Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 2232 - 2232 Side Story: End of a Fantasy Journey

Chapter 2232 - 2232 Side Story: End of a Fantasy Journey

2232 Side Story: End of a Fantasy Journey

In the blink of an eye, winter passed and spring arrived.

Florida was warm and comfortable in the spring afternoon.

On a quiet private beach, Diana was wearing a bright red bikini and reclining on a white beach chair as she enjoyed an iced grape juice.

Her wheat-colored skin, red lips, purple grape juice, and water dripping down her chest made for a truly beautiful picture.


Diana was very pleased with Luke’s admiring gaze.

Women never rejected a man’s praise, even if it was only in their gaze, provided that the man didn’t disgust them.

She coughed lightly and said, “What’s been going on with you and Bruce recently?”

“He seems a little unhappy about losing some playmates. I won’t provoke him in Gotham.” Luke’s finger slid over the cup, creating even bigger water droplets that dripped down to hit the sand.

Forget the Mad Hatter and Poison Ivy — the Joker was Master Wayne’s ‘obsession.’ It was normal for him to be a little unhappy after Luke stole him.

Diana put down her cup. “It’s been more than a month. Including your ‘tour’ of Europe, you haven’t been in Gotham for almost three months. Aren’t you going back?”

Luke wasn’t her or Arthur. He had been in Gotham since the beginning, which could be considered his ‘nest.’

Now that he was wandering around outside, Diana suspected that there were cracks between the two powerful bigshots in the Justice League.

Luke shook his head with a smile. “I’m different from Bruce. Gotham is his hometown and his connection, but that’s just my starting point, not my end.”

Diana stared at him. “Where’s your destination?”

Luke said, “So, I set a small goal first, like… changing America?”

Diana’s beautiful mouth dropped open. She was stunned for a few seconds before she confirmed, “You’re not kidding?”

If Gotham was America’s most stubborn ‘cancer,’ then the other major cities in the country were similar ‘lesions.’

Changing America was as inconceivable as treating someone with terminal cancer; it was even harder than Master Wayne using justice to change Gotham.

Diana had seen too many filthy things in the last century. She really didn’t think that anyone could turn America into… no, the country had always been a super rotten quagmire.

Those who wanted to do their best for the country but couldn’t pull it up would instead sink to the repulsive bottom to be absorbed and to decompose.

Given Luke’s performance, if he said that he wanted to transform a small country with hundreds of thousands of people, Diana wouldn’t feel that he was talking big.

But transforming hundreds of millions of people into a world-class power? That was much more difficult.

Luke took a sip of his mango juice and smacked his lips. “Because I’m Bruce, but I’m not Bruce either.”

Diana glanced at him curiously. “Huh?”

Luke couldn’t help but admire the rare sight of a slightly childish expression on the 100-year-old princess’s face.

It wasn’t until her sidelong glance turned into a roll of her eyes and a snort that he revealed a little secret. “Do you remember our earliest meeting?”

Diana said, “I do.”

Luke said, “So, you must remember my name, right?”

Diana said, “Of course.”

Her answer was short, but her expression and tone implied: Get to the point!

Luke said, “You might have guessed that I’m indeed Bruce Wayne.”

Diana waited for a few seconds, but didn’t hear anything else. She was surprised. “That’s it?”

Luke was stunned. “That’s not enough?”

Diana frowned. “So you’re not Bruce Wayne’s half-brother or distant relative?”

Luke was lost for words. Fine, the princess had a very ‘traditional’ mindset.

This museum curator clearly couldn’t be bothered to understand things like space-time travel and parallel universes.

Thinking about it, activities like farming, fishing, and even wine manufacturing on Paradise Island all used very traditional methods.

The princess had personally stepped on the grapes to make a batch of wine for Luke, which he had specially put away as a souvenir.

As these ridiculous thoughts flashed through his mind, he finally gave the real answer. “I’m Bruce Wayne from another time and space, another Batman.”

It was a Batman in the Marvel universe; it was just that there was no Wayne Enterprises there.

Diana’s beautiful mouth dropped open again.

Contrary to Luke’s expectations, the princess had indeed considered this possibility, but purely as a fanciful thought.

Just like how a man wanted to be rich and have many wives, she hadn’t given the thought serious consideration at all.

Who would have thought that it was real?

That was right. Diana didn’t suspect that Luke was lying, because there was no need.

With his strength and influence, was there any benefit in him pretending to be Master Wayne from another world? No.

She wouldn’t change her attitude toward him just because he was or wasn’t from another world. This was just an unexpected mystery.

After being dazed for a long while, she finally came back to herself.

Looking at Luke, who was leisurely enjoying his juice, she couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Then, where are you from?”

Luke tilted his head and thought for a moment. “It’s a little similar to this place. There are superheroes and all kinds of powerful existences.”

Diana asked, “Then why are you here?”

Luke sighed. “For justice.”

Diana: ???

She didn’t believe such nonsense.

Firstly, given Luke’s personality, he would have a clear goal. He wouldn’t mess around with random things.

Secondly, wasn’t it enough to be a hero in one dimension?

Luke decisively said that it really wasn’t enough!

“There is still a lot of criminal activity on my side. There are also a lot of forces and mysterious existences in space that can easily destroy a city or a planet.” He spread his hands helplessly. “But I think it’ll take more than ten years or decades for me to encounter strong enough enemies on Earth. The slightly weaker Justice League over there will take care of itself. I was a little free, so I came here.”

Frowning and thinking for a moment, Diana shook her head. “You took care of Doomsday and Steppenwolf quickly. We won’t see many here who are stronger than that.”

Luke chuckled and wagged a finger. “No, no, no. I don’t have many supervillains with outstanding strength on my side anymore. They don’t appear as fast as they are wiped out, so I’m really bored.”

Diana thought for a moment. “What do you mean, ‘wiped out’?”

Luke nodded calmly. “Just like what you’re thinking: physical elimination. Dead enemies don’t have the chance to jump out and cause trouble twice. Hm, at least, that’s what most supervillains are like.”

Was a Batman who killed people still Master Wayne? Diana was skeptical. “… Are you sure you’re really Bruce Wayne?”

“Names are just code names, and I’m a man in a mask.” Luke shrugged. “Bruce also warned me that he would be keeping an eye on me. I’m willing to let him supervise me.”

Diana was silent, but her eyes flickered.

Luke suddenly reached out and took her hand. “But I don’t like an old man watching me. So, Your Highness, are you willing to sacrifice some of your time for this world to ‘supervise’ me?”

Diana stared at him in surprise, but didn’t pull her hand back.

A gentle sea breeze blew over the sea in spring, indicating that a brand new era had arrived.

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