Super Gene

Chapter 2777 - Flower God Mutation

Chapter 2777 Flower God Mutation

“I’m sorry to have asked everyone to convene here today, but I’m afraid the Flower Gods have a problem. I regret to inform you that our plans have changed. To prevent everyone from thinking the Flower Gods are not reliable, we have asked everyone to come here so we can explain things in person.” Violet’s words were shocking to everyone in attendance.

“What happened to the Flower Gods? Is there any way in which I can help?” Extreme King Prince Bai Wanjie quickly said.

He had just become deified not too long ago. He was only primitive, so he definitely wasn’t the highest-ranking deified that was present. Far from it. He was a crown prince of the Extreme King, however. He was one of the most qualified emissaries who had come to this meeting.

“Thank you for your concern, crown prince. Our race needs a favor. I want to invite you all to enter the Space Garden so that you can help my people.” A stunned silence descended over the meeting.

The Flower Gods had never let outsiders into the Space Garden. They wanted to keep it for themselves. People only knew that the Space Garden was full of high-level geno fluid resources. As for what it looked like inside, hardly anyone other than the Flower Gods had ever seen it.

Across history, only a few outsiders had been allowed to enter the Space Garden, and they were very close with the Flowers Gods. But the elites who had come to this meeting barely had any connection to the Flower Gods. Despite the fact that they were practically strangers, the Flower Gods were inviting them all to spend time in the Space Garden. The whole situation was quite strange.

Violet seemed to know that everyone would think of this as suspicious, and so he quickly said, “The talents of my people aren’t the only reason that we are able to create such unique geno fluids. The primary reason, in truth, is that the Space Garden provides us access to resources not available to any other race. Therefore, no one has been able to copy the geno fluids that we make.”

“Are you saying that something has happened to the resources that you use to create your products?” Dragon One asked Violet, tilting his head to one side.

Upon hearing that, everyone thought what Dragon One said made sense. If there wasn’t some issue with the resources of the Space Garden, Violet wouldn’t be speaking so openly about the secrets of the Flower Gods.

Violet nodded and said, “There is a very serious problem, and if we do not sort this out, I’m afraid the Flower Gods will no longer be able to create the special high-class geno fluids that we are famous for.”

“What is the problem? You can tell us. There are many elites here, and even the Extreme King’s crown prince. We can help you,” Dia Robber said.

“Yes. We will find a way to help you—together. We will not allow the geno fluids of the Flower Gods to go extinct. That would be a great loss for the entire universe.” Everyone was trying to show earnest support.

But more than anything, they just wanted to learn the secrets of the geno fluids. They were only offering aid because of the benefits they would receive. No one would help the Flower Gods for no reason.

Violet sighed and said, “I really want to tell you all so that we can sort out this problem quickly, but this information is a matter of national security to the Flower Gods. The leader has commanded us not to tell anyone. Otherwise, we could be exiled.”

“Violet, what is that supposed to mean? You asked us to come here, but now you’re not telling us anything. In that case, how are we supposed to help?” demanded a deified elite with a short temper.

Violet’s face looked glum. He sighed and said, “The Flower Gods would like all of you to come to the Space Garden to help our race. But before you enter the Space Garden, I cannot tell you what is going on there. I know this is rude, but we have no choice. What is happening is too important for my people, and so we cannot risk leaking our secrets.”

“You aren’t telling us anything, and yet you want our help? How are we supposed to know if we can help?” Bai Wanjie said.

“We know this is very awkward for everyone involved, and if you don’t want to enter, we won’t try to force you. We would rather let our resources be destroyed than allow our secrets to become public knowledge,” Violet said.

“What you’re saying doesn’t make sense. Even if you don’t tell us now, we will still learn your secrets once we go in.”

“Yes. So, you must tell us now. And then, when we go, we will find a way.”

But no matter what people said, Violet was stalwart. He wasn’t going to give them a single detail.

