Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Relying On Face, and Training

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When a soldier carried out his mission, killing his target would be the priority most of the time. And killing the wrong target was always better than being killed instead.

But the police couldn’t do the same. They had to first decide if the person they were facing was an innocent citizen or a criminal, and then decide whether to open fire or prioritize evasive maneuvers. After all, if they killed an ordinary citizen by mistake, they might even lose their job.

The first mission which Luke’s Super Detective System gave him was to officially become a police officer. He had no intention of losing this identity.

The shooting lesson continued with non-stop practice, and Luke and Selina spent an hour there just like that.

Luke had emptied ten magazines during his practice, and his hands were starting to feel uncomfortable. Thus, he decided to stop.

They called the shooting range employee over to take their guns before they headed to the gun store.

Luke rushed forward to pay for the both of them with his card and Selina didn’t reject his gesture.

Since she had instructed Luke in his shooting, she didn’t feel guilty about him paying for her.

Patrick’s mouth was as coarse as ever. “Yo, has Little Girl Luke fallen for the beauty as well? Look at how thoughtful you are! Do you have the money for a candlelight dinner and everything else after that too?”

Luke smiled and patted Patrick’s shoulder as he said, “Patrick, don’t you know that I can rely on my face to put food on the table?”

Patrick was confused. “What do you mean?”

The smile still on his face, Luke said, “What I mean is, I’m the kind of person who can comfortably wait for my girlfriend to cook for me while I lounge on the sofa and watch TV. And after the meal, I can just leave if I want to.”

Patrick didn’t believe it. “Does Robert know how amazing you are?”

Luke shook his head. “That’s not the point. My point is, I don’t need to pay for women. But you, on the other hand, need to spend a lot for a woman to be willing to have dinner and a post-dinner workout with you.”

Patrick was still confused when Selina started roaring with laughter. She wrapped her arms around Luke and pecked his cheek. “Kid, I like you.”

That shocked Patrick. “Are you two serious?”

Luke shook his head helplessly. “She’s just in a good mood after finding out about your sorry life.”

That caused Selina to burst into another round of laughter. As for Luke, he no longer bothered to continue mocking Patrick and left with Selina.

A few minutes later, a furious shout rang out from the store. “F*ck! Did you imply that I can’t get any action without paying? You damn motherf*cking assh*le…”

Meanwhile, Selina and Luke were happily leaving the store.

When they got into the car, Selina didn’t start driving right away. Instead, she said, “It’s still early. Want to come get some exercise with me?”

Luke checked the time. “It’s six twelve; aren’t you going home for dinner?”

Selina appeared indifferent. “They’ll keep some food for me. Let’s go.”

Luke said, “…But it’s close to dinner time at my place.”

Selina replied, “Call them and get them to save you some food.”

Luke said, “I don’t have my workout clothes with me either.”

Selina replied, “Go home and get them, then. That way, you don’t even need to waste money calling home!”

Luke thought to himself, “You’re pretending like gas is free. But then again, money for gas can be claimed on a police car, so long as the amount doesn’t exceed a limit.”

Ultimately, Luke surrendered.

After all, Selina had been very earnest when training him earlier.

To repay kindness with kindness was a great virtue of the Chinese.

Although Luke was now Caucasian, he still remembered that.

Thus, after Selina sent him home, he grabbed a martial arts training outfit and told Catherine to put some food aside for him before he left.

He got back into the car, and it sped off.

Catherine stood in the kitchen and gazed at the departing police car. She then turned to look at Robert, who was seated at the dining table. “Are the officers in your police department allowed to date each other now?”

Robert didn’t look up from the newspaper he was reading. “No.”

Catherine said, “Then aren’t you going to stop them?”

Robert replied, “It’s still too early for that. It’ll only happen if Selina takes the initiative. That brat will never take the initiative.”

Catherine said, “Are you sure?”

Robert replied, “Do you remember Jimena? That girl spent two months courting Luke before she succeeded.”

Catherine grinned. “But I think Selina will be even more straightforward and aggressive than Jimena.”

Robert finally set the newspaper down and sighed. “What can I do? Fire them? I might as well pretend I didn’t see anything.”

That rendered Catherine speechless. “So, it turns out you just can’t do anything to them.”

The car drove back to the police department.

Someone was always stationed at the police department, which was open around the clock.

This time, Bob was the one who had stayed behind on shift. When he saw the two of them come in, he smiled. “Oh, you guys are such great friends! Are you here to keep me company because you know it’s boring here?”

Selina curled her lips. “Bob, worry about how to keep your girl happy first. Alright, we’re headed to the gym. Have fun.”

The poor middle-aged soul could only watch with a bitter expression as the two of them went to the basement, where a small gym was located.

Sandbags, dumbbells, barbells, chest expanders, and numerous other types of equipment could be found here. Although the equipment here couldn’t compare with what a proper gym had, the basic equipment was all available.

This was considered a benefit for the members of the police force. Otherwise, if they spent all their time patrolling and snacking without working out, they would turn into fatties very quickly.

In the corner of the gym was a boxing ring, a place for the officers to beat each other up when they were bored out of their minds.

Selina nonchalantly took off her uniform and her trousers to reveal sports undergarments.

Luke scratched his head. “Selina, aren’t you going to get changed?”

Selina flexed her healthy body and said, “Do I not look good?”

Luke gazed at Selina, and when he saw her healthy tanned skin and nicely chiseled athletic body, he gasped in amazement.

It was clear that her body fat percentage was below 20%. How she maintained that with the amount of Dr. Pepper she drank every day was a mystery.

But since even Selina didn’t mind, Luke didn’t bother going to the changing room as well. He took his clothes from the bag and changed right there.

He was now wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and baggy sports shorts.

Compared with the body-hugging outfit Selina was wearing, Luke’s outfit was simply too conservative.

Selina raised her eyebrows and said, “Are you a little girl? Why are you covering up your entire body?”

Luke merely smiled and didn’t answer.

He had no plans of baring his upper body. If he did, he would no longer be able to hide his explosive chest and abdominal muscles.

“How do you want to train?” He changed the topic.

Selina pointed at the ring. “Let’s spar first. Show me how great your Brazilian jiu-jitsu is.”

Luke said in astonishment, “Are you sure?”

Selina jumped a few times, her footwork extremely nimble as she moved in a lithe fashion, akin to a restrained leopard. “Yes. Let’s do it.”

Luke gave it some thought and decided not to defeat her too badly when they sparred.

When the two stood facing each other in the ring, Selina shouted, “Here I come!” She then rushed Luke.

It was obvious she had learned boxing before. Her posture was very similar to how a typical boxer moved. Her eyes were filled with concentration.

She quickly stepped forward and sent a jab straight at Luke.

With a smile on his face, Luke didn’t bother to block the incoming jab. His hands were still hanging by his side, and instead, he abruptly leaned forward.

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