Summoner of Miracles

Volume 1 Chapter 0

Volume 1 - Fate/Grand Order (1)

Chapter 0 - "Human"

People live out their lives in various ways.

Some live happy and successful lives.

Some live in fear.

Some are blessed with prosperity.

Some are burdened with anxiety.

However, all that has nothing to do with a 2 years old child.

So, how would one describe the child's lifestyle?



At least, that's how it would seem to bystanders.

Naturally, a 2 years old child can't comprehend the misfortunes and miseries surrounding life.

So, even if he was forced to live in such a manner due to fate, the child should have been oblivious to it all.

However, right now, he actually “fathomed” it all.

Shortness of breath irrespective of physical condition.

Clouding of consciousness irrespective of mental state.

Gradual dislocation of all internal organs.

Nothing could impede his inevitable demise or even provide a bit of respite.

All this could be perceived by the child.

He was already prepared for the “end”, in the truest sense of the word.

However, he wasn't particularly sentimental about it.

He didn't have any options in the first place.

For a while now, he knew that this day would arrive sooner or later.

It's just that he didn't expect it to be this early.

According to the most advanced computing devices, it was predicted that he would meet his “termination” about 10 years from now.

In other words, meeting his own fate today wasn't part of the “project”.

However, how does that even matter?

"Anyway, it makes no difference whether it happened now or later in the future."

Maybe, from a normal person's perspective, they can certainly make a lot of precious memories.

That's just how humans are. Even if we know that we will die one day, we do everything we can to leave behind our marks in the world.

If such precious 10 years were to be snatched away from a normal person, they would certainly complain over fate's injustice and might even curse loudly at the Gods.

However, all that are just luxuries.

"Even if I could live 10 more years, there would be no point to it."

It wasn't as such because of anything complicated. It was simply that he was "unable to move".

Similar to an old man whose body is like a lamp almost out of oil, the boy's body was unable to bear ordinary physical activities.

Taking that into account, bluntly speaking, even if he survived for 10 more years, he would remain bedridden the whole time without being able to take a single step in the outside world.

Even a tiny step was impossible.

Since that is the case...

"As such what is the point in continuing to waste time?"

He wasn't complaining due to grief or had given in to despair. It was simply that "he didn't want to keep on going like this anymore".

Thus, right now, the boy got rid of unnecessary thoughts from his heart as he waited for his death.

Revolution of the world.

Passage of time.

Being confused.



All that had nothing to do with him.

He could feel the gradual collapse of his own body.

The more he understood, the more it all felt so distant.

Using defined time units, the boy's body would stop functioning after some seconds.

That is, he will meet his death.

No, it should be more appropriate to call it "premature death".

This was the boy's destiny.

Logically speaking, a 2 years old child shouldn't be aware of his own fate.

Something that could salvage him from such fate didn't exist in the modern era.

Aside from a "Miracle".

However, does such a thing even exist in the modern era?

That's what the boy thinks.

Right now, he couldn't have even imagined that he would obtain what he wanted in the next instance.

"Since God has not granted you what you lack, I shall bestow it upon you."

The boy could not help but be startled despite his withering mental state upon the reverberation of the voice.

It not only spread through his weakened mind but even reached the depths of his soul.

The voice had a light and indifferent tone to the extent that it completely lacked any human emotions.

Despite hearing the voice, the boy could do nothing aside from being startled as he lacked the capacity to comprehend the current situation.

After all, his cognition was still at the level of a 2 years old baby. At most, he only possessed "knowledge" but lacked "experience".

Thus, in his weakened mental state, he only had one thing that he wanted to know.

"Who are you?"

This was the only thing that the boy could think of right now.

However, the other person reacted with a sound that was no longer indifferent and bereft of human emotions.


And, then replied in a voice that contained extremely complex feelings,

"I am just a 'human'."

The other person who was like a deity to the boy actually introduced themselves as "human". They then imparted him with a few more words.

"I hope you can live on as an ordinary human being."

That was the last line the other person left him with.

However, those were sincere words straight from their heart.

Those words will be carried by the boy through his life.

Naturally, that person will also affect his destiny greatly.

Of course, he is unaware of all that including the privileges.

At this moment, he was only aware of a single thing.

And that was,


The question was met with silence.


Suddenly, a shaft of resplendent light illuminated the entire vision of the boy.


He let out a cry as he gazed upon the shaft of light.

It was the cry of someone that had been moved to the utmost.

His instincts had been able to figure it out right away.

That the shaft of light will salvage him.

Immediately, he fully concentrated his mind on the shaft of light as if he wanted to grasp it.

And finally, he saw it.

Within the light, floated a ring as resplendent as the light itself yet antique and mysterious, and even somewhat beautiful.

Thus, the boy, who had obtained a new life, could now continue living as a human.

However, his life wouldn't be ordinary like what that "human" had wished for.

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