Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: The Death-Seeking Carlos Family, and Operation “Bait”

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At this point, Chris paused slightly before resuming in a heavy tone, “Moreover, two of our agents have even gone missing.”

When Robert and the other two heard this, they all gasped in shock. “Are they crazy?”

After what the Carlos Family had done, they now had the attention of both the police and the FBI. And since they were involved in drug trafficking as well, they had also attracted the DEA’s attention.

After all that, they still had the guts to kill police officers and FBI agents. They were simply asking for it.

Any organized crime group in America who committed any one of these deeds would suffer.

The former meant that the local police force would hold a grudge against them. No police force would tolerate criminals who had murdered a police officer to operate in their jurisdiction.

And the latter would result in an unrelenting hunt by the FBI, one of the most powerful law enforcement agencies in the country.

This was also the moment Robert and the other two understood why the Limedog Gang had come looking for trouble after Luke and Selina had arrested two insignificant underlings and seized a mere one kilo of drugs from them.

This was simply a bunch of madmen that would be eradicated sooner or later.

They just happened to stumble upon Robert and Luke before their eventual demise.

Robert said, “Alright, now I know how bad you guys want this. Since my man killed Francisco Carlos, they won’t let this rest. Tell us your plan.”

Chris said, “I can’t tell you the entire plan, but our group will be monitoring all roads in and out of town. We’ll know when they’re coming. At that time, you guys only need to appear in a suitable location and work with us to arrest all of them.”

Robert frowned and sank into deep thought. He agreed that this was indeed a simple yet practical plan.

This was a simple entrapment, the oldest trick of humanity that even now was still useful.

If the Carlos Family wanted revenge, they would definitely come to this town.

The FBI had far more advanced surveillance systems than the town police. They also had a lot more manpower working on the operation. And since they would know before the criminals arrived, they would be able to deal with them accordingly.

With the FBI’s help, a situation like the criminals suddenly appearing in front of Robert’s house to kidnap Claire wouldn’t happen again.

Basically, the FBI wanted to use the abundant resources available to them and take down the madmen from the Carlos Family. That shouldn’t be too difficult.

Robert replied, “How many people do you have? What do we need to do to help?”

In the face of the insane Carlos Family, Robert didn’t intend to clash with the FBI just for credit. Thus, he cooperated nicely and directly made it clear that the FBI would take the lead and they would be assisting.

Robert cared more for his family’s safety than some credit. After all, if he cared about achievements, he wouldn’t have stayed in a small town like this for so long.

Chris sank into a short silence before he said, “The total number of agents we have working on this operation is confidential, but trust me when I say that we have sufficient numbers to deal with no more than 20 armed individuals. Your people only need to be ready for whenever we contact you. We’ll then get them all at once.”

Robert understood clearly.

There were at least ten people in this group, all highly trained and fully equipped. Otherwise, Chris wouldn’t dare make such a claim.

And coupled with the assistance of ten police officers, there wouldn’t be any problems with this operation, unless the Carlos Family decided to send a large group of over 30 people.

“Ok. We’ll follow your lead. But I need to be present for the planning phase of any operation which involves the two of them.” Robert pointed at Luke and Selina.

Luke was family, while Selina had worked under Robert for a long time. Thus, it was impossible for him not to worry when the two had to take part in this dangerous operation as bait.

Chris agreed without hesitation. “Of course.”

Since Robert had so easily allowed them to take the lead, it would be too discourteous of him to disagree over something so small.

The local police force might be obligated to help the FBI when required, but most experienced FBI field agents were glad to receive their help, and didn’t mind sharing the credit either.

Otherwise, if the local police decided to make life difficult for them, it would only make their job harder.

After all, those who knew their territories well would always be troublesome opponents when one was on their turf.

Chris was a capable and experienced agent, and in fact, was quite similar to Robert.

Both of them had similar backgrounds as ex-soldiers who returned to the country after a few years overseas.

The only difference was that Robert had decided to go back to his hometown and start a family.

As for Chris, he joined the FBI due to his ambitions.

But their choices did nothing to change the military way in which they did things.

Chris only needed to use a few simple sentences to finish telling Luke and Selina what they needed to do.

Their mission was in fact very simple: Just continue with their daily lives as usual.

Go on patrols when they had to go on patrol, go home when it was time to go home.

The only difference was that they had to choose a location that couldn’t be easily ambushed for their training sessions, and they couldn’t take random strolls after work anymore.

As for their patrols, they would no longer be patrolling randomly like they used to. Instead, they had to follow a few fixed routes so as to avoid falling into an ambush when help was far away.

At the same time, the two were encouraged to wear bulletproof vests when they were on duty, and had to keep their guns loaded.

As long as they followed these rules, they could do whatever they wanted. Chris would only be giving them reminders when necessary.

After Robert sent the two agents off, he returned and got the officer on duty to prepare a document. He then signed the document before tossing it to Luke. “Take this to the armory. This is approval for the two of you to use heavy firearms on this assignment.”

Selina’s eyes lit up. “Can we bring an RPG along?”

Robert stared at her expressionlessly. “Do you think this is the Middle East? Or Afghanistan? At most, you can only carry an automatic rifle and one additional pistol each. Don’t even dream of touching anything else. You’re only dealing with some gangsters, not terrorists.”

Luke nodded with a smile before dragging Selina away.

When the two left, Robert sighed before mumbling to himself, “Damn it. Don’t you think I want to give you something good? I would give you some tanks if I could. But do we even have something like that here?”

The next three days passed uneventfully.

Luke and Selina no longer left their car as frequently anymore while out on patrol. They would only get out of the car when necessary.

It was summer in Texas, but they still had to wear bulletproof vests. That caused them no small amount of discomfort.

They only felt better hiding in their car with the air-con on at full blast.

There were two new heavy firearms in the car.

Selina had selected a M4A1 while Luke had selected a Remington pump-action shotgun. He wasn’t too confident in his aim, and thus decided to select something where aim wasn’t too important.

Today, they received a message from the FBI.

The Carlos Family was indeed insane, as they had started gathering their men.

From the FBI intelligence, they found that not more than ten people had gathered in Mexico, and all of them were experienced and vicious criminals.

Apart from that, the Limedog Gang had also been busy. It seemed that they would be sending men on this operation as well.

After several discussions between Chris and Robert, they came to a decision together.

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