Superstar Aspirations

Chapter 1


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The blazing sun hung high in the vast boundless sky, scattering a brilliant light on ground. The hot, arid air let the row of Chinese Ash trees next to the hospital gate look to be seemingly still, their leaves spiritless and listless, withering away.

Rong Xu came out from the hospital. The steward was already waiting at the side.

The elderly steward directly reached out his hands to take the luggage out of the teenager's hands but Rong Xu quietly evaded the hand, softly saying: "It's fine if I carry it myself, Uncle Duan."

Steward Duan frozen in surprise and stared blankly but didn't object.

Rong Xu quickly entered the car, the two departed from the hospital, leaving towards the Rong family mansion.

The Rong family lived in B City and can be considered a new wealthy, influential second class family that rose quickly with a quite fierce momentum. Unfortunately, once it came to Rong Xu's generation, don't know because of what kind of back luck but there was only one offspring, Rong Xu.

In a regular household, they would certainly spoil this only junior.

But the Rong family is different.

Rong Xu's parents died in a car accident ten years ago, five years later, his grandfather also died because of illness. Rong family's only remnant is Rong Xu and his aunt and uncle.

"Young Master,it is still quite hot outside, it would be better to close the windows." The old steward calmly said. The voice was composed, without any excess feeling.

Rong Xu let out a soft "En" in agreement before pulling the window up, but he could still see the outside through the dark tinted windows of the car.

A handsome, pale face reflected on the brown tinted window. A pair of long, narrow phoenix eyes that were bright and alluring, seemingly as if it has been immersed in years old wine as a ripple of light fluttered across the surface. His prominent eyebrows slightly knitted together, appearing to be thinking about something.

Three months ago, Rong family's Young Master and his friends drank too much and while they were driving home, fell into the river. Because it was in the middle of the night, the accident didn't cause any other casualties but the Rong family had to spent much effort to cover up this matter. Naturally, Rong Xu had to stay in the hospital for three months, and was only officially discharged today.

However, everyone doesn't know that when Rong Xu opened his eyes again, he was no longer the same Young Master of the Rong family.

He is also called Rong Xu, with a much similar face, but he was from a different world, and led a completely different life.

In his previous life, both of Rong Xu's parents passed away and he was adopted by relatives. When he was about to reach adulthood, his adoptive parents also went in turn due to illness. When Rong Xu, who just became an adult was suddenly throw into society with mortgages his adoptive parents owed, his was scouted. Everything afterwards was acting, singing, gaining support, received a huge award……and finally, became a well-deserved superstar.

With an outstanding appearance and natural talent, Rong Xu obtained what most can not get in their whole lifetime at merely the age of thirty. He originally thought his life would always be so brilliant, and peacefully play out. But who would have expected that when he was returning home after attending an award ceremony, he would experience an airplane crash.

The flight attendant, with reddening eyes, passed out pieces of paper and pens to everyone, to let them write down their last words.

At this kind of time, the people sitting on the plane already have no other significance. Everyone cried as their wrote their last words.

It just happens that some of his fans were also on the plane so Rong Xu went to gently comfort them. Knowing the crash would be difficult to avoid, a little girl asked him while crying: "Ah Rong, did you wrote your last words?"

Rong Xu slightly curved his lips, showing an exceptionally dazzling smile: "I wrote it, no need to worry about me."

While waiting for the final moment to arrive, only Rong Xu knew that note close to his heart is blank.

What kind of regrets does he have that he wants to say?

His parents and adoptive parents have all long since passed away, and there were also not many intimate friends. He also had setted up a will long ago beforehand to donate all of his money to charity organizations to help orphans that lost their parents.

He had tasted what it is like to lose your family in this lifetime, but also tasted the warmth of an adoptive family. He has reached the top summit of the world, and has also finished all preparations for after he dies.

……But did this really mean that he didn't have any regrets?

The sunlight shone on a skyscraper’s glass curtain walls, and the glare reflected on the young man's beautiful pair of eyes, causing them to sting. He squinted his eyes and slowly shifted his gaze.

After a while, when the car entered the Rong family mansion, however, both the aunt and uncle were not home.

Steward Duan made a face and said: "The Master is on a business trip in the United States and the Madame is on a holiday in France."

Rong Xu slowly nodded in understanding, then carried his luggage back to his room.

Their own nephew is still in the hospital with his condition uncertain yet one was busy on a business trip, one was even busier on a holiday. From this, he can already see the complex relationship between Rong family's uncle and nephew.

While Rong Xu was in the hospital these three months, only the second uncle, Rong Heng, came to see him once. At that time, Rong Xu still had not completely accepted all of this body's memory, so when the other party saw him, it was all a continuous session of angry scolding and cursing.

"Drunk driving? You brats dare to go drunk driving? Why did you not die already, yet still need I, you father to help you settle the aftermath! The company has been extremely busy fighting a case recently, if you let them get a hold against us because of this, I, your father will chase you out of the family! A useless thing like you is better off dead! Don't even think that I, your father will give you even a penny later!"

