Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Visiting the hospital

“You want to capture that homicidal maniac?” Suyang literally looked like he had swallowed a housefly. He quickly composed himself as he urged, “You had such a narrow escape. Why can’t you behave?”

“How do you know it’s the homicidal maniac? Did I say it was him?”

Suyang turned the tablet towards me, “You do not have to tell me. All the people of China knows. It was already on the news last night. The homicidal maniac has committed another crime. A police officer was also injured.”

The news that Suyang was reading included a picture of my rear view as I fled onto the taxi.

I returned the tablet back to Suyang as I changed into my shoes, “Well, I am not going to allow the homicidal maniac to get away with this. If I take no action and remain here, he could probably commit another crime and kill another person.”

“The police can’t even catch him. And you think you can?” Suyang sneered.

“What? You want to give it a try?” I retorted.

“I am not interested in causing trouble.” Suyang flatly replied.

“Pssh. I never expected anything of you anyway.”

I was just about to grip onto the doorknob when Suyang pulled me back. He flexibly bypassed me and blocked the door. “Tell me the specifics. How are you planning to capture the homicidal maniac?”

“I have my own methods. Why are you asking me…you want to capture him together?” I grinned wickedly.

“I’m just concerned something bad will happen to you. After all, you are a foolish and stupid goldfish.” Suyang gravely replied. He wasn’t joking. At that moment, my heart actually soften a little and I was touched.

Suddenly, I thought of the dream that I had with Suyang in it. I looked at him and felt very peculiar. My earnest smile gradually faded from my face.

Normally, I wouldn’t be afraid to look him into the eyes. But at this moment, I subconsciously tried to avoid eye contact.

“I’m not telling you…”

“Ah!” Suyang suddenly said in a very stern voice as he yanked my arm, surprising me. “You’re always so rash and impulsive. What am I going to do with you…!?”

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.”

“I’m saying..!” Suyang increased his strength and pulled me closer towards him, “What if your goldfish brain ends up leading the homicidal maniac here?”

Suyang’s tone was no longer caring. I shifted my qi towards my pubic region and ruthlessly stepped on Suyang’s bare foot with my shoe on. Then, I pushed him aside and indicated to Sheyu, “Sheyu, let’s go!”

I didn’t go easy on Suyang. Currently, he was kneeling by the entrance holding onto his foot. He gritted his teeth as he pointed at me with his finger, “You goldfish…!”

“You’re the goldfish! Annoying goblin!” Suyang had anger in his eyes. Likewise, I angrily slammed the door in his face. It was so loud that the entire floor probably heard.

While waiting for the elevator to arrive, I had my arms on my waist as I faced Sheyu.

“What a piece of work! Ugghh he drives me insane! I must be out of luck for me to meet a man like him! Honestly, whoever that will become his wife is super unlucky!”

This was Suyang in reality. As expected, he was the opposite of the guy in my dream of nothingness and illusions. I felt so stupid for foolishly believing he was better than he was; for a moment, I was even touched!


With great difficulty, we finally arrived at the hospital. The main entrance of the hospital was surrounded by a bunch of reporters. I ran to the nearest shrub and hid behind it, thinking, “Were they the same reporters from yesterday? They couldn’t dig info from the Police Station so now they’re at the hospital?”

I wanted to avoid the attention of everyone. Hence, I sealed myself completely as I secretly went around through the back doors into Sheyu’s ward. In order to give myself a cover, I purposely bought fruits and a flower basket. But Sheyu’s parents were not present and saved me the trouble of explaining.

The moment I entered the ward, I locked the door. I went to Sheyu’s bedside as I gazed at her unconscious body and felt a sour taste bubbling on the inside. I waved Sheyu over and wanted her to attempt the method we had talked about last night.

The plan was for Sheyu to lie on top of her physical body and see if the physical body will absorb her spirit back.

Sheyu did as I said and lied on top of her body.

But regardless of how she changed positions, she was unable to coincide with her physical body.

I clearly saw two Sheyu.

“Go a bit left….a bit more left! Ai ai ai! Too much. Go slightly more to the right…” I conducted. Sheyu adjusted her position.

“No. This isn’t working. We need to try another method. Let me think…” I walked around a circle in the ward as I racked my brain, “Why don’t you try jumping into the body?”

I demonstrated a diver pose. “You know, jump into your body like how divers dive into the water. Do you understand what I mean?”

Sheyu shook her head at me. I am not sure if it meant she didn’t understand or she couldn’t do it…

“Aii…what are we going to do…” I stood by Sheyu’s bedside. It appeared that the plan of returning her soul back to her body will have to temporarily be deferred.

“Ah!” I smacked my head, “Sheyu, remember the news from last night? They said there were also two other unconscious victims in this hospital. Let’s go to their rooms to take a look?! Perhaps we can gather some useful information.”

Sheyu nodded. She agreed with my viewpoint.

Sheyu and I left the ward. I pointed at the two pictures that I found from the internet and asked a nurse for directions. “Excuse me, could you please tell me which wards Huang Zhiwen and Xu Ming are in?”

“Please give me a moment. I will find out for you now.” The smiling nurse warmly told me where to go. Huang Zhiwen’s ward was on the 5th floor; the third room left from the center, and Xu Ming’s ward was on the 4th floor at the very end of the corridor.

Since Sheyu’s ward was located on the 7th floor, for convenience’s sake, we will first go to Huang Zhiwen on the 5th floor.

The corridor was filled with the smell of sterilizer. It appeared that not many people stayed on this floor. In the silence, my heels clanged with every step that I took on the glossy surface.

Just as I was getting closer to his room, by chance, someone came out with a water kettle. I quickly turned towards the other direction and pretended to walk by as I calmly entered the female washroom.

From the female washroom door, I secretly took a peek as I held onto my beating heart. The person that came out of Huang Zhiwen’s ward had disappeared from sight.

I hurriedly ran into Huang Zhiwen’s room and locked the doors.

The moment I turned around, I jumped from shock and leaned against the wall.

In the room, Huang Zhiwen’s spirit was staring at his physical body. His face was deathly white and he looked miserable.

When he saw me, he seemed a bit stunned. He slowly stared at me from top to bottom. Once he noticed Sheyu behind me, his facial expression totally changed. It was as if he had done something wrong -he had his hands crossed in front of him.

“Huang Zhiwen, am I correct?” I tested as I approached him, “That day, you were the one who led me the way, right?”

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