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Chapter 534 - Casa

Chapter 534: Casa

Xia Fei knew that Yu Hua was much stronger than anyone could imagine. Even without Xia Fei coming along, Yu Hua really might be able to deal with Dark Ghost’s group by himself.

However, he suddenly realized a problem. This group consisting of him and Yu Hua was very weird.

Xia Fei was a newly promoted Law Warrior, and just like back in the Alliance, he did not rely on the instructors for guidance, exploring, cultivating, and studying on his own. Though he resided in the Yu family, he wandered around beyond its walls.

Yu Hua, while a member of the Yu family, was not that close with the rest of his clan. The Yu family also did not give Yu Hua any sort of position, and he was purely an independent merchant.

They were both people who disliked depending on others and liked doing things on their own.

They passed through the Spatial Gate into a giant city, chaotic and bustling. One sun had yet to set in the west, while another sun was rising in the east. This city and this planet both seemed very strange.

“This is Casa, one of the most prosperous commercial planets in the circle. As it has three suns orbiting in a cycle, there is no night here. Sunlight bathes this place throughout the day, so it is also called the Nightless Market.” Yu Hua walked up to Xia Fei’s side and spoke.

Xia Fei frowned. “Weren’t we going to Dark Ghost’s base? What are we doing at a market?”

Yu Hua smiled. “Dark Ghost is very cunning. No one knows where his base is, but after my investigation, I learned that the brothers Yu Guhe and Yu Qinghe, as well as those assassins who tried capturing you, all used this place as their first stop.”

“Whether it is through the Spatial Compass or the Spatial Gate, they can be tracked by the Enforcement Board. Presumably, there’s a transfer station at Casa Market which they use to get to Dark Ghost’s base. Our first step is to investigate this place and find Dark Ghost’s underlings in the market.”

The market extended all the way to the horizon, and the crowds were ceaseless. In Spatial Gates alone, there were several in the area, and every few minutes, someone would arrive or leave. Trying to track down Dark Ghost would not be an easy task.

“Chaotic and bustling markets are the perfect places for doing a little dirty business. Casa is also an infamous black market in the circle. This is a great time for you to experience a bit and understand the dark side of the Law Realm,” Yu Hua lightly added.

Xia Fei had no objection. He was a very curious person, and while black markets symbolized filth, they also represented opportunity. Many excellent items, which could not see the light of day, were available for trade here. As long as one had good enough eyes, they might be able to exchange for one or two useful items.

Yu Hua and Xia Fei left the platform that the Spatial Gate was located on and joined the throngs of people. This place was as chaotic as a food market. There were hawkers, brawlers, drinkers, socialites, warriors with profound gazes, and petty peddlers. All sorts of people were squeezed together into a strange group.

“Let’s first find an inn to stay at, and then we can take our time with the search.” Yu Hua suggested.

After passing through several bustling small alleys, they arrived at an unremarkable hotel. At the entrance, two drunkards were supporting each other as they vomited. Xia Fei could not help but pinch his nose. This environment was truly rather awful.

They opened the door and entered the gloomy hotel. There was a plump woman behind the small counter, wearing a short blouse which exposed her legs covered in black hair. Her body was greasy all over, and she was gnawing on some sort black substance.

Seeing Yu Hua and Xia Fei walk in, the fat woman wiped her mouth with her hand and then reached into a drawer for a key that she placed on the counter.

Yu Hua nodded at her, grabbed the oily key, and went up the stairs with Xia Fei.

“The best thing about places like this is that no one cares what you do. If you go to the higher-class hotels, you’ll inevitably end up drawing someone’s attention,” Yu Hua explained to Xia Fei.

The room at the end of the second floor corridor was opened, and the pungent scent of mold assailed them. In truth, this room was already the best the hotel had. As it was at the end of the corridor, the three windows opened in three different directions, offering a wide field of view.

Alas, the sounds coming from outside were all vulgar, and the stenches from the street would waft inside. It was better to just close the windows.

The room was both simple and messy. Two beds, two chairs, two wardrobes—one of them missing one of its doors—and the bedding was sporting so many colors that it seemed like a flag of all nations.

Yu Hua took out two bottles of mineral water from his spatial ring and a delicate white porcelain bottle. From this bottle, he took out two crimson pills.

“This is ‘Nothim’. Once you eat it, you can change your appearance. The medicinal effect will persist for a week. Dark Ghost’s men might recognize either you or me, so it’d be best if we change our appearances,” Yu Hua said.

As Xia Fei took the pill and examined it; Yu Hua placed the pill on his tongue and swallowed it down with some water.

Several minutes later, Yu Hua’s very white and clean face became dark and tanned; a thick beard sprouted beneath his chin, and his facial features shifted around. He appeared almost like the legendary Zhang Fei.

Looking at himself in a mirror, Yu Hua seemed very satisfied. “Not bad. The medicine is working perfectly.”

Phantom carefully examined the pill and concluded. “There’s nothing wrong with this medicine, but it contains too much Craneflame Grass. If you eat it, you’ll end up looking older.”

Xia Fei nodded. As long as it was not poisonous, he did not care who he became. After all, it was changing his face. The worse his looks, the better.

