Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 371

Chapter 371

In the end, Asuna’s blow didn’t actually hit Rozen’s face. It stopped barely one centimeter in front of Rozen’s face after Rozen asked whether Asuna was planning to become an Orange Player again.

Asuna’s face was still bright red as she reluctantly pulled back her fist.

After that, Rozen asked Asuna as if nothing ever happened.

“Why are you running from your escort?”

Upon hearing Rozen’s words, the irritation on Asuna’s face became more apparent.

“That man… Kuradeel, he was waiting in front ofmy house early in the morning.”

Asuna said reluctantly. Rozen was somewhat stunned upon hearing Asuna’s answer.

“Waiting for you? In front of your house?” Rozen confirmed in surprise.

“Yes.” Asuna said, still with an irritated look. “Although he is my escort, don’t you think that goes too far?”

Standing guard in front of a girl’s house without the girl’s consent obviously would make any girl uncomfortable.

However, that wasn’t even the worst part.

“When I asked him, he confessed that he has been patrolling around my neighborhood for a whole month.”

Asuna quivered as she said that to Rozen. Rozen was dumbfounded when he heard her response.

“Isn’t that what a stalker would do?”

Rozen said bluntly.

No wonder Asuna decided to run away from him. After all, Asuna couldn’t do a thing if Kuradeel used his position as an escort as a pretense that it was for Asuna’s safety.

“Now that’s really unfortunate.” Rozen then asked as if the problem was none of his concern: “So you’ve bought your own house?”

Rozen didn’t know that Asuna had her own house. He thought that Asuna has been staying in her guild headquarters or an inn. It turned out this rapier user already owned her own Player Cabin.

In response, Asuna glared at Rozen briefly and sighed.

“I bought one a while ago in Selmburg.”

Selmburgh was the 61st Floor’s Main Settlement.

The 61st Floor was a lake-themed Floor, also known as Insect Land, due to its abundance of bug-type monsters and the equivalent of hell for most women in Sword Art Online.

However, that didn’t prevent the girls from visiting the 61st Floor, and the reason was its Main Settlement, Selmburg. Selmburg was a castle city located on a mountainous island in the middle of the lake on the 61st Floor. While viewing the castle from the outside, a white granite surface with serene spires at its center couldbe seen. It had green foliage throughout the city and a lake surrounding it, making it extremely beautiful when the sun shone upon it. This beautiful scenery made it so popular among female Players.

Asuna bought a Player Cabin and moved in there.

“The 61st floor…” Rozen said admiringly: “Aren’t the houses thereexpensive?”

“Well, kind of.” Asuna said angrily: “I bought it for 4000K Cor; I’m sure that much is nothing for you, though.”

4 million Cor? Well, compared to Rozen’s total net worth, it wasn’t that much indeed. However, Rozen has already spent most of his Cor on items to strengthen himself, such as weapons and items. In addition, he has also invested a lot of money on his Tamed Monsters that he only had around a few hundred thousand Cor on him right now.

Of course, if Rozen sold all his equipment and items, he’d easily obtain a huge sum of Cor in a matter of minutes.

Even the Fragrant Honey Tea that Asuna drank yesterday alone was worth 1 million Cor, meaning he could buy Asuna’s house by selling four cups of those.

That was what Asuna thought when she drank the Fragrant Honey Tea that Rozen served her yesterday.

Now that Asuna has calmed down a little, he stared at Rozen.

“So, what’ your deal?” Asuna asked doubtfully: “Why are you here in the first place?”

It was not surprising that Rozen was there since it was the route to the labyrinth. The question was, why did he have to hide?

“You’re not hiding here just because you saw me running from Kuradeel, right?”

The look on Asuna’s eyes was so intimidating that a wrong answer might be life-threatening.

So, Rozen immediately answered.

“Of course not.”

Well, technically, Rozen wasn’t lying.

“Then why are you hiding here in the first place?”

Asuna went straight to the point.

Apparently, Asuna became so prickly because of Kuradeel’s creepiness.

“Alright, here’s what happened……”

Rozen hesitated at first, but then he told Asuna everything about the Aincrad Liberation Force.

After hearing Rozen’s story, Asuna no longer cared about her anger just now and suddenly turned all serious.

“To think those guys would come to the frontline at a time like this. Asuna murmured: “I did hear the news that Kibaou-san made a few arrangements so the Army can participate in the frontline.”

Asuna has met Kibaou more than once ever since the First Floor Boss Raid. Because of that, she more or less knew what kind of person Kibaou was.

“Kibaou-san himself is not a bad person. It’s just that he tends to take extreme measures.” Asuna was somewhat worried: “I hope he didn’t repeat the same mistake.”

Asuna still vividly remembered what happened on the 25th Floor, which was the reason for her concern.

Rozen then said…

“I’ve seen how they fought, and frankly, I’ve got nothing but bad feelings about this.” Rozen immediately added: “I can’t rule out the possibility that they will challenge the Floor Boss if they find the Boss Room.”

Asuna became even more concerned upon hearing this.

“I understand.” Asuna looked at Rozen and said, “I will go with you.”

“Go with me?” Rozen was a little surprised at first, but then said: “You mean following them?”

Asuna nodded without hesitation.

“…Well, alright.” Rozen sighed and said: “You have Hiding Skill, right?”

“Of course.” Asuna immediately showed her Hiding Skill that has reached level 500.

“Thatshould do.” Rozen nodded: “Alright then, let’s catch up with them.”

“Yeah.” Asuna responded immediately.

The two of them came out of the bush and rushed toward the labyrinth.

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