Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Officially Start Work, and First Experience and Credit Earned

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Catherine stood up with a smile, and Luke also stood up and picked up the tableware he had used; Catherine would clean them up later.

Robert also stood up and said, “Alright, if there’s nothing else, I’m going back to the department. Luke, rest at home for now.”

Luke called out to him. “Wait, I’ll go with you.”

Robert was curious. “What’s going on?”

Luke shrugged and said, “I’ve nothing better to do anyway. I might as well go with you and complete the recruitment process. At most, I won’t start immediately, but in a few days. Will that be acceptable?”

Robert nodded. “Sure. In any case, you’ll only get paid from the day you start working. But are you sure you want to go now? Do you not want to think more on it?”

Luke replied, “I already spent a few days thinking about it. I’ve made up my mind. Let’s go.”

Beside them, Catherine couldn’t help but interject, “Start? What are you starting?”

Luke said with a smile, “I realized that what Robert told me a few days ago is right. Therefore, I’ve decided to stay back and become a police officer here. Are you happy to hear that, Catherine?”

Catherine was completely dumbstruck. She blanked out for a few seconds before she could speak. “Bu- but a few days ago, you were still arguing so much with Robert, even claiming that the job is so poor you’d be eating dirt!”

Luke shrugged and replied, “We’re all countryside locals. Which one of us doesn’t smell like dirt? And eating dirt is still better than having nothing to eat.”

Catherine: “…”

Robert: “…”

Catherine couldn’t resist asking further, “But you were just released from the hospital. Why don’t… why don’t you rest for a day or two first?”

Luke replied with a smile, “Don’t worry, Catherine. Yesterday, no, to be precise, the day before yesterday, I was too excited and forgot my lunch in my excitement. I only fainted because I was too hungry. My body is perfectly fine. In any case, I’ll still be resting for a few days after I register for work. Are you worried that Robert will force me to start earlier?”

Catherine glared at him and said, “You can even forget your meals? How can I not worry about you? Um, wait a bit. I’ll prepare a lunch box. Bring it along so you won’t forget.”

Luke nodded with a smile. “Sure. With that, I’ll definitely remember.”

Robert asked, “How about me?”

Catherine replied, “You’re bringing lunch today as well? Sure, what do you want? Burger? Or a sandwich?”

Robert grumbled, “Am I going to eat whatever this kid is eating too?”

Luke smiled without saying anything, and ignored a certain jealous middle-aged man.

Catherine quickly prepared three sandwiches, but they weren’t ham sandwiches this time. Rather, they were beef sandwiches. These would serve as lunch for the two men.

Thirty minutes later, the two arrived in town. Robert parked the car in front of the police department before getting out of the car.

Everything was bigger in Texas, including the parking lots.

Or to be precise, in small towns like this, there were no specific parking lots. The police department was nothing more than a small two-story building with an empty space behind it that was big enough to fit around 200 to 300 vehicles.

But this town only had a population of 2,000. And including Robert, there were less than 12 people who worked at this police department.

And recently, one of them – a pitiful soul who had been single for a long time – had even gone crazy and resigned. He was going to Dallas in hopes of finding his true love.

The only thing Luke had to say was: “Bro, wake up. Stop dreaming.”

Most of the time, how a guy looked was a big factor in whether or not he got a girlfriend.

In the United States, money would sometimes play a role as well. But as someone with neither looks nor money, even if that person went to Dallas, it would still be hard for him to get a girlfriend.

That was also why a vacancy had suddenly opened up at the police department.

Luke might look down on this vacancy, but once advertised, it would take less than a day for it to be filled.

Here in this widespread but sparsely populated town, there wasn’t much police work. Plus, the dangers of being a police officer here were far lower than being a police officer in the border towns in the southwest.

This was a stable and relaxing job, and one that was extremely popular among the locals.

Robert was in fact using what was allowed within his scope of authority to open a path for Luke.

So long as the day-to-day operations weren’t affected, there wouldn’t be any problems with him doing that.

The United States was also a nation where networking was important, and in certain aspects, it played an even greater role than in China.

As someone who had been the chief of this town for more than 10 years, Robert was qualified to give Luke this privilege.

It was almost lunchtime, and when Robert arrived, the officers on shift were released. After greeting each other with warm smiles, the officers left for lunch at a nearby fast food restaurant. There, they would also enjoy their two-hour break.

As for Robert, he called over an officer who had stayed behind and said, “Bob, help Luke with the signup process.”

Bob was a Caucasian man who was about 30 years old, and like many other Texan locals, he was rather tanned.

He wasn’t a cowboy working on a ranch, but as a police officer, he still needed to go out on patrol. And of course, a big, coarse man like him wouldn’t bother with sunscreen protection. Thus, his neck was especially tanned.

Hearing Robert’s words, Bob whistled and said, “I see, Mr. Skywalker is actually going to join the force? Is today April Fools’ Day?”

Robert couldn’t be bothered to answer and merely waved his hand before going into his office.

Bob wasn’t offended at being ignored. With a smile, he brought Luke along to finish the process.

With Robert here, Luke’s personal information was already available. Clearly, Robert had prepared them in advance.

The only thing Luke needed to do was sign around 10 documents, and the signup process was complete.

At the exact moment he signed the final document, the system reacted.

Mission accomplished.

Experience points received: 10

Credit: 10

Luke was overjoyed. “As expected.”

Naturally, he had been in a rush to sign up today because of the mission.

With that retarded system, he couldn’t afford to sit around and wait for something good to fall into his lap. He had to take the initiative and test the system regularly to figure out the benefits he could gain from the system as soon as possible.

For example, through this mission, he only wanted to see if he needed to officially start work or if he only needed an official identity as a police officer to complete the mission.

His guess had been correct after all.

The moment he signed the final document, he was a lawful police officer of this town.

Even if he had yet to start work, he was now officially a police officer.

As for his actual start date, that would only affect his salary, but wouldn’t affect the completion of his mission.

But… the system vanished again after that.

Once again, the retarded system displayed how useless it was. After sending that announcement, it pretended like it was dead again. It didn’t seem to have any intention of issuing the next mission.

Luke didn’t mind, however. Rather, he took his leave of Bob before exiting the building.

He was currently too excited and needed to calm down.

He needed some time alone to calm down.

Outside the building, the afternoon temperature was blistering hot, but Luke didn’t seem to notice. He kept pacing back and forth in a shaded area in front of the building.

As he paced, he was busy disturbing that stupid system.

He wanted to see if he could activate the next mission.

Now that he had obtained experience and credit points, he needed to find out when he would be able to level up.

His level was still zero, and it was clear that the level could increase. He was just clueless as to how many experience points would be required for the increase.

Just as Luke was busy disturbing the system, the sound of footsteps rang out.

Luke ignored the sound as he was still busy doing whatever he could to disturb the system. Thus, he completely ignored whoever it was that was close by.

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