“There’s really no point in continuing this conversation. If you really want to help us, our race will pay you back. We will do everything in our power to return the favor. If you aren’t willing to help, then that is also fine. But right now, this situation is an urgent one. I need to return to the Space Garden with haste. Anyone who is willing to help us can journey to the Space Garden with me now. Otherwise, we will part ways here and hope that we can meet again someday.”

Everyone was talking quietly amongst themselves. They had never expected something like this to occur.

But quickly, someone spoke up, agreeing to help the Flower Gods despite the lack of information. The person walked over to join Violet.

Han Sen and Xie Qing King looked at each other. They seemed to know this was how things were going to be. Everyone was interested in the secrets of the Flower Gods. Otherwise, they never would have come in the first place. Now, there was a chance for everyone here to see the secrets with their own two eyes. No one would miss out on a chance like this.

Even if there was a conspiracy at play, the Flower Gods were a small race. They didn’t have any deified elites to wreak serious harm upon the elites that had gathered here. The Flower Gods depended on the Space Garden and the geno fluids they produced. That was their only claim to fame. The elites who had come to this meeting were mostly deifieds, so they weren’t afraid of anything the Flower Gods might do.

Even if the Flower Gods were planning something devious, the elites believed that their powers would be enough to escape whatever mischief might befall them.

“Are we going?” Han Sen asked Xie Qing King.

“Since we are already here, it isn’t like we can simply leave. Let’s follow and have a peek, so we can see what our future territory might look like.” Xie Qing King shrugged his shoulders as he spoke.

“You are right.” Han Sen nodded. But now, he was playing the role of Xie Qing King’s subordinate. He couldn’t speak out of turn, and so he had to let Xie Qing King do the talking.

Violet wasn’t turning anyone away. He was more than happy to accept anyone who was willing to go to the Space Garden with him. Kings and deifieds alike were joining the crowd that was preparing to leave.

Before they headed out, Violet told them that the trip would be a very dangerous one. They needed to think this through carefully and make sure that they wished to come.

However, in the end, every elite that had come to the meeting decided to follow Violet. They all entered the Flower Gods’ battleship and left the planet that belonged to the Thousand Treasures.

Han Sen and Xie Qing King were inside, as well. Because there was a mix of high races and low races, it was a real melting pot. All that diversity also meant that Xie Qing King and Han Sen didn’t stand out too much.

As Han Sen and Xie Qing King were getting a bite to eat in the battleship’s restaurant, Dia Robber approached. He seemed excited to see Xie Qing King. “Are you the author of Overbearing President Love Luv Looove, Teacher Xie?”

“I am Xie Qing.” Xie Qing King had gotten used to this sort of thing happening. He smiled amiably as he spoke.

“It really is Mr. Xie! This is great. I have finally met Teacher Xie. I am a big fan of your comics…” Dia Robber passionately grabbed Xie Qing King by the hand.

Han Sen was frozen. Dia Robber was the future of the Destroyed. He was a guy who could kill people with a wave of his hand. He was also a fan of Xie Qing King. It was hard for Han Sen to wrap his mind around.

“Is this guy for real?” Han Sen wondered. He never would have thought that someone like Dia Robber would like comics. The Destroyed was probably just looking for an excuse to get close to Xie Qing King.

“Teacher Xie, can I have your signature?” Dia Robber asked, whipping out a pen and paper and holding them out so that Xie Qing King could jot down his signature.

“Of course,” Xie Qing King said in a friendly tone. He grabbed the pen and started to write his signature. He wrote his name like a dragon and a phoenix that were flying together.

Why did his signature look like a dragon and a phoenix dancing? Han Sen couldn’t tell what words they were supposed to be, or if they were even words at all. They were jumbled and looked conjoined. No one could have read what Xie Qing King had written.

Dia Robber looked as if he had found a treasure. He took it very seriously and carefully hid the notepad back within his clothing.

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