Super Gene

Chapter 2784 - Sky Vine Radish

Chapter 2784 Sky Vine Radish

Violet’s eyes opened so wide that they seemed to be on the verge of popping out of their sockets. But no matter how much strength he used, he still couldn’t unleash the power that was brimming within him. He could only watch Han Sen approach.

Violet tried to shy back from Han Sen, but he had lost all control of his body. Han Sen continued to approach him with the placidity of an all-powerful god.

Just as Han Sen was about to reach Violet, the flower on Violet’s head suddenly flashed with light. Many green sproutlings surged out of Violet’s scalp and wrapped down around his body like jade tentacles. The vines formed a green set of armor.


Violet’s body finally moved. The green air around his body was burning, and he was finally able to unleash his power. His emerald eyes peered through the vine helmet’s slit. They were looking right at Han Sen.

“Should I call you Violet or God now?” Han Sen asked, stopping in his tracks as he carefully examined Violet in his vine armor.

“My name is Sky Vine Radish,” said Violet from within his armor.

Although his voice hadn’t changed, his tone and inflection sounded different. It was just a small change, but it was enough to make him come across as a different person.

“You really are a god?” Han Sen asked, raising an eyebrow at Sky Vine Radish.

“I guess,” Sky Vine Radish said dispassionately.

“A god that can satisfy one’s wishes?” Han Sen asked again.

“No.” Sky Vine Radish’s answer surprised Han Sen.

Sky Vine Radish went on to say, “My god body was almost destroyed in a god battle. I don’t have the power to fulfill your wishes. Of course, if you guys can help me by making a wish that isn’t too difficult to fulfill, then I can give it a shot. I could, for instance, level you up once so you can become a transmutation deified.”

“You need power to fulfill wishes? In reality, don’t those wishes only benefit gods like you?” Han Sen sneered at Sky Vine Radish.

Now, he knew for sure that Sky Vine Radish was just like King Jun. He was an empty god. But he looked damaged. Otherwise, he never would have gotten himself into this situation.

Sky Vine Radish’s eyes shone with a green light, and he asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m the guy who will kill you.” Han Sen suddenly exploded with his own power. He cast his Dongxuan powers and had them firing on all cylinders. He threw a punch at Sky Vine Radish. The white phoenix flames licked hungrily around Han Sen’s hand.

Sky Vine Radish didn’t show any indication that he intended to step back. Instead, with amazing speed, he reached out his hand and grabbed Han Sen’s fist. Han Sen gathered up power to attack again, but it was blocked by his enemy.

“Although I am heavily injured and borrowing a low-level’s body, pathetic creatures like you can’t hope to compete,” Sky Vine Radish proclaimed in a cold, distant voice.

But the next second, Sky Vine Radish let go of Han Sen’s fist as if he had been electrified. He stumbled backward, raising and clutching the hand he had used to grab Han Sen’s fist. His hand was burning with a white fire.

“Phoenix flame! Are you a phoenix? No, obviously not…” Sky Vine Radish looked at Han Sen in shock. His face was wrought with confusion.

The phoenix flame refused to be extinguished, and it burned farther and farther across the god’s body. In seconds, the god’s entire arm was covered in flames.

Han Sen hadn’t expected his phoenix flame to be that powerful. His full power attack had been blocked by Sky Vine Radish, but his enemy hadn’t been able to do anything to douse the phoenix fire. The man could only watch his body smolder and burn.

“Regrettably for you, you aren’t a true phoenix. If you were, this fight would be quite annoying for my damaged body,” Sky Vine Radish said to himself as he watched his burning arm. The phoenix fire was spreading all across his body, turning his form momentarily white.

It was very strange to see. The phoenix fires were burning brightly, but after they passed over Sky Vine Radish, only the green vine armor was burned away. The body that the god had taken from Violet was left undamaged.

When the phoenix flames disappeared, Violet’s body was left looking perfect. Not even a single strand of his hair was singed. The vine armor encasing his body, however, was gone.

The only thing that was missing from Violet’s body was that flower atop his head. Beneath the ravaging fires of the phoenix, even that flower had been turned to ash.

Han Sen could feel the presence of Violet’s body change. What Han Sen now sensed was different from when Violet had been in control of himself, but it wasn’t the presence of Sky Vine Radish, either.

Regardless, Violet didn’t have his deified power anymore. Han Sen could feel his enemy’s power fading and becoming insignificant. He was no longer even King class.

“Why is the phoenix’s power so strange? It didn’t hurt Violet. Is that a coincidence, or is that how it works?” Han Sen’s heart mulled over the conundrum.

Han Sen didn’t have time to think through the matter thoroughly, though. He ignored the currently unconscious Violet, and instead looked at the giant, jade god beyond the vines.

Clearly, this was Sky Vine Radish’s actual body, which had been damaged long ago.

According to what Han Sen knew, gods were unable to directly harm beings of the universe, and the beings of the universe couldn’t harm them either. But this god body was clearly some sort of exception to that rule.

“How about we make a trade?” The giant, jade eyes of the being were still shut. Its lips didn’t move, but even so, a voice bellowed through the air and rang in Han Sen’s ears.

“I don’t make deals with gods,” Han Sen said flatly. Then he threw a punch at the jade giant.


Han Sen’s fist struck the jade giant’s eye. It made the sound of jade stone being broken. Han Sen had used all his power, but the jade giant’s body didn’t move.

The phoenix flame burned on the jade giant’s skin, but it was only alight for a brief time before it was extinguished. It didn’t seem to be capable of burning the creature’s skin.

“If you really were a phoenix, you probably would stand a chance of harming my god body. But you only have the phoenix’s flames. As you can see, that doesn’t work on me. Why don’t we just chill for a minute and talk?” said Sky Vine Radish’s voice again.

Han Sen paid little attention to what the creature was saying, though. This might be his final chance to defeat a god. Who knew if he would ever get another opportunity like this one?

Right now, Sky Vine Radish just wanted to talk things over. He could make himself heard to anyone in the chamber, but he couldn’t move. His body was badly damaged, and even after all the years his remains had been here, it had yet to recover.

Han Sen kept on punching Sky Vine Radish’s body, and the god couldn’t so much as twitch in retaliation. However, the only thing that Han Sen’s phoenix flame could do was scorch a small part of its skin.

“I told you. You cannot hurt my body,” Sky Vine Radish said imperiously.

“That might not be true.” Han Sen retrieved his phoenix feather from Destiny’s Tower. He gripped it in his hand like a sword, then slashed across Sky Vine Radish’s body.


The white flames formed the shape of a phoenix feather. Han Sen thrust his weapon halfway into Sky Vine Radish’s body. The resulting wound showed that Sky Vine Radish’s flesh was green like jade, and green blood began to leak steadily from the opened flesh.

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