only senpai.”

Mashu was so proud of Rozen’s result.

“Are you finally going to take it seriously?” Roman teased him.

“Is this really Rozen’s true ability?” Many people murmured.

“… You should have done this from the beginning, idiot.”

Olga Marrie was upset when she learned the report of Rozen’s result.

Compared to Rozen’s result, all the candidates were worthless.

“Damn, his raw talent is on the whole another level compared to us.”

“But his physical strength is nothing to be afraid of.”


“I’m waiting for the ten magus family to show themselves.”

Magic Association.

It was a society that gathered people around the world who has learned magic.

Regardless of nationality and gender, the group formed by people who learned magic was involved in the mission.

In the magic world, the power of the magic association was absolute.

Apart from that, the history of its existence alone has been more than 2,000 years.

Every magus belonged to this society.

That meant the magic association has gathered all the elite magus family since ancient times.

Among them, there was Olga Marie’s family.

And Chaldea was a facility affiliated with the Magic Association.

The ten magus family had a stronger magic circuit and aptitude for magic.

As a result, all the magus in the association valued the ten magus family.

But they treated people like Rozen so badly, and they didn’t acknowledge the existence of magus who was not from the ten magus family.

Not everyone could join the association even though they had great talent in summoning magic and qualification to be a master.

Olga Marie has already evaluated everyone who was participating in the mock battle. Thirty-eight master who passed Olga Marie's selection, Rozen was one of them.

All the world’s attention was in Chaldea because it was the only hope for humanity.

Rozen closed his laptop and smiled.

“I hope I have a chance to come back and play with you again.”

Rozen said that while looking on his laptop.

And his cute kouhai was waited on outside of his room.

“Good morning, senpai.”

“Good morning, my sunshine.”

“You didn’t play games all night, right?”

“Well …”

“…… you …”

“Relax, I’m in a tip-top condition.”

After a small talk in the morning, they immediately left together and went to the command room.

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