A few moments later, Xia Fei became a savage middle-aged man, a frightening scar across the right side of his face. With this fiendish face, if he tried to kidnap someone, he could frighten them half to death without doing a thing.

Phantom hid to the side to have a laugh. Xia Fei had always been a rather relaxed and smiling person, which caused many of his enemies to mistake him for someone who was easy to bully around and make trouble.

Of course, those people who had tried to make trouble for Xia Fei had all died very miserable deaths, for while Xia Fei was relaxed only on the surface, his bones were brimming with violence and a determination to kill.

Now, Xia Fei could not play the role of the smiling man hiding a dagger behind his back. This savage face and the sharp eyes utterly exposed him, wickedness written all over his face.

Xia Fei frowned, very dissatisfied with this appearance. It made people far too wary, and he had no means of catching someone by surprise and stabbing them in the back.

“Mm, not bad. Even a close friend of yours probably won’t recognize you,” Yu Hua nodded and said.

“I need to go and see someone, so I’ll be back late. You can stay in the hotel or go out to find your own amusement. If you encounter any problems, use this to notify me.”

Saying this, Yu Hua threw a miniature terminal at Xia Fei. “This is an encrypted model, so you don’t have to worry about anyone listening in.”

Xia Fei nodded; after which, Yu Hua turned and left.

This room was truly too unbearable. Furball, who would usually throw itself on a bed as soon as it saw one, decided to stay on Xia Fei’s shoulder. It could not help but sigh, for it seemed like it would even have to put off its afternoon nap today.

Xia Fei took Pod out from his spatial ring, and the diligent little robot immediately began cleaning the room without the slightest complaint.

Fortunately, the bathroom had an automatic washing unit. Pod quickly cleaned the bedding so it seemed brand new; after which, he began working on wiping the windows and the ceiling.

Furball and Xia Fei took a bed. Furball began snoring away, while Xia Fei threw himself into cultivating the Law of Space.

Level 5 was on the precipice of completion, and some additional strength would be more protection. Xia Fei suppressed his desire to go to the market and patiently began exploring the Law of Space.

A grade 3 Origin Crystal was completely consumed, so Xia Fei took out a second. As his rank increased, the rate at which he consumed energy would accelerate. Each day, he required a large amount of energy to sustain his cultivation progress. Originally, Xia Fei needed over ten grade 2 Origin Crystals every day; nowadays, he needed three hundred! The energy consumption rate had increased by twenty times!

“I’m getting closer and closer. The Law of Space totem is at 90% completion,” Xia Fei said, stopping his cultivation.

Phantom sternly nodded. “Excessive cultivation is not desirable. Rest a little and then you can break through with one last push!”

The room had already been cleaned up. Pod had done a lot in this time, while Furball had done nothing but sleep.

Xia Fei put away Pod, grabbed Furball, and left the hotel.

As this was his first time in Casa, Xia Fei did not understand where the interesting places were, so he just randomly wandered around.

He got strange looks from all sides, but very few people dared to look at him directly. This was because his appearance was far too savage. His face was that of a killing god!

Xia Fei did not care about the looks of others and paid them no mind.

After strolling on several streets, Xia Fei arrived at a somewhat wider avenue.

The stores on both sides sold weapons, and Xia Fei avidly looked through them.

There were ordinary weapons here which were infused with Law energy. The prices varied, but all weapons infused with Law energy commanded high prices which would leave one speechless.

“This is a wristguard which has a built-in spatial barrier. It possesses the defensive power of a Law Sovereign. If you’re attacked, the barrier will automatically activate, becoming a steel wall that protects you from harm!”

In a rather large store, a salesman pointed at a silver wristguard at the center of the lobby. It was covered with fancy patterns and gleamed.

“A Law Sovereign defense?” Xia Fei muttered. “How much does this thing go for?”

“Not expensive at all. A thousand grade 3 Origin Crystals! If you want it, I can even give you a ten percent discount,” the short-bearded salesman replied.

Xia Fei shook his head. There was no way he could shoulder this price. While a defense tool was good, alas, his money was finite. At most, he had seven hundred grade 3 Origin Crystals. These Law weapons, which could easily go for tens of thousands of grade 3 Origin Crystals, were beyond his means.

Walking out of the store, Xia Fei looked up and saw two suns overhead. Casa was a planet of eternal day, and the temperature was very high. Yu Hua had been gone for ten-some hours, but there was still no news from him. Xia Fei could not help but start getting worried.

Suddenly, a black dot flying out of the sky drew Xia Fei’s attention. It seemed like something was falling out of space.

The sunlight was so bright that Xia Fei could hardly make it out.


The long-range vision system his armor was equipped with activated, and Xia Fei squinted and focused.

“It’s a meteor!” Xia Fei sternly said as he more clearly made out the flying object.

Numerous uncontrolled meteors flew through the universe, blindly hurtling through the river of stars. Be they spaceships or planets, they were all frequently assailed by meteors.

It was moving incredibly fast!

The meteor penetrated through Casa’s atmosphere and ignited into flames!


It flew over the market and landed in the distance.

The billboards on both sides of the street instantly stopped working, and all electronic equipment fell silent as if they had all broken at the same time!

“It’s an ultra-electromagnetic wave! This meteor was carrying darkness metal!” Xia Fei furrowed his brows and sternly said.

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