Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: My name is Lin Yixin

My name is Lin Yixin. I am 25 years old.

My parents passed away in a car crash when I was very young. Although I was also one of the victims, I was fortunate enough to survive. However, all my childhood memories, including those with my parents, were almost gone. The only part I could recall was when the car smashed against the railing and flipped through the air several times. Until now, the scene was still vivid in my mind.

Even today, when I close my eyes, sometimes I could hear the car sliding and the ear-piercing sound of metal scraping against the ground.

The sound that resulted in life or death.

That car accident changed my entire life.

From then on, not only did I lose my most beloved parents, I was also able to see ghosts.

The moment I opened my eyes at the hospital, I was surrounded by frightening things I had never seen before. A bunch of them were floating around the ceiling as they watched me attentively.

At that moment, I was destined to live a life different from others.

But as I got older, the ghosts around me gradually became weirder and weirder.

For instance –

There was a homicide case that had happened many years ago at the place I’m staying at right now. A mistress was shoved off the balcony by the legal wife. Although the legal wife pleaded guilty, the mistress’s spirit never dissipated.

So…everyday, she would hang herself upside down against the window. She would glare at me with her big and round bloodshot eyes! This was the 26th floor! Wasn’t she tired from hanging upside down daily? Wasn’t she afraid? Wasn’t she fearful of heights? I guess she was reluctant to let go of this apartment, eh…

I wouldn’t have to see her when I pull the curtains shut. But I can’t always keep my curtains shut, right? Sigh. Forget it. Because of her, everyone says this place is haunted. All the previous tenants would leave within a week. So fortunately for me, I only had to pay a third of the market price for this room despite it being from a high-class luxury apartment building.

I guess this is what you would call “profit from a disaster”.

In any case, even if she hung upside down, it wasn’t like blood would rush to her head. She could do whatever she pleased!

Oh. Also, there was a time when I came across a hot guy and I was smitten. Somehow, I was super attracted to him. So, I followed him like a pervert wherever he went. It turned out he led me to the cemetery….by the time I realized what had happened, the hot ghost and I had made eye contact.

From then on, everyday, the young fellow would be standing in front of my doorway with his arms crossed. And now, he would have a very righteous expression on his face and he would no longer return to his tomb. When he was tired of standing, he would squat. When he was tired of squatting, he would lie flat across the doorway.

I was speechless, but it was my fault for sinning first. Hence, I treated him as if he was air. But whenever I entered or left the house, I would secretly take a peek at him when he wasn’t paying attention. Although he was a ghost, I was already perfectly content with seeing his handsome face.

I also had two ghost pets. A ghost dog named Spike, and a ghost cat named Tom. Their names came from an amazing childhood show that I watched; Tom and Jerry.

The best things about those two were that I didn’t have to feed them, take them to the washroom, take them for a scroll, nor take care of them. Basically, I didn’t have to do anything.

But, they never give me attention either.

Anyhow, last week, I was fired from my job. It ended my career of a nameless office worker of less than a year.

The reason why I was terminated was simple. I was actually using the company’s female washroom when I noticed a freaky looking ghost that had hung herself. After seeing something so visual and traumatizing, in two seconds, I slammed the door of the washroom as I wildly ran out. Since I was so terrified, I didn’t pay attention to what was in front of me. Hence, I collided with the boss’s mother; whom happened to be here to inspect her son’s work. She ended up flying across the room…


Regardless of how I explained, my boss (who couldn’t see ghosts) was ruthless. He fired me in front of all the workers….and he said the fact that he didn’t sue me was already generous of him. Then, he took the wages of my last two months to pay for his mother’s medical bills.

Blah blah blah…

I could only secretly let out a sigh. This celestial, divine goddess despises you mortals!! Hmph!

My current employment situation was grim. There were many people just like me. We have undergraduate degrees, so we want good jobs. But the reality was that we couldn’t get good jobs yet we weren’t willing to settle for bad jobs. So we were stuck; couldn’t move up or down.

I submitted my résumé to all kinds of small or medium size enterprises, but I never heard back from any of them.

Unfortunately, I was a broke person who would spend my monthly income before even earning it. If I cannot find a job by the end of this month, I’ll probably have to join the mistress and hang myself upside down the window as well. We could camp out together.

“What am I going to do? What am I going to do?” I was mumbling like I was reciting a Buddhist scripture. I lied on the couch with my legs crossed as I kept swaying back and forth. I grumbled, “The Ancients say that where hills bend, streams wind and the pathway seems to end, past dark willows and flowers in bloom lies another village. God may closed a door for you, but He will open another window! When will my window open….!?”

I used my fingers to forcefully tap on the keyboard. One tap punctuated each of my word. Why. Haven’t. There. Been. Any. Responses?

I realized both my stomach and brain were empty. I couldn’t think, and the apartment was too quiet. I could hear myself breathing.

Then I discovered another problem. When has my breathing became so heavy? Could the apartment room be too silent?

As I thought about it, I stared at the ceiling.

Something felt strange. Could it be a misperception? I couldn’t explain what was strange. But it just felt strange. Like there was something extra, but it still looked the same? It was honestly a very peculiar feeling.

Seriously, what was the issue?

While I was pondering, suddenly, a droplet from the ceiling landed directly on my forehead. It was cool and gave me a tingling sensation.

“What’s going on?” I finally snapped out of my daze and noticed a dark stain that had appeared on my ceiling. I had no idea when this stain got there, but it wasn’t a design from the wallpaper. It was a water stain! Oh you fool! I slapped my forehead.

When I’m dealing with bad luck, even my upstairs neighbours have to join in!?

I took my cell phone and grabbed my keys as I stormed into the elevator and headed straight for the 27th floor. 2705.

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