Super Gene

Chapter 2525 - Cutting Cucumbers and Slicing Vegetables

Chapter 2525: Cutting Cucumbers and Slicing Vegetables

“Lady, why are those two words written on your back?” Little Butterfly asked with curiosity.

Li Keer nibbled her lips as her face flushed. After a while, she released a burst of laughter, then suddenly grew strangely serious. “Dollar is good. He can mask his actions from my Very High Sense.”

Little Butterfly’s eyes widened in disbelief. She had to ask, “How was it possible for Dollar to write these words without you having a clue that he had?”

Little Butterfly couldn’t believe this was possible. Li Keer had the Very High Sense. She was like a god that could feel anything. How could someone write words on her own back while she was oblivious to it?

“I haven’t been King for long. My Very High Sense has yet to be perfected. It isn’t strange that I might miss something occasionally, but not just anyone could do something so bold. Dollar made sure that I felt absolutely nothing, so whatever talent he used must have been quite strong. I clearly underestimated him.” Li Keer’s beautiful eyes flashed strangely.

“My lady, if Dollar is that strong, do you want him to be your silkworm?” Little Butterfly blinked.

“I don’t know him well enough yet. I cannot select him simply based on this showing of power. Plus, I cannot find him. Even if I wanted him to be my silkworm, how am I supposed to get in touch with him?” Li Keer blinked.

Han Sen hadn’t known what Li Keer was thinking, but he clearly wasn’t interested in her.

The reason Han Sen had been able to write words on her back without her knowledge was because he had used his Dongxuan Sutra. He locked down all the universal cogwheels around them, allowing himself to move without being noticed. So, Li Keer was unable to feel anything. As far as the universal cogwheels were concerned, it was like nothing had happened. She wouldn’t realize Han Sen had taken the time to write something down on her back.

When it came to the powers of sense, the Dongxuan Sutra wasn’t any inferior to the Very High Sense. Li Keer didn’t know what the Dongxuan Sutra was, and so that was the reason she lost the contest. Had she known about the geno art, she wouldn’t have lost in such a terrible fashion.

The bronze furnace kept making crying noises as it led the way. The fires of the creature rose and fell. A hundred swords were poking out from inside it. All of them were of different sizes. It appeared as if it had spent a lot of time slaying core xenogeneics and taking their xenogeneic genes to produce swords.

“Where are you taking me?” Han Sen asked the bronze furnace.

He had asked the bronze furnace to find deified xenogeneics. It had been leading him for half a day, but they had yet to find a single shadow lurking nearby. As they traveled, the space around them was getting quieter and quieter. There were not even planets or asteroids around.

“Choo-choo!” the furnace shot out some flames. They hovered in the sky to form the words, “Steel castle.”

“What is that place?” Han Sen asked.

“Deified xenogeneic,” the bronze smithy said by producing more of those fire words.

The intelligence of xenogeneics was quite limited. They were never that good at expressing themselves. Han Sen couldn’t ask much, but it was fine as long as they were going someplace with deified xenogeneics. He wasn’t going to be scared of any power he faced.

He followed the bronze furnace in flight. After flying for a few days, they saw a castle hanging in space.

The castle seemed to have been made of metal, and it had been constructed using cogwheels and machinery. Two giant exhaust pipes came out of it. The cogwheels spun, and fire billowed out of it continually. Han Sen could even hear the sound of a generator within, and it hummed melodically.

That giant thing was like a huge steel monster. It floated in the air, and that entire trip, Han Sen hadn’t encountered a single xenogeneic. That had seemed quite abnormal to Han Sen.

The closer they got to the castle-like machine, the weirder it looked. The giant steel cogwheels spun, and there were clanging sounds like a blacksmith working in a smithy. Fire came pouring out of the machine. It was like some sort of factory.

“The xenogeneics of the core area are so weird. This steel castle can’t be a xenogeneic, can it?” Han Sen was shocked.

As Han Sen was thinking about this, he suddenly saw the steel monster rumble forward like a bulldozer. Flames roared out of its twin exhaust pipes. The running generator seemed to rev up, and the rhythmic banging noises became one sustained sound.

The cogwheels of various sizes spun like mad all along its robot arms. The next second, the steel door of the castle opened. Fire came bursting out as if it was a big furnace. From within the steel castle, a ten-meter-tall steel robot appeared. The xenogeneic looked very strong as it strode out.

The robot xenogeneic looked very ramshackle. It couldn’t compare with the modern AI robots that Han Sen was familiar with. Its design was more reminiscent of the armor of knights in ancient Europe.

As the castle door opened and belched out more angry fire, more steel robots queued out of the castle. It was like a production line of toys.

Han Sen stared at the emerging robots in shock. He opened his eyes wide and said, “King class core xenogeneics? This steel monster castle can make King core xenogeneics?”

Encountering a bunch of King class xenogeneics wouldn’t surprise Han Sen, but finding a monster that could produce them with ease? Han Sen hadn’t seen anything like that before.

Within a second, the steel robots that had emerged from the castle assembled into separate regiments. Then they all marched on Han Sen.

Han Sen wanted to try out the power of his Gold Robot General. When he summoned it, the Gold Armor General appeared around him.

Han Sen used his mind to control the gold robot the same way he controlled his own body. He lifted the saw-like gold greatsword. The cogwheels on the blade whirled, and the sawblade spun, too. It was like a giant chainsaw.


Han Sen swung the sword, and the chainsaw swordlight cut the robots in half. Not one of them could repel the power of his sword.

“Nice, very nice… This is a good fight!” Han Sen cackled in excitement. He kept swinging his blade, cutting through the robots like he was slicing vegetables. He managed to kill an entire group of those steel robots.

“Xenogeneic King hunted: Steel Armor. Xenogeneic gene found.”

Han Sen heard the announcement play repeatedly, but there was no mention of a beast soul.

“Are these really King class xenogeneics? Do they simply live in the castle, or are they made there?” Han Sen looked at the weird steel castle and sank into thought.

The first group of Steel Armors had been slain. The castle monster looked angry. It summoned all its power to open every door across the breadth of the castle, and many more Steel Armors came flying out. There had to be at least a hundred, and even more were on the way.

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