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Chapter 1167 - If Man and Device Are Separated, Automatic…

Chapter 1167: If Man and Device Are Separated, Automatic…

It was clear that the five minutes between activation and destruction was to give time for the person in charge to evacuate.

So, there was probably a connection between Alice being put into Space 2 and the self-destruct mechanism.

Upon discovering this, Luke couldn’t help but focus on Alice Miller, who was hibernating in Space 2.

On the way back to Vancouver, he did some tests on Alice in Space 2.

Before, Space 1 could detect the internal structure of equipment, which could be assembled and dismantled in the space.

After Space 2 appeared, it could store living things, but they couldn’t be examined, dismantled, or put together.

Like the inventory before it was modified, Space 2 could only sense the basic state of living things inside it, like who was inside, whether they were awake or unconscious, and so on.

It wasn’t until the system used the Hand’s stone coffin to modify the inventory that this hibernate function appeared for Space 2. Not only that, when Luke wanted to take a look at the two people in Space 2 earlier, he got the feeling that he could “examine” them.

At that moment, his mind was using a method that felt unfamiliar yet natural to him to “look” at Alice Miller.

It was hard to describe the feeling, but it was similar to a person seeing an X-ray for the first time.

In Space 2, it was as if everything about Alice was transparent to him, including the metal bones throughout her body.

The head that he had hit three times in a row was real metal, and wasn’t bent out of shape at all.

Also, the electronic chip here had been implanted very ingeniously. It was actually connected to her irises and her brain… Hm, wait, an electronic chip?

Luke abruptly sobered up — there was an electronic chip inside Alice.

Almost instantly, he remembered the 50,000 experience and credit points which the system had given him.

Was it because of this electronic chip?

Electronic chip implants weren’t rare. They were used in low-end artificial organs; even a certain tycoon still had to rely on them to control his armor.

Of course, Luke was also using this technology of Tony’s. Otherwise, if the smart program couldn’t detect vision, conduits, movements and so on, the armor wouldn’t be very agile.

Without electronic chips, Luke would only be able to create a “fully manual” armor like the first generation Batman suit — he had to rely on his own physical movements, and the armor couldn’t provide any assistance at all.

The electronic chip in Alice happened to be in-between the two types.

It was an advanced product produced by some lab, and was much more powerful than the weak chips produced for artificial organs; it absolutely wasn’t a mass-produced product.

This was something Luke could guarantee with the knowledge he obtained from Tony Stark.

But it was also far inferior to the top-notch chips which the tycoon used to control his armor, as there was no sense of “craftsmanship.” It was precise and rigorous, but there was nothing aesthetic about it. It was very stable, and could only at most be considered to meet the required standard.

Perhaps that was how the head of Sentinel Services treated Alice.

She was just a tool.

In less than two years, Alice had turned from a female executive into a killing tool. She was working for Sentinel Services, which was actually holding her daughter captive.

It would be strange if she was willing.

When Rumford was hit by the fog back then, all the scared residents didn’t dare leave the supermarket, and Luke and Selina didn’t want to take any risks as well.

Alice, however, had been willing to risk her life for her daughter. In the end, she persuaded Luke and Selina to go with her to rescue Carrie.

How could a mother who would risk her life for her daughter watch her be locked up to become a test subject?

From her metal skeleton and the electronic chip connected to her brain and eyes, the answer was obvious.

Also, if the activation of the self-destruct mechanism was related to this chip, Luke could guess the purpose behind this design.

If Alice was trapped, she would have plenty of time to decide whether or not to activate the self-destruct sequence.

That was because she had Intermediate Self-Healing.

It was precisely because Luke knew that Alice had a self-healing ability, and out of a perverse sort of curiosity, that he specially used a “sky hammer” technique to jolt her brain and make her lose consciousness.

But if he didn’t have Space 2, Alice would have come back to her senses and started fighting him again.

When she realized that she couldn’t overpower Luke, she would have activated the self-destruct mechanism.

As for Alice’s opponents, they could only kill her or get out of the base.

The last safeguard for the self-destruct mechanism was probably the signal from the electronic chip in Alice’s head; five minutes after it disappeared, the self-destruct mechanism would be automatically activated.

It would be very hard for anyone else to get anything out of the base in five minutes.

Certainly not the witnesses, who were the most important of all. Any research material would likewise probably also be destroyed.

Wait! Wait a minute! Luke suddenly felt a strange sense of deja vu.

A familiar, magnetic male voice floated through his head: “If man and device are separated for more than 10 seconds, the device will automatically explode~[1]”

Alice had been separated from the device, no, from the base for hundreds of seconds! No wonder the base exploded.

“F*ck you! How dare you steal a future security idea for the Titanium phone? You’re courting death!” Luke couldn’t help but curse.

Cursing was one thing, but Luke had to admit that for someone who didn’t know anything, it would be very hard to get a lot of things out of the secret base.

If he didn’t have a cheat, he definitely wouldn’t have gotten even a single strand of hair today, and would have been buried underwater.

Thinking that, he couldn’t help but feel respect for the head of Sentinel Services. D*mn, you have some nice tricks!

Because of this, Luke felt that as long as he found traces of this person, he had to hurry over and see him off on one final journey.

It was best for God to look over this “genius” himself as soon as possible!

After noting down the project head in his black notebook, Luke continued tallying his gains.

After defeating Alice, his abilities were refreshed with her “Intermediate Self-Healing” ability.

As someone devoted to safety as number one, this ability was absolutely a top priority for him.

Elementary Self-Healing was a godly life-saving skill, but he barely used it in this respect.

Instead, it was very effective for when he was up the whole night working.

The more he hid this life-saving trump card, the more he would be able to turn things around at a critical moment.

This ability alone was worth a year of hunting down Sentinel Services, even if the prerequisites were 80 Strength and 100,000 credit points, and it was temporarily unavailable.

And this was just the least of his gains from this cleanup operation.

The second valuable gain was from Stu Cooper.

System: You have killed Stu Cooper. You may learn some of his abilities.

Stu Cooper’s abilities: Elementary Cloning (partially available. Prerequisites: 20 Strength, 20 Dexterity, 20 Mental Strength, ? Special mental ability, ? Credit)

This Stu Cooper whose head Luke had blown up the moment they met was simply a pleasant surprise.

A year ago, Stu, who had still been in high school, went on a murder spree in Woodsburg with his good friend Billy Loomis.

The victims included Deputy Director Condra’s niece, so Luke and Selina had been given the assignment.

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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