Super Gene

Chapter 2120 - 2120 Fearless Dragon

2120 Fearless Dragon


The number displayed upon the coin was one. When Dragon Eight stepped forward, that figure became two. Already, the pressure upon him was twice as heavy. That was precisely why Dragon Eight had fallen to his knees with such a force that the earth caved in.

“What kind of geno art is this? It can suppress even the Dragon. I’ve never heard of something like this before.”

“He must have a body that is as mighty as the Dragon! And with a creepy geno art like that? Whoa. Humans are scary things. I wonder where these humans come from?”

“If we are able to claim this race and fold them into our own, they could prove very useful.”

The elites, seeing the name Dollar and the race name of Human, looked strange. Ideas began to hatch inside their heads.

Dragon Eight stood up from the ground, swinging a wild punch aimed at Han Sen. His body was still suppressed by the coin, though, so the punch moved slowly. It was also rather weak, for he needed most of his power to hold back the force of the coin upon him.

Han Sen remained motionless in the air, not even bothering to dodge. He simply punched Dragon Eight’s gold dragonlight and shattered it.


The figure on the coin jumped from two to three. The pressure increased even more.

Dragon Eight suffered an enhanced amount of force. He had suspected an increase such as this could come about, so he had readied himself to withstand it without falling.

Coin, which Han Sen had modified, still had that special connection with him. Just like Han Sen’s Saving Money skill, the coin would increase pressure the more Han Sen imbued it with power. But the only downside to this was that Han Sen had to use his own power to increase the pressure. If he was interrupted during this process, the force of gravity would come to an end.

Dragon Eight would not be able to interrupt Han Sen easily, though. He had been too confident in his gold Dragon body. If he had used his gold Dragon body to try and break the coin before it landed or perhaps even dodge it, he would not have found himself in such a situation.


The number on the coin changed once more. It had now gone from three to four. Dragon Eight’s body began to tremble beneath the weight, and it was becoming incredibly difficult to move in the slightest.

“That geno art is too scary. It’s still increasing pressure?” Thousand Feather Crane was shocked.

It wasn’t only Thousand Feather Crane feeling this way, though. All who looked upon this fight were surprised, and chills ran down their spines. Seeing someone like Dragon Eight get suppressed like that made their heads itch.

If Dollar attacked Dragon Eight now, it was unlikely that Dragon Eight could repel the attack or fight back. He was going to lose.

Han Sen wanted to see how strong Dragon Eight really was, though. He did not attack. Instead, he just increased the amount of power in the coin.

Han Sen had a bit of a grudge against the Dragon, and dealings with them were likely far from over. Knowing more about what they could withstand might prove beneficial.

Killing Dragon Eight here would not affect the Dragon, but getting information from him would be a boon Han Sen would not be silly not to gather.


When the coin reached the number of seven, the rocks beneath Dragon Eight’s feet were crushed like tofu. His body began to sink lower into the stony ground.


Dragon Eight’s head leaned forward as his whole body began to sink into the rocks.


“No way! Is Dragon Eight really going to lose?”

“How is Dragon Eight being manhandled like this?”

“That Dollar is quite good! We should think of a way to avoid suffering that particular skill.”

Everyone was so scared as they watched. They had been so sure Dragon Eight would win the battle, but there had been a grand twist. Dragon Eight was the one that was losing.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” Suddenly, Dragon Eight started to laugh from his place within the stone.

“What are you laughing at?” Han Sen looked at Dragon Eight with interest.

As he cackled like a madman, Dragon Eight said, “I am so happy. It has been so long since someone has been able to push me to do this. You and your geno art are strong.”

“And this!” After Dragon Eight said that, he raised his hand and cut through his own head with a knife.


The gold Dragon blood spilled. The scales and the bones broke. He had cut a part of his own head off.

The clean cut revealed the brain inside, quivering within his skull. Then, he lopped some of the brain matter off.

The part that the Coin had been attached to fell to the ground. Dragon Eight was free again, and he pulled himself out of the stone.

After standing up, his head swiftly healed itself. It left no mark.

“I told you. My gold Dragon body makes me an immortal. You are strong, I’ll give you that, and if you fought someone of another race, they’d definitely lose, but against someone like me? You can’t win. I can cut off a part of my own head and be as right as rain.” Dragon Eight was simmering with rage. After he spoke, that rage burst forth to consume the

“Brother Eight is so strong!”

“Haha… it does not matter how strong your geno art is… Brother Eight can cut his own head off without trouble. Why would he be afraid of your geno art?”

“Awesome, Brother Eight! Dragons are awesome.”

Dragon Nine and the rest of the Dragon audience were in sheer delight. Seeing Dragon Eight stand back up gave them a huge boost of morale.

The other elites that had witnessed this scene were all frozen.

“The gold Dragon body is so strong.”

“If this was another person going up against him, he’d definitely lose. The gold Dragon body can’t be beaten.”

“The Dragon must have been blessed by God himself. Such a powerful body existing is a blessing for every race, but the Dragon is only number eight.”

“It is no wonder they are considered the bravest of all kinds. Dollar is in trouble now.”

“This fight is certainly quite interesting.”

Dragon Eight looked at Han Sen, who was up in the sky. He looked as if he wanted to fight so badly, and now, the gold Dragon light looked like lava. It made his whole body look like it was burning.

“Dollar! Use your powers all you like, but the Dragon are fearless!” Dragon Eight raised his head and pointed at Han Sen, who was aloft in the sky.

That presence was everywhere. It felt like even God might have to obey the will of the Dragon.

“It is a shame you have already lost,” Han Sen said sadly.

“What do you mean?” Dragon Eight frowned.

Han Sen did not answer, and he merely pointed at Dragon Eight’s forehead.

Everyone looked at where Han Sen was pointing. And when they saw what he referenced, their eyes opened wide. The coin that had been cut from Dragon Eight’s head was now back on this forehead.


That powerful gold Dragon body fell back to the ground immediately. A deep Dragon-shaped sinkhole formed.

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