Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 1176 - Test, Return, and Construction

Chapter 1176: Test, Return, and Construction

In the end, Europe wasn’t America, and the multifaceted system wasn’t as useful here, so Luke felt that it was better to have a local tyrant to help him.

Kincaid had been a professional hitman for thirty years, and he knew a lot of people in the business.

While these people wouldn’t risk their lives for him, it wasn’t a problem to buy intelligence. For example, from Michael Bryce, the has-been 3A bodyguard.

With money, everyone was old friends.

For Luke, money was never a problem. He simply paid upfront for five years’ worth of intelligence.

Kincaid wasn’t an unreasonable person. He gave the big backpack a casual glance and nodded to seal the deal.

After Luke left, Sonia opened the door and glared at Kincaid suspiciously. “Don’t tell me you’re going back to work when I’m about to give birth?”

Kincaid chuckled. “How can that be? I’m already retired. I definitely won’t go back to my old job.”

Sonia wasn’t someone who took things lying down.

If it wasn’t for the fact that her stomach was so big it looked like it would explode, she would’ve already hit him.

Even so, she still kicked the bag of money. “Don’t tell me it’s full of rubbish newspapers.”

Kincaid rolled his eyes. “That’s my daughters’ milk money, school fees, startup funds, and so on.”

Sonia sneered. “If he’s not looking for you to go back to your old job, why would he give you so much money?”

Kincaid chuckled. “I’m going to start a company.”

Sonia: “WTF?”

While the couple continued to banter, Luke had already flown to Italy to meet Vanessa, the woman with the electrifying eyes who had settled down in Milan.

In the end, Vanessa didn’t have a clear goal for the future, but she was very interested in Luke’s proposal to establish a new “service company” in Europe.

After this service company was perfected, it could provide clients with services like weapons, intelligence and tailoring, like the “service companies” under the High Table.

Of course, Luke didn’t say exactly who the company was for, and only said that it was for certain big “professionals.” There would only be three to five people each time, but the costs wouldn’t be low.

This time, he didn’t give her an advance payment.

Vanessa herself was rich, and whatever she did was purely out of interest.

He didn’t agree nor refuse when she expressed interest in participating in some interesting operations later, and simply said that he would give her a reply later.

Vanessa pressed him to the ground and ruthlessly used those world-class legs to deal with him before she let him go.

The Justice of Star clone spent most of the next ten days on various planes.

It went to Central Asia first, then China, then Russia, before heading for the North Pole. Then, it went to Ushuaia in Argentina, before flying straight to the South Pole in the armor and doing one round before coming back.

Only then could Luke confirm one thing: His connection to the Star of Justice clone wasn’t affected by distance.

Whether it was the South Pole, across the Pacific to China, or Turkey on the borders of Europe and Asia, he still had perfect command over the clone.

This was undoubtedly an extremely important point.

Otherwise, it would be a joke if his clone went “offline” overseas one day.

It was still best to use disposable identities; even if he disappeared in plain sight on a plane one day, all that would be left behind was a folk mystery.

In any case, a lot of mysterious and strange things happened in this world. No matter how many records SHIELD (Hydra) had on file, it was impossible to investigate all of them.

Half a month later, his clone finally returned to America.

However, it didn’t return to New York directly. Instead, it appeared as Batman again in Los Angeles at night. Batman plowed through several gangs that had gradually started to run wild in recent months after Luke and Selina left, leaving behind broken bones and injuries.

This time, Batman, who had the stealth function, was no longer forced to run by reporters. He let them take a lot of footage before he successfully disappeared among the skyscrapers in downtown Los Angeles.

Luke earned another 46,000 experience and credit points from Los Angeles.

Host’s experience: 312,000 / 500,000.

Credit: 506,000

Look at how L.A. had fallen into chaos not long after he left! He still had to rely on himself to do his bit in building the foundation for a lawful nation!

After fretting over the country and its people for a moment, a certain detective decided to visit other major cities in America to help his colleagues maintain law and order.

While his clone was out on a jaunt across the country, Luke’s life was peaceful. At most, he would take into custody a few murderers or would-be murderers every few days or so.

Alice and her daughter were finally in better frames of mind.

A lot of the credit had to go to Carrie.

Her Elementary Spirit Form was unfathomable.

She was indeed strong.

Back then, with a single scream, she had sent Blackheart’s group, along with Luke, flying hundreds of meters; the power she displayed was terrifying.

But she couldn’t control it.

For her, the destructive force from using a spirit form was like an ordinary person being able to lift a truck; it was just a byproduct of her losing control of her emotions.

Now that she had found her mother, Alice, her mindset had improved, and she wasn’t interested in controlling her superpower or whatever.

Luke didn’t want the girl to relive the nightmare of being experimented on right after leaving the dam base, so he had only just observed her from the side.

So far, the Spirit Form absolutely looked like a “system bug” sort of ability.

It could employ most mental abilities, like telekinesis, mental communication, mental perception, and so on, but was limited by Carrie’s mental state.

She had autism and couldn’t control it. She had never thought of learning to control her Spirit Form to make use of these abilities, and worked purely off instinct.

It was like how ordinary people and combat experts punched others.

An ordinary person would hit wherever, like in the eye or the stomach, but a boxer could kill someone with one punch.

The difference was like between the clouds and mud.

Not only was Carrie a child, she also had autism.

Luke naturally couldn’t be reckless when he used her and her mother’s amazing abilities.

Thankfully, Elementary Pheromone Control was still very useful. After half a month, the mother and daughter trusted him very much.

Luke didn’t feel guilt over this.

Generally speaking, he wouldn’t use this ability on his own people or friends to twist their thoughts, since it ran slightly contrary to a person’s most basic free will.

But both mother and daughter had severe psychological issues.

If he didn’t use this method, their lives would only be more painful.

Their biggest hope was to be together and to live in peace.

He wasn’t a stickler for morality; giving them freedom but with their psychological issues wasn’t necessarily better than the peace of living under control.

It wasn’t a bad thing to use his ability to give them a life like this.

In any case, apart from getting rid of their negative and volatile emotions, he had no intention of controlling them to do anything. As long as he had a clear conscience, it was fine.

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