Super Gene

Chapter 3160 - Humans That Should Not Exist

Chapter 3160 Humans That Should Not Exist

Han Sen hurriedly asked, “What? The universe was rebooted once. Is this the consequence of it being rebooted? Does this mean everything in the universe has to start from scratch?”

God shook his head. “It’s not like that. Reboot God Spirits can reboot things, but they cannot really return the universe to how it was in the beginning. There is so much I could explain, but I don’t have the time to tell you everything.”

“Aren’t you a Reboot God Spirit? How can you not explain your own powers?” Han Sen looked at God with a look of disbelief.

God seriously said, “I really am a Reboot God Spirit, and I can reset things. But do you know the price it costs to reboot the universe?”

“What price would you pay?” Han Sen asked. “Didn’t I tell you the last temple owner rebooted the universe?” God asked with a smile.

Han Sen froze. He suddenly realized something. God meant that the last geno hall owner activated the universe reboot powers. That was why he was the last one.

Han Sen looked at him strangely as he asked, “Are you saying you are the leader of the geno hall now?”

God nodded and said, “It is lucky you aren’t too dumb. Even if I have reboot powers, the consequences of me rebooting are something that not even I can comprehend.”

After pausing, God went on to say, “Rebooting the universe did not sort out our issues with the God Chaos Party. We dealt great damage to the God Chaos Party, but most of God Chaos Party’s members were reborn to become new creatures without any connection to their past life. Unfortunately, some fish were able to escape the net. After all these years, they have grown up again.” “When the God Spirits were rebooted, they suffered a lot as well. The God Spirits that had already reached their zenith were beaten back down to their paltry beginnings. They had to start their own developments all over again. Because the universe was rebooted, the resources of the universe were quite lacking as well. The God Spirits evolved very slowly. Otherwise, in the past, when you looked at the high-level god temples, there would not be just one main god.”

After saying that, God laughed. “The universe was messed up by you and Qin Xiu. To God Spirits, it has provided an opportunity. The resources they have been able to get in the universe are far more than before. They were able to grow up fast. Many God Spirits have been able to get back into their prior prime.”

Han Sen looked at God and said, “I have some questions. Why did the humans of the universe of kingdoms earn the protection of God Spirits or even have the ability to become a god to fight alongside them? Why are humans only able to make a wish and get scammed in the geno universe?”

These were questions he had been unable to determine answers for. The treatment of beings in both universes was vastly different.

God looked at Han Sen. After a while, he replied, “The geno universe did not used to have humans. Still, there should be no humans. Humans should only belong in the universe of kingdoms.”

“What does that mean?” Han Sen did not understand.

“The universe of kingdoms is positive,” God slowly said. “The geno universe is negative. Humans, these creatures, only belong to the positive. They should not exist in the negative world.”

Han Sen froze when he heard that. He finally understood.

Indeed, the geno universe did not have any humans. They were able to go there because of Qin Xiu, but they were not really humans.

To use a saying of the modern world, the universe of kingdoms was like the real world. It was Yang. The geno universe was Yin. It was hell. How could human beings go to hell? Therefore, humans could not have and should not have existed in the geno universe.

Of course, that was just a saying. In fact, there was no saying about Yin and Yang. Both of them were living worlds. It was just that one was positive and the other was negative.

“If I were you, I would find a way to level up god powers instead of breaking the rules of the universe all the time.” God patted Han Sen on the shoulder.

Han Sen wanted to say something. When he turned around, God was gone.

Han Sen had sensed that God had been busy lately. The last two times he saw him, he had arrived almost as quickly as he left. It seemed as if he was squeezing in chats in between other important tasks that demanded his attention.

“It looks like the God Chaos Party is really giving him a headache,” Han Sen felt bad for him. He shook his head in dismay.

He had a headache too. Rocky Dee was still alive. In the God Chaos Party, there were sure to be scary existences that rivaled or even surpassed him. He was now an enemy of the God Chaos Party. Han Sen suspected his life was going to get a whole lot more miserable.

“No matter what, I am going to find eight sub-gods. I need more people backing me up. God was right. I cannot keep breaking the rules for every fight. Even if the universe can endure it, I myself never can.” Han Sen’s heart jumped when he thought about that.

He thought about the God Spirits in the Sea of Soul. He did not care about other God Spirits. Inside his Sea of Soul was an Annihilation-class Moment God.

“I don’t know if I can summon my God Spirit to be a sub-god God Spirit. It will be great if I can. That is one of the 12 main gods. It should be able to be a sub-god in my temple. It is a shame there are no free god bases, and I cannot test it.” After Han Sen thought about it, he felt a headache come on.

If he wanted a god base, he required more members. Members brought back powers to assemble more god bases.

Han Sen only had one member in his God of Wealth Temple. It was the little bald baby who looked like Burning Lamp. The only problem he had was that he was a bit too small. If he ever wanted him to be useful, he might have to wait many years.

“No. I will have to get a few members that can give me things immediately.” Han Sen thought about Feng Yin Yin again. “Yin Yin has great potential. Even if she doesn’t, I can make her stronger. I will recruit her at the God of Wealth Temple first.”

After thinking about it, he departed the God of Wealth Temple. He went straight to the Feng family’s castle.

“San Mu, are you OK?” When Feng Yin Yin saw Han Sen return, she worriedly looked at him.

She and Bao’er had seen Han Sen be burned by a black flame. She was worried, so she stayed in the garden waiting for him to return.

“I am fine.” Han Sen seized this opportunity to ask, “By the way, Yin Yin, what God Spirit Blood-Pulse do you have?”

“I don’t have a God Spirit Blood-Pulse,” Feng Yin Yin said. “My auntie says she will find me the best of the best sonic-class God Spirit Blood-Pulse, but she hasn’t had much luck. Therefore, I do not have a God Spirit Blood-Pulse. I only have a Blood-Pulse from a land pulse.” She looked at Han Sen with curiosity and asked, “Why are you asking me that?”

“I know of a God Temple,” Han Sen said. “The God Spirit there is very good. If you are willing to, I can help you inherit the God Spirit’s Blood-Pulse.”

“Sure. What kind of God Spirit is it?” Feng Yin Yin trusted Han Sen, so she agreed. She still wanted to know what kind of god spirit it was.

“It’s God of Wealth.” Han Sen gave her the title.

Feng Yin Yin did not say anything. Feng Fei Fei rushed over, shouting, “No! Absolutely not. Yin Yin is very talented in music. She cannot go with God of Wealth. Her God Spirit Blood-Pulse must be sonic class.”

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