Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 1374 - Giving, In Return, and Ally

Chapter 1374: Giving, In Return, and Ally

For a weapon to deal with Batman, it had to first take speed into account; it had to be as close as possible to what happened in actual combat.

This special weapon wasn’t really meant to be used on Batman, but it had to be tested first.

The weapon had been tested against the defenses on Tony’s suit. However, Luke’s behavior today had triggered Jarvis’s main defense program, and the A.I. had decisively taken out this experimental toy and pointed it at Luke.

Even Luke felt a chill run down his spine.

It was clear that this weapon was powerful enough to cripple him.

So, the first thing he wanted was for Jarvis to remove this thing.

There was no way they would be able to have a pleasant chat otherwise.

Only after Tony removed the weapon did Luke say, “There is still some damage in the hole in your chest, which I won’t touch. You’ve felt the ability of the Light Dagger for yourself. Have Jarvis use it on you. Your recovery will be slower, but you’ll be fully recovered after a few more times.”

Tony smiled bitterly. “It’s just a hunk of flesh. There’s no rush for now.”

He was still traumatized by Luke’s rough method earlier.

Using an electromagnetic force to pull out the shrapnel wasn’t surgery at all.

In the end, it was all thanks to the Light Dagger’s healing ability.

However, compared with a dozen hours of someone else tinkering with his chest, Luke’s method was very quick, and wasn’t torturous at all. As soon as it hurt, it was already over.

Tony calmed down and asked, “Did you come here just for that?”

Luke said, “That was half of it. There’s also this.” He threw a USB at him.

Tony caught it. “What is it this time?”

Luke said, “It’s a cultivation technique from Kunlun, a holy land in the East. It can produce ‘chi’ for attack and protection.”

Tony was at a loss. “Chi?”

Luke said, “It’s pretty much like this.”

With a wave of his hand, a tool on the workbench was pushed ten centimeters away.

Tony’s eyes lit up. “A superpower?”

Luke said, “It’s chi, it’s… similar to a superpower, I guess.”

Tony asked, “Where did you get it?”

Luke said, “I stole it from a traitor of the Holy Land of Kunlun. It’s best that you don’t flaunt it, or… you know.”

Tony: …Your friend stole Life 1. This time, you’re the one who stole the Kunlun Chi Refining technique yourself?

What happened to being a righteous person? What happened to being the Dark Knight who abhorred evil?

Ignoring what he was thinking, Luke simply warned him, “This thing means something to Kunlun, like how the arc reactor means something to you. If word spreads, people from Kunlun might come looking for trouble. Remember to keep your head down and don’t be reckless.”

After a brief silence, Tony asked, “What do you want?”

As a businessman, he didn’t think that a person could give so much for no reason.

His parents were the only people who had done so much for him without asking for anything in return.

But Batman wasn’t his father. Why was he giving so much and not asking for anything in return?

Luke said, “I need allies.”

Tony frowned. “Are you in trouble?”

“Not yet,” Luke said. “However, there are some things that I might be too busy to deal with myself. I’ll let you know then. It’ll be up to you whether you want to get involved or not. I just hope that you won’t stand against me that day.”

Tony frowned even harder. “What are you going to do?”

Luke chuckled. “Have you investigated the explosions?”

Tony nodded. “Of course. Those guys really like to use terrorism as a cover for looting. I didn’t notice anything unusual.”

Luke said, “Two members of the Joint Advanced Research Unit took 2,400 pounds of raw bomb materials from those criminals beforehand. You should know what that means, right?”

Tony was stunned. “Joint Advanced Research Unit? What’s that? Jarvis?”

Jarvis said, “Sir, the Joint Advanced Research Unit isn’t an official department, but there’s a 87% probability that it is a secret research organization under the Department of Defense.”

Tony was speechless.

No wonder Batman had mentioned this organization; Stark Industries had many allies in the Department of Defense.

If there came a time that the Department of Defense asked Tony to cooperate with them in dealing with Batman, he could refuse once or twice, but what about after that?

Although the Department of Defense wouldn’t fall out with Stark Industries over this, Tony absolutely couldn’t stand on Batman’s side. Remaining neutral was the best choice.

Looking at the tycoon’s face, Luke knew that he understood. “I only have one request: Don’t interfere, otherwise…”

Looking at the flashing blood-red lenses, Tony suddenly felt a chill run down his spine. He smiled bitterly. “It’s just about staying neutral. Do you need to specially give me a warning?”

Given his amiable relationship with Batman, remaining neutral was just a bottom line that he shouldn’t cross; what he really had to think about was how much help he should give Batman.

Luke chuckled. “It was just in passing. Didn’t I fix your heart?”

Tony was unable to reply.

A moment later, Luke entered the elevator. The doors closed, and the elevator descended quickly.

Tony suddenly asked, “Jarvis, the info on that Research Unit or whatever?”

Jarvis asked, “Shall I pull it up?”

Tony said, “Yes.”

A virtual screen opened in front of him. Tony scanned the information casually, and his expression was ugly.

According to Jarvis, this organization had always been responsible for catching people with superpowers, especially superpowered criminals.

But it had the word “research” in its title, and the information indicated that it did do research.

It was obvious what the superhumans were used for.

Now, this organization wanted to deal with Batman?

Tony wasn’t an idiot. He knew very well how the government worked, since Stark Industries was also an old hand at using the same tricks.

Batman wasn’t targeted because he had broken the law, but because he threatened the safety of some bigshots, and there were a lot of benefits to be gained from him.

Although Tony mocked the Bat suit, the government certainly didn’t.

Mass-producing the Bat suit to arm an army – what enemy wouldn’t be afraid?

Dozens of soldiers wearing the Bat suit could easily pose a fatal threat to Tony; of course the government would be interested.

After thinking for a moment, Tony gave up on pursuing the matter.

The Department of Defense was very powerful, but it wasn’t a united entity, and Stark Industries didn’t just have one or two contacts inside.

Charcoal Head is thinking too much! Tony mumbled to himself. I have an equal partnership with the Department of Defense. How can I let them tell me what to do?

“Jarvis, show me that ‘chi’,” he ordered again.

A moment later, he cursed. “What’s this? Is this a wizard’s training method… What do you mean, concentrate and calm your aura? What do you mean, sense the depths of the soul? How can you keep calm and sense the soul while moving at the same time? …B*stard! No, I can’t calm down!”

After a long while, he gave up. “Jarvis, put this thing away. I may as well just make modifications to the suit.”

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