Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 848 - New Colleagues and Reintroduction

Chapter 848: New Colleagues and Reintroduction

Thinking for a moment, Luke said, “Maybe in a few days. We still have some things to sort out with our new place. I’ll let you know when we’re done. The boss and Dustin will come over too. How does that sound?”

He looked at Elsa.

Elsa nodded.

This really was necessary.

Director Brad of Westside LAPD had become NYPD’s first Deputy Commissioner. This big boss was even further above them now

But these people all formed Dustin’s backbone. In a new environment, there were some things that could only be shared in private, and the occasional private gathering could improve their relationship.

Elsa certainly had no objections.

After confirming that, Luke and Selina returned to the police department’s office hall.

It was still empty.

It was similar to when Luke was in the Major Crimes Division in Los Angeles.

Most of the time, the detectives would come to the police station to handle several tasks before going out.

Apart from the clerks and logistics support, nobody else spent much time in the office.

Luke and Selina returned to their desks and started cleaning.

But Dustin had already reserved these desks for them beforehand, so it didn’t take long to clean them. After a few minutes, they stopped and started to search the computers for information on the explosions.

Since they were new here, they had a lot to learn. Before they knew it, it was already noon.

Luke’s notification beeped, and he and Selina went out for lunch.

If nothing happened, they wouldn’t be coming back to the police station in the afternoon.

Luke had already scanned the recent files that might be of use for a look later.

He wasn’t in a hurry to meet his colleagues, either. There was no need for him to hang around in the office.

Otherwise, some people would think that he and Selina were pretending to be hardworking in front of Dustin.

They got up, put on their coats, and were walking out of the hall, when the doors burst open and five or six people rushed in.

Almost everyone was shouting, as if they were competing to see who was louder. The quiet hall immediately became noisy.

When Luke saw a certain person’s memorable hairline, he paused to take a look.

“John, what the hell were you doing? Why were you in the sewers?”

“Walter, the suspect wanted to go in, so of course I followed.”

“He had a bomb; you should have been more careful.”

“I didn’t f*cking know he was carrying that thing.”

“John, you smell like sh*t right now. You should wash up first.”

“Ricky, you weren’t in the sewers, but you still stink like half a sh*t.”

Amidst the noisy crowd, a middle-aged man sat in his chair and relaxed, as if he didn’t care at all.

Suddenly, he saw two strangers, a man and a woman, with outstanding appearances.

Were they here to make a report? He looked at Luke in confusion. Why did this young man look familiar?

Suddenly, he stood up and shouted, “Luke? Luke Coulson?”

His colleagues, who were still complaining, all turned around.

Luke sighed, turned off Sharp Nose, and walked over with a smile. “Detective McClane, long time no see. Did you run into another tricky suspect?”

Stunned for a moment, John McClane then strode over and stretched out his hand. “It’s been a long time. I’ve always wanted to thank you, but I didn’t have the time.”

Grumbling inwardly, Luke could only shake John’s hand.

In the end, John didn’t loosen his grip as he shook Luke’s hand repeatedly with a very sincere expression. “Thank you, Luke. Thank you!”

“Detective McClane…” said Luke.

“Just call me John,” John interrupted.

Luke said, “John, you actually helped me settle things back then.”

John said casually, “Don’t be so polite. You’re not from LAPD’s central precinct. Right, are you here on a business trip? Do you need my help? No need to be polite, I’m familiar with this place.”

Smiling, Luke finally shook back. “Let me reintroduce myself. Luke Coulson, NYPD HQ detective, your new colleague.”

John: “What?”

Luke gestured at Selina and said, “This is my partner, Detective Selina Hayek. She transferred here with me.”

John subconsciously let go and stretched out his hand to Selina.

Selina cursed a certain shameless person in her heart for playing such a trick.

But she could only smile and shake John’s hand. “Hello, Detective McClane.”

“Call me John.” But this time, John was very normal. He only shook her hand politely before he let go.

After exchanging greetings with Selina, John turned his attention back to Luke. “Why did you transfer… Wait, are you the ‘gold young master’ they mentioned?”

The people behind him had complicated expressions.

Clearly, “they” referred to them.

Luke’s expression didn’t change as he said with a smile, “My elder is indeed an old cop, but he’s a sheriff in the countryside. If you know any young masters with connections, remember to bring me with you for a look.”

John didn’t care that he had exposed his colleagues talking behind Luke’s back. He was only amazed. “It’s really you? I always thought they were kidding. How can a nineteen-year-old kid come running over to our place? Even ten lives wouldn’t be enough.”

His colleagues’ face darkened. Fine, we’re still alive and haven’t died ten times over. Thanks ever so much.

John continued smiling. “So, that person is you. It seems I’ll have a colleague I can rely on in the future.”

Behind him, the faces of his “unreliable” colleagues couldn’t be any darker.

Luke didn’t care how black the faces of his new colleagues were.

They talked sh*t about him behind his back, but he wasn’t angry. Now that John was talking sh*t about them in front of everybody, that was only fair!

He simply smiled. “Of course. You can call me if you need me.”

Given Detective McClane’s capability, the cases he was in charge of wouldn’t be easy, and would probably be worth a lot of experience and credit.

Naturally, Luke didn’t mind establishing a personal relationship with the detective.

After the unexpected meeting, Luke and Selina shook hands with their other colleagues and left after going through the motions.

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