Super Gene

Chapter 24: Sneak Attack Skills

Chapter 24: Sneak Attack Skills

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Qin Xuan had made up her mind to kick Han Sen’s ass. The first time, when Han Sen stabbed her in the rear, she could attribute it to his ignorance, while the harassment on the train couldn’t be a coincidence.

Having identified Han Sen as a freak and bastard, Qin Xuan walked up to him with anger in her eyes and said, "You start."


Han Sen punched her in the face. Clutching her nose and stepping back, Qin Xuan stared at him, not believing what had happened.

Han Sen was not like any man she had seen. She let him start and he just immediately punched her, which was completely beyond her expectations. That’s why she was not prepared for it. They were standing close to each other, so she was hit on the nose.

In her understanding, in a showdown, the two opponents should go to the middle and take their positions. And men always acted as gentlemen in front of her. Even if they were weaker, they’d still want to show their masculinity. No one was like Han Sen, who threw a punch without a sign, hitting her face, where she wasn’t even covered by protective gear.

"I'm sorry ... so sorry … have we not started?" Hansen repeatedly apologized. He thought he’d let her beat him to let out the anger, and wanted it to end sooner. He didn’t expect that he could hit her nose, which soon turned red.

"We had started, and we’ll continue, you ... bang!" Qin Xuan had more to say, but he acted hearing "continue" and hit her on the nose again. She was in so much pain she had to squat on the floor.

"You said continue, so I thought ..." Han Sen quickly explained.

"I’ll kill you..." Qin Xuan jumped from the ground. Not caring about the rules any more, she moved forward and started to beat Han Sen up.

Resisting Qin Xuan’s beating, Han Sen found his fighting skills were much weaker than Qin Xuan’s, and he couldn’t even play defense. He barely got through a dozen punches and was beaten down.

"Way less than 50. See you next time." Qin Xuan turned away, leaving behind Han Sen, who was wounded all over.

Han Sen stood up with a wry smile on his face. Wearing a combat suit, he wasn’t injured seriously. It was just some pain he would have to put up with. The worst part was he seemed to have enraged Qin Xuan even more.

After Han Sen left the station to return home, Qin Xuan took a shower and was about to delete the video and data of the fight right away.

She was the stationmaster and the strongest woman in Steel Armor Sanctuary. There was no way she’d let people see the video of herself being punched in the nose by Ass Freak.

Before deletion, Qin Xuan watched it again, and she was momentarily shocked. She thought that the reason she was hit was that Han Sen took advantage when she wasn’t prepared.

After carefully reviewing it several times, Qin Xuan suddenly found that although this was a very important reason, it couldn’t fully explain her being hit.

"Was it…," thought Qin Xuan, and repeatedly watched the part when he hit her and compared the data collected by the combat suit.

"So, his fist fighting skills are really poor, just about the normal level of a compulsory education graduate, but his movements were explosive and unexpected," Qin Xuan mumbled as she was checking the data. "And there was something about him… like a killer… Before he made a move, I could not predict his intention, and that had left me unguarded. When he threw a punch, there wasn’t even the slightest change in his emotions, not even when he was hitting hard. The separation of behaviors and emotions should belong to a good assassin—a fatal blow under ordinary cover."

"No, he just graduated, and there is no way he is an assassin. Also, his movements were too bad for him to be one. So, this separation was just his innate talent?" Qin Xuan could only think of this one possibility.

What she didn’t know was that Han Sen was really poor when he entered God’s Sanctuary, at the time he offended both Qin Xuan and Son of Heaven.

No one dared to be with him, and no one dared to trade with him. The new graduate started to hunt creatures using an ordinary alloy dagger, without any experience.

Even just ordinary creatures posed great threats to a beginner, not to mention that they often came in groups, so Han Sen must have taken an individual creature by surprise and killed it. Once surrounded by a group, he could only wait to die.

To minimize the danger, he had to ambush and attack, and the most important part was not to alert the creatures, who had more acute senses than men. In the first month, Han Sen was honing this skills.

In failure after failure, he learned to hide his emotions and intentions, so that the creatures sensed no danger even when he approached.

It was like playing dirty, but it was also the only way for him to survive at that point

Later, he had to keep practicing and improve his skills in order to kill primitive creatures, and gradually they became part of his instinct.

Although Han Sen's fighting skills were not even close to advanced, he was no worse than a great assassin in his explosiveness and timing. Like an assassin, he skills were also honed between life and death, and the only difference was that it was the creatures instead of men that he killed.

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