Super Devouring System

Chapter 14 - Why Don't You Go Die?

Chapter 14: Why Don't You Go Die?

"Damn, this brat is so vigilant. The bag on his back is obviously for show. It must have been used to fool people." The skinny man said carefully.

"That's right. However, that treasure sword of his is likely expensive. It should be an Inferior Grade weapon." The knife-scarred man's gaze was vicious, seeing through everything with one glance.

"Then we…" Glimmers danced in the skinny man's eyes.

A low-rank mortal weapon was worth 100,000 taels of silver. Killing a person would cost 10,000 silver taels. Even if the youth had no Heaven & Earth Ring, killing him would still be worth it.

"Sneak close to him. If he discovers us, we will kill him quickly. We won't give him any chance!" The knife-scarred man tightened his grip on the blade in his hand.

"Alright!" The skinny man nodded, then softened his footsteps.

They estimated that Ye Xuan was only around fifteen years old. Even if the latter were a disciple of a clan, they were typically at the third level of the Martial Way, while others were at the fourth level of the Martial Way.

As for the two of them, one was at the middle fourth stage of the Martial eWayand the other was at the fourth peak stage, so killing Ye Xuan was an easy task.

Ye Xuan who was about to turn around and leave also jogged a bit, but soon felt that something was wrong and immediately turned back.

He only saw that the skinny man and the knife-scarred man had instantly increased their speed and was charging towards him.

"Good heavens, you really want to kill me for my treasure. Fxck you, don't think that I'm easy to bully! Since you want to die, then I don't mind cutting you open!"

Ye Xuan's anger rose. Although he had never personally killed before, the unlucky ghost had killed quite a few bandits before. Furthermore, this was a world where the strong preyed on the weak. If you did not kill someone, you would be killed.

With that, Ye Xuan pulled out his treasure sword and prepared to fight.

He could tell that both of them were around the fourth stage of the Martial Way. He should be able to handle them.

In the tenth stage of the Martial Way, every time there was a big breakthrough, the progress was tremendous. However, each stage had three small realms. This gap was not very obvious, so there would often be geniuses that would jump ranks to challenge and defeat the strong.

Right now, although Ye Xuan was at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, his strength was much higher than the two of them. Before the two of them even got close, he had already directly launched an attack.

A few ordinary sword qi slashes flew towards the two bandits. These sword qi slashes were not very strong, so they were scattered by the two men's weapons.

However, the faces of the two men instantly turned pale.

They had underestimated Ye Xuan!

"He'll do it again and again. Kill him with everything we have!" The knife-scarred man snorted.

He could feel that Ye Xuan's strength was not ordinary. Just from those few slashes, the two of them probably did not have the ability to unleash that kind of attack.

"This unlucky youth can be considered a genius and has some understanding of fighting. Even though my cultivation realm is higher than the other party, I do not have the advantage in numbers. Thus, it is the best method to make the other party lose in an instant!"

Ye Xuan looked at the two of them getting closer and muttered in his heart. Soon after, his gaze landed on the skinny man, because he was one of the two who was relatively weaker.

"Try this move!"

When the skinny man was only 10 meters away from Ye Xuan, the latter also instantly rushed out. With a wave of his right hand, a wave of powerful spirit energy immediately tore through the air, chopping towards the petite man.

Gale Chop!

"What? Be careful!" The knife-scarred man bellowed with his eyes wide open. He could see that this was no small matter.


With a flash of cold light, the Gale Chop swept past the skinny man's body. The skinny man's legs reflexively paused for a moment, and then he felt a chill down his spine.


The petite man's body was cut into two halves by the Gale Chop. Then he fell to the ground. Although he did not die instantly, he was not far away from death.


The eyes of the knife-scarred man turned red. He immediately turned his head and attacked Ye Xuan. The blade in his hand swung out a few times, slashing out one after another, ready to tear Ye Xuan into shreds.

However, this was simply striking a rock with an egg!

"Puny skill! Gale Chop!" Ye Xuan's legs paused, and instantly released two gale slashes, completely shattering the knife-scarred man's attack.

One had to know, he was at the fifth middle stage of the Martial Way, and he had even used a level five martial art skill. Even if the knife-scarred man had instantly unleashed ten slashes, he probably would not be able to block a single Gale Chop.

"This is bad!"

He hastily twisted his body, preparing to dodge between the gaps of the two Gale Chops, but the angle of these two Gale Chops was extremely tricky, causing his right shoulder to be grazed. Fortunately, it was only a small wound, which did not affect the battle that was to follow.

However, when the knife-scarred man saw the figure that suddenly flashed in front of him, his face lost all color. He was only concerned with avoiding the Gale Chop and had forgotten about Ye Xuan, who could still move.

At this time, Ye Xuan had already rushed in front of him, suddenly unleashed his sword.

"Triple Slash Gale!"

Pfft! Pfft! Pfft!

Three muffled sounds rang out, the knife-scarred man's green robe had already dyed red with blood and was instantly pierced three times by Ye Xuan. However, he had experienced a lot of life and death battles and had successfully dodged all the fatal attacks.

"Brat, I'll kill you!" The knife-scarred man bellowed. He waved his blade as though he wanted to cut Ye Xuan's head off.

"Humph!" Facing this blade, Ye Xuan coldly snorted, his right foot suddenly took a big step back, and at the same time, his entire body sank down.

Hu hu!

Ye Xuan could hear the wind whistling above his head, the knife-scarred man's large blade swept past his head, at that moment, his spirit energy had once again gathered on his right hand.

Triple Slash Gale!

Pfft! Pfft! Pfft!

The Knife Scar man was injured again, but this time, the wound was on his thigh. To maximize the damage, Ye Xuan stabbed the man three times on the same spot. Although the wound wasn't deep, it still injured his thigh.

"This is bad!" The knife-scarred man's face had sunk to the bottom of the valley. The thigh artery was an important place. If it was not handled well, there would be danger to his life. Furthermore, he was still in a battle. If he did not finish Ye Xuan off quickly, he would lose too much blood and die.

"Die!" The knife-scarred man did not care anymore as he raised his blade and slashed at Ye Xuan's head.

However, his movements was not fast, and Ye Xuan easily dodged it.

"Again! Die!" Ye Xuan's right hand flashed. This time, he was aiming at the man's throat.

Pfft! Pfft! Pfft!

All three swords hit.

After three strikes, the knife-scarred man also immediately threw away his blade, as he retreated while holding onto his throat that was continuously gushing blood.

He probably wouldn't have thought that he would die at the hands of a youth, his own younger brother as well.

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