Summoner of Miracles

Chapter 4 (2)

Chaldea observed mysteries happening to cross the world, researching science and technology as well, giving the facility a futuristic vibe.

Within the facility, there were general areas and restricted areas. Depending on the person's status and jurisdiction, they would have access to different areas. The general area was accessible by everyone.

Rozen and Mashu's status within Chaldea was not particularly high, they were merely Magus employed by Chaldea, in any other industry they'd fall into the category of regular staff or general personnel.

Therefore, besides the general area, they both couldn't access several regions within Chaldea.

Despite this, after identifying their status, the automatic doors and elevators allowed Rozen and Mashu to smoothly arrive at the Central Control Room. This was Chaldea's core and the heart of Chaldea. It was one of the most critical facilities within Chaldea.

The simulated combat Mashu mentioned before would take place there. In other words, thas was an area that both Rozen and Mashu could enter as long as they showed their identification.


Just as Rozen and Mashu were about to enter the Central Control Room, Fou, who was standing on Mashu's shoulder, leaped up and let out cute sounds of footsteps as it jumped away like a rabbit, running off somewhere else and quickly vanished from the corridor.

Seeing Fou do that, both Rozen and Mashu stopped for a bit, but they were not surprised.

"It ran?" Rozen muttered.

Mashu opened her mouth and said, "As usual, Fou isn't really fond of being seen by others."

Just like Mashu said, Fou never appeared in front of other people. Within Chaldea, everyone knew there was a strange living thing, but only a few people who have actually seen Fou, even the current Director, merely knew Fou existed but she has never seen Fou herself.

Taking that into consideration, Fou was basically a free creature, and it could play around each corner of Chaldea. With such a mysterious creature, Rozen and Mashu were pleased for some reason as it always ran towards both of them every day.

Sometimes, while Rozen was playing games, it would appear in the corner of the room and sleep there. Sometimes when Mashu was looking for Rozen, it would suddenly appear on her shoulder and tagged along with her.

In the beginning, Rozen was also quite interested in Fou and wanted to form a contract with it, but he failed.

Gradually, he knew that Fou didn't want to form a contract, so Rozen gave up on the idea and treated it like a pet. If he was in the mood, he’d play with it. Otherwise, he'll ignore it, both he and Mashu were regarded as Fou's master by the other staff at Chaldea.

"Let's go, senpai."


Rozen complied with Mashu's beckoning and walked forward. The automatic doors opened as he walked into the Central Control Room.

At that moment, there was a blue light covering Rozen's vision. Rozen immediately looked at the center of the Central Control Room which attracted his attention. It was a floating globe.

"Global Environment Model CHALDEAS"

Using the magical power in this world as its foundation, it was a small accurate model of the Earth.

This model was used in conjunction with the Near-Future Observation Lens SHEBA allowing Chaldea to observe the planet's future.

Chaldea's duty of safeguarding human order was based on this.

By using both CHALDEAS and SHEBA, people could monitor the future of Earth and confirmed the status of the planet in the next hundred years.

The glittering ray on CHALDEAS was the flame of civilization. As long as it's light still ignite, then humanity will survive and humanity's future will be preserved for the next hundred years. Humanity was also heading in the right direction without any issues.

If the ray on CHALDEAS vanished, that meant human civilization would be wiped out, and humanity's future will end sometime in the next one hundred years.

This was the main purpose of Chaldea's existence. To monitor the planet's future and guarantee the perpetuity of humanity's future, any anomalies detected will be instantly analyzed and eliminated, allowing humanity to return to normal daily lives and continue to survive.

This was the reason Chaldea was established.

Naturally, an event that could cause humanity itself to extinct would not necessarily happen at the current time.

A piece of equipment was invented at this historic moment.

Rayshift Capsule.

A device that let master candidates perform Rayshift.

Rayshift was a technique to send one's spiritual body back in time and eliminate the causes of the anomaly, therefore, protecting humanity.

Rozen was one of these suitable people in Chaldea who was the title given to individuals who could do Rayshift.

But being able to do Rayshift also meant that this person had another qualification. This qualification was…


At this moment, Mashu pulled on Rozen's sleeves and let out a worried sound waking up Rozen, who was staring at CHALDEAS.

Rozen then understood why Mashu was so worried about him.

"What took you so long!"

An angry voice could be heard, and Rozen's face was so easy to read in response to this voice.

The face of being sick of something.

As if encountering something he wanted to avoid, Rozen slowly turned his head to find out where the sound came from. Shortly after he saw a person who seemed to vent her anger on the floor, she was smashing her feet onto it before finally walking towards him, looking pissed.

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