Super Gene

Chapter 3382 - Little Uncle Returns

Chapter 3382 Little Uncle Returns

“Let me do it.” Huangfu Jing sounded calm. When she walked to the battleground, she suddenly teleported and appeared behind Han Sen. She tried to strike his shoulders with her legs.

Han Sen was unable to use his Dongxuan Aura. He was not supposed to be able to know what Huangfu Jing was planning to do to him from behind. Han Sen was still somehow able to see what Huangfu Jing was planning to do from behind. He was able to see everything she was doing.

His body moved horizontally. He avoided Huangfu Jing’s attempted strike.

Huangfu Jing seemed to know that was going to happen. She did not land her strike. She teleported elsewhere. She appeared next to Han Sen and tried striking him down with her legs again.

Han Sen did not fall back. He went forehead. He got close to Huangfu Jing and followed her body. Huangfu Jing’s sweep attacks were not working. She was unable to land a hit on Han Sen.

Huangfu Jing froze. Her body suddenly split up into several copies of herself. With all sorts of different positions and angles to attack from, her clones unleashed all they could. From the sky and the ground, it was like many Huangfu Jings were attacking Han Sen.

Han Sen’s body kept moving. He was like a prophet. He put Huangfu Jing’s infinite attacks into nothingness. No matter how much raging she unleashed, she was unable to bring harm to Han Sen.

Yi Dong Mu coldly shouted. He found the right time to push Han Sen into a corner, but Han Sen’s body turned. He exited from the corner he was not supposed to be able to leave and avoided Yi Dong Mu’s attacks.

Huangfu Jing’s infinite teleportation attacks and Yi Dong Mu’s knives were covering every inch of the training yard, still, neither of them was able to hurt Han Sen.

Han Sen was feeling very good. Although he could not feel the power he was using, and he could not use geno arts, his body’s natural reactions were being honed. He was starting to get used to his new way of fighting.

Lin Feng and the others did not strike. Huangfu Jing and Yi Dong Mu were attacking Han Sen, yet they were unable to hurt him. Even if they were to join in and try to hurt Han Sen, it would have been pointless.

Qin Xuan said to Zero, “Zero, you come and give it a go,”

Zero’s powers never missed. If there was someone able to land a hit on Han Sen, it would have had to be Zero.

In fact, Han Sen’s whole reason for seeking out Zero in the first place was for her to use her Falsified-Sky Sutra power to see if she could hurt him. He hoped that would trigger his body’s power.

Zero nodded. She raised her hand like it was a knife. She went silent and tried slashing Han Sen.

Zero’s Falsified-Sky Sutra power came raging at Han Sen’s arm. She was not trying to kill him.

The Falsified-Sky Sutra had cause power, so it would be the same no matter where it hit.

Zero slashed. Han Sen’s heart had some kind of alarm. His hands slashed out. It led to the production of a ding and crunching sound. It was like Han Sen’s hand broke a glass.

“Falsified-Sky power is useless. Your body is fine. It is very strong. Why are you telling us you cannot feel your power? You are merely trying to make us jealous.” Tang Zhenliu sounded angry as he spoke.

“I really cannot feel any power flowing through me. While I was fighting and affected by your power, it seemed as if my body could still react as it should. Still, it is just me reacting. I cannot feel any power flowing through me. I cannot use power to fight back either.” The three of them stopped fighting while Han Sen tried to feel out his own body. He could not detect any power in his body. It was just like an average body.

Han Sen conducted a few tests. He noticed his body was rather like a mirror. The stronger the opponent unleashed their power, the more power Han Sen react with it. If the opponent was weak, Han Sen’s body could not unleash explosive power in response.

Therefore, Han Sen could not actually control his own power. If the opponent was just a commoner, he could only use the type of powers typically reserved for goons if he fought that person.

“What is going on here?” Han Sen did not understand how his body had turned into what it was.

Han Sen was not happy about the changes because his body could not use powerful powers. He needed strong enemies to elicit stronger responses. If he met weak people, he would respond appropriately. He could only tie with his opponents.

He could not discern the reason why his body had changed this way. Han Sen had to wait for Mister White to come up with answers.

Regarding Han Yufei, Han Sen did not plan on going back to her. He firmly believed that every researcher was mad.

“There is no point in me being here, but now I do not have any geno arts. I cannot go back to the sanctuaries. I will have to ask Littleflower to take me there.” Han Sen went looking for Littleflower. The sky suddenly flashed. Something changed on the geno tablet.

Leader of the 31st sky: Wang Yuhang

Han Sen looked over. The geno tablet was shining with a few words. The 31st sky seemed to be shining as well. A new leader had just risen.

Han Sen was very happy. “Little Uncle is not dead! On top of that, he is the leader of the 31st sky.”

Wang Yuhang had gone to the 31st sky but did not come back. Han Sen wanted to go look for him. After thinking about it, he thought he might attract the attention of God Chaos Party and Qin Xiu. That might have gotten Wang Yuhang killed, so he refrained from seeking him out.

Upon seeing Wang Yuhang assert a leader seat, Han Sen was delighted.

People all across Space Garden were joyous about it too. Not long later, a shadow broke space and arrived. It was driving a shiny bike. It was Wang Yuhang.

“Little Uncle, you are interesting. The 31st sky leader, eh?” Tang Zhenliu proclaimed with a laugh, “You have just earned humanity a bunch of reputation in the geno universe.”

Wang Yuhang looked rather morbid. “Stop talking. I almost died.”

“What happened?” Everyone asked him about what happened.

Wang Yuhang wanted to speak, but he did not. He did not say anything more. He went up to Han Sen and pulled him aside. “San Mu, get over here. There is something I would like to ask you.”

After getting pulled aside by Wang Yuhang, Han Sen asked, “What is it, Little Uncle?”

Wang Yuhang looked around to ensure no one was around. He put his face next to Han Sen and quietly asked, “San Mu, do you know a very beautiful woman?”

Han Sen didn’t think Wang Yuhang was making sense, so he replied, “Little Uncle, I know many beautiful women. Which one are you talking about?”

Wang Yuhang quickly said, “A beautiful woman you seem to know can break the sky.”

“Do you mean the woman who has the power to be a leader?” Han Sen asked.

“Stronger than that. When I was trapped in the 31st sky, she hurt me badly. I was almost unable to return. She said she let me live for your sake. It was pathetic.” Wang Yuhang felt angry.

“What did she look like? What did you do?” Han Sen looked at Wang Yuhang with curiosity. To make Wang Yuhang angry, that woman must have done something pretty savage.

“I do not know what she looks like because she wore a white mask. I could not see her face, but she said she was your friend. I do not know if it was a real friend or not. When I became the leader of the 31st sky, she was still able to travel freely through the 33 skies. Her powers are really scary. She told me to tell you that you should not return to the 33 skies.”

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