Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 1369 - Whatever He Wanted to Do, He Would Definitely Do It

Chapter 1369: Whatever He Wanted to Do, He Would Definitely Do It

Luke resisted the urge to mock him and continued, “Where’s Skye? Did you take her to the community hostel? How’s Charlie?”

Raqael said, “I did. I was smart enough to use your name, boss. The girl asked me a few questions before she believed me. Charlie’s fine. The girl was merciful. His dick is only slightly swollen. He’ll be back to normal in three days at most.”

Luke: …You’re an idiot too.

He wasn’t interested in chatting with this dumbass, and didn’t reply.

As for Charlie, this idiot? It was his bad luck; why did he have to be dumb?

If Luke didn’t know how much the kids feared him, he would’ve thought that Charlie had definitely wanted to try something bad.

July arrived, and the weather in New York finally warmed up.

News of Batman and Black Cat working together to clean up New York gangs gradually settled.

Firstly, these gangs were utterly unremarkable and couldn’t fight back at all.

Secondly, Batman and Black Cat were very efficient in their cleanup operations, and had never been caught on camera.

The novelty of going to the orthopedics departments to interview the unlucky hoodlums faded.

Nobody was interested in listening to the b*stards’ complaints, unless they were especially wretched.

From the long-winded TV reports, the public all understood one rule: The more ruthless the beating from Batman, the greater the crime.

For example, a core member with more than 20 broken bones had been found to be involved in more than five cases of human trafficking and organ theft.

Naturally, the NYPD officers were aware of this rule.

It was a little embarrassing, but the officers focused on the gang members who were heavily wounded.

A series of major cases were ferreted out.

New York’s underground forces, which should’ve been in turmoil, were surprisingly quiet this time.

No gangs seized the opportunity to fight and swallow up territory.

On the contrary, various gang bigshots disappeared one after another, and many people even fled to other states to lay low.

While more territory was great, they needed the body to enjoy it.

A crippled person would find it hard to sit at the top as the boss.

Hence, law and order in New York improved to a certain extent.

Petty crime didn’t stop happening, but there was a significant decrease in violent crime.

The only thing that was a pain for many was that the price of illegal drugs increased again.

After Batman appeared in New York, the price of illegal drugs in Manhattan climbed rapidly until it was two to three times higher than in other districts.

Many people had to drive to Queens and Brooklyn to buy them.

This time, even the two major districts couldn’t hold on anymore. The price had also risen two to three times, and it was hard to find anyone selling the goods.

And this was just how ordinary buyers felt.

As for the drug dealers, another piece of news had spread recently.

When the Mexican cartels heard that the prices in New York were going up, they felt that it was time to make a fortune, and two cartels had delivered a huge pile of goods.

In the end… the crippled drug dealers were left for NYPD to deal with, and the two loads of goods weighing five tons in total were cleaned up.

The word was that the bosses of the two Mexican cartels had already declared that they were going to kill Batman and Black Cat.

The New York hoodlums just gossiped idly about this piece of news; no one dared to say that Batman and Black Cat were dead for sure.

Were the Mexican cartels awesome? They were.

They already controlled more than 30% of Mexico. If it wasn’t for the fact that the world wouldn’t allow it, they would’ve long overthrown the Mexican government and formed their own.

But in New York, the Mexican cartels were like a little brother who only killed a few gangsters every now and then to demonstrate his power.

Could that be as intimidating as Batman crippling hundreds of people? Obviously not.

Gangsters were fond of bragging, and all the bigshots did it. There was always a legend to go with it, such as turning people into fertilizer or throwing them off the docks to feed the fish.

But Batman never bragged. Whatever he wanted to do, he would definitely do it.

All the reporters and media in America could testify to that.

If the Mexican cartels could really kill Batman, the gangs in New York and Los Angeles would rejoice.

For now, no one dared to talk sh*t about Batman.

New York’s gangs already had an unwritten rule: Never talk sh*t about being able to get rid of Batman.

That was because less than three days after doing so, the moronic bosses of several gangs had been sent to the hospital, and it was Batman and Black Cat behind it.

The New York gangsters all knew that Batman was in fact a petty man.

Luke knew of this rumor, and there was nothing he could do.

These had also been Selina’s targets, so he could only give up.

If it were him, he would have at least… let those bigshots act a little more arrogantly while he gathered together a bunch of other dumbasses who weren’t afraid of being sent to the hospital, then packed all of them off together.

Grinding points by fighting just anybody was inefficient, but Selina enjoyed it.

With the body dump case on their hands, Luke and Selina had no reason to take on new cases.

They absolutely weren’t slacking off.

Exploring the sewers of Brooklyn every other day was much dirtier work than being a detective.

Ask any other NYPD officer; nobody would explore the sewers for three hours every other day for the pay that they were getting.

While exploring the sewers, Luke and Selina ran into some criminals.

The sewers were a world away from the surface.

The mentality of many was changed by the darkness and isolation of this world.

Stealing and looting were common here, and murders weren’t uncommon.

One of the most extreme was a man whom Selina crippled.

In the end, the system deemed this person so evil that the red of his name in the system was almost black.

Luke took the guy away and directly killed him after a few minutes of simple interrogation.

The system immediately gave him a massive 3,000 experience and credit points.

By a conservative estimate, this man had killed at least dozens of women.

His victims were probably some of the homeless women whom Skye had mentioned hung around the beach or the sewers.

Selina was a little disappointed. “So, we weren’t looking for a man-eating monster, or a organ trafficking gang, but a psychotic murderer?”

Pondering for a moment, Luke shook his head. “He himself said that his main targets were women. Of the ten or so suspected missing homeless people that Skye mentioned, only three were women, while the others were a mix of old and black individuals.”

Selina was deep in thought. “That’s true. He didn’t look at old people, and he probably wouldn’t have been able to beat big black guys. So, should we continue investigating?”

Luke shrugged. “We can only go with the flow. After all, the archive room has thousands of cold cases from the last ten years. We’re not God. We can only do as much as we can.”

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