Supernatural Girlfriend

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Sign this

There was a loud bang as my knees landed on the ground. Aside from the pain, I also felt awfully embarrassed. I opened my mouth, wanting to explain myself, but I couldn’t say a word. I couldn’t believe Suyang witnessed my actions. I really wanted to find a crack and drill myself in.

Suyang’s cold expression had now turned into a speechless expression.

“Why are you here?” I scratched my nose even though it wasn’t itchy. Next, I got up and sat down on the sofa as if nothing had happened. I placed my hands politely on my knees.

“This is my home.” Suyang thoughtlessly replied. Then, he turned around and took out two cartons of milk. He finished one in one gulp.

I assumed the other carton was for me, so I got up to get it. But Suyang reacted as if I didn’t exist. He walked by me with the other carton.

“Can you give me an explanation?” I took a few quick steps and ran towards Suyang as I stretched my two arms out to prevent him from going further.

“What? This?” Suyang lifted the carton of milk. “That’s not for you. It’s for me to drink.”

“I’m not talking about the milk…Shen Shaoqian told me this is where I’ll be staying temporarily. But you just said this is your home. What is that supposed to mean?”

“Please get it correct. It’s not that he has allowed you to temporarily stay here. Shen Shaoqian was the one that begged me to allow you to temporarily stay here. So, I am reluctantly allowing you to stay here. Got it? If you understand, then get out of my way. Don’t obstruct me.” Suyang used his big hand and pushed it against my forehead. After pushing me aside, he leisurely entered his bedroom.

What? Suyang’s home? Wasn’t his apartment damaged by the water?

I ran to Suyang’s bedroom door and knocked continuously, “Come out! I need a clearer explanation! So what does this mean? We have to live together? Or is there another plan?”

The door suddenly opened. I was so intimidated that I naturally took a step back due to my conditional reflex. Suyang put himself through the door frame and his 185cm height totally blocked my field of vision. It looked like he was purposely trying to make it so that I couldn’t see inside his room.

I wasn’t interested anyway.

“What the hell do you want?”

“I just want to know why we have to live together? Don’t give me a vague explanation. I need explicit details!”

Suyang lowered his head. It appeared that he had been defeated by my stubbornness. He loudly sighed as he grumbled. “I am only saying this once. So pay attention! My floors and walls were damaged by the water, so my apartment has to go through renovations. Your ceiling is leaking, so your apartment has to go through renovations. So while both our apartments are going through renovations, I am allowing you to stay in my other apartment -which is here. Understand?”

“Why is this your apartment?”

“Because I paid for it.”

“Where is Shen Shaoqian? I need to ask him questions!”

“He went home.”

Suyang was about to close the door, so I quickly used my hand to block the door frame.

“Went home? Don’t you two live together?”

“Who told you we lived together? He is him. I am me. Anyway, you are just temporarily staying here. From now on, that is your bedroom. Don’t bother me unless there is an issue. Even if there is an issue, don’t bother me. Understand?”

Before I could respond, Suyang took my hand away from the door frame and closed the door.

How could there be such a dislikeable person?

Now that I thought about it, no wonder Shen Shaoqian gave me such a strange smile before he left. This must be the reason.

All of a sudden, I felt like a frosted eggplant. I was lifeless and didn’t have any other choice. I could only head towards the other bedroom that Suyang had pointed me towards.

As expected, I never experience good luck.

Wait! I have moved! Although it was temporary, for now, I probably wouldn’t be surrounded by ghosts.

Knowing that I wouldn’t have to see the mistress when I open the curtains made me feel better.

I smiled as I took a deep breath and entered my room. The moment I walked inside, I saw the mistress hanging by the window. She was floating outside with the wind. Tom and Spike were also in the room. They were sitting there and yawning like they’ve been waiting for me for a long time.

Are you serious? I went outside to confirm. As expected, my hot bodyguard was guarding the entrance of the apartment. When he saw me came out, he smiled at me.

A very enchanting smile..

Wow…so it looks like I’m stuck with them for life.

I closed the door with no hesitation as I ran back into my room. I stood directly in front of the window where the mistress was floating from the outside.

Today’s wind must be quite strong. She was swaying quite a lot.

“I can kind of understand why the other ghosts followed me. But why are you here? Didn’t you jump off from 2605? Shouldn’t you be hanging on that floor instead? Why did you come on the 27th floor?” I yelled as I stomped my feet.

Seeing the mistress’s indifferent expression, I gave up.

Not only do I get bullied by people, I also get bullied by ghosts…

Fine! I can’t get revenge on ghosts, but I can with humans! Muahaha! Suyang. Actually, I was benefiting by living with Suyang.

Although his personality was a mess, his looks were top-notched. I have been single for the past 25 years. Calculating with my fingers, it was time for me to get into a romantic relationship!

Usually, when a man and a woman live together, the woman is at a disadvantage. But God made an error and placed such an attractive man by my side. I wonder who’s going to take advantage of who???

I can’t believe I’m having these thoughts. I must be nuts!

My sleep was interrupted by my sinister thoughts and an unknown object.

I was surprised by the sudden attack. I slowly opened my eyes and saw that my bedroom door was slightly opened. I saw a pair of owl-like eyes looking at me.

Suyang? What the heck was he doing? Why was he acting like a thief peeking inside someone’s room? Was he a psycho?

I didn’t want to leave my bed and blanket, so I didn’t say a word as I continued lying on the bed glaring at him.

When he noticed he got my attention, he opened the door a bit wider and he threw paper bullets at me.


Hello? I was watching? What was he trying to do?

It appeared he was very stimulated. Somehow, he got hold of a slingshot as he started to continuously fire paper bullets at me. Some of them landed on me, while some of them landed elsewhere.

“Enough…!” It was early in the morning. My voice sounded abnormally rough; as if something was stuck inside my throat.

Now that I’ve sat upright, Suyang properly knocked. Then, he stood by the door as if he was waiting for something.

Could he be waiting for me to say “Please enter”?

“Please enter?” I tested with the two words.

Hearing this, Suyang immediately opened the door and came in.

He went up to me as he sized me up and down at my expressionless face. Then, he icily stated, “Sign this.”

“Sign what?” I reached a hand out from underneath my blanket as I forcefully grabbed the thick stack of paper from Suyang’s hands. From his expression, it looked like he was pained by how rough I was treating his document.

“A living together contract?” I stared at the A4 paper and read the four words on the first page out loud. I lifted the document and gave Suyang a puzzled gaze. “What is this?”

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