Afterwards, several of Rong Xu's credit cards were frozen.

The friends around Rong Xu originally didn't have much money compared to him, so this time around, it seems he really is penniless.


The next day, steward Duan was watering the flowers in the garden but expectedly saw his house's own disappointing Young Master actually dressed neatly before going out the door.

A simple and casual white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, along with a black baseball cap, the wide brim covering the young man's beautiful facial features. The sun shone down from the top of the head, casting a light shadow to only reveal a small exquisite chin.

Steward Duan couldn't help but stay still for a moment and only reacted after half a day: "Young…Young Master?"

Rong Xu turned to look at him before smiling and said: "Uncle Duan, I'll being going out for a while and come back in the evening."

Steward Duan: "…… Of course."

Rong Xu left quite fast, his figure quickly disappearing like smoke, leaving behind a stunned Steward Duan.

After a long time, Steward Duan was suddenly startled: " Ah! The flowers! "

The cluster of dense, thriving roses was flooded with water seeping out between the petals. The excessive amount of water caused Steward Duan to anxiously change the soil quickly, causing him to become busy for awhile. Only waiting till he was done to distractedly think about what happened: "Was the one before……really the Young Master? How can it be so normal, it's not a hallucination right……?"


At the moment, Rong Xu already got off the taxi, arriving in front a towering building.

Probably because he was too used to using credit cards, but the original owner didn't leave behind much money. The Rong family mansion was also placed in an estate area without any public transportation, so Rong Xu can only take a taxi over. This trip already costed him 100 RMB, a few more times and he's afraid he can only squat at home. If he wants to go out, he can only rely on his own two feet.

Everywhere was surrounded by rows of high-rise buildings with workers wearing white-collared shirts walking around busily. A young and beautiful teen amongst them is indeed quite eye-catching. Many people casted an awestruck look towards him, but when they discovered which building he was looking at, they all nodded as if it was a matter of course.

No wonder he looks so handsome, so he was a celebrity!

After a long time, Rong Xu entered Huaxia Entertainment.


Luo Zhentao has been very anxious lately, the few smaller actors under his management hasn't been able to produce any results, and his upcoming actor wants to go independent. Having to advising the upstart actor to renew his contract with the company, speaking till his lips cracked on one side, then having to win over some resources for the smaller actors to quickly bring them up on another; this kind of not yellow nor greenstate was suffocating him.

When Luo Zhentao heard there was actually someone looking for him at the reception counter, he first became stunned then subconsciously said: "Looking for me? Who's looking for me that couldn't come up and can only ask the front desk?"

By the time when Luo Zhentao came downstairs and the moment he saw the other party, he became startled for a second, suddenly realizing who the other was, then……

He turned around to run!

But just as Luo Zhentao turned around, he heard an elegant and leisurely voice behind him: "Luo ge."

Luo……Luo ge?!

What's with this address?!

Luo Zhentao's whole body trembled and started getting a bad feeling in his heart.

Having already been called out by the other party, Luo Zhentao can no longer pretend he didn't see them and can only thicken his face to walk over. Waiting till he is in front him, Luo Zhentao's line of sight could not help but look askance at the other's face. Looking over once then twice, and after the second time, he still could not help but look over once again.

Strange, why did this Young Master Rong suddenly became normal?! Before wasn't it multi-colored hair and clothes covered in holes? And also that killer matte smokey-eyed makeup that's darker than a third-rate model's. Why did he suddenly……become so strange?!

That's right, this kind of white t-shirt and jeans when worn by others would look extremely ordinary, but when it is worn by Rong Xu, Steward Duan and Luo Zhentao can only think:……did you eat the wrong medicine?

Luo Zhentao's suspicious gaze constantly looked up and down his body, sizing it up. Rong Xu faintly smiled, not caring at all.

In his last life, he had fans all over the world paying attention to him and has long been accustomed to being looked at. This Luo Zhentao seems to have not wanted to see him so Rong Xu went straight to the point: " I asked for you to arrange a role for me three months ago, and now the drama filming is about to start. Luo ge, when are you going to give me the role? "

Luo Zhentao only heard loud buzzing "hum" in his head and his whole body acted as if he was struck by lighting.

Sure enough it was for the sake of the role!

Luo Zhentao unintentionally swallowed his saliva, but his face was extremely calm. He looked at this kid in front of him who's still underage, his face showing an awkward expression, but had already thought of many ways to reject him in his heart.

"That role is indeed not bad, however Rong Xu, you originally wanted this role for Zhong Yi but I'm afraid you don't know that during the period you were in the hospital, Zhong Yi was injured while filming last month and essentially can not enter the cast. Young Master Rong, looking at this situation, what do you want to do?"

Zhong Yi was a new actor in the industry. He was relatively handsome and just became famous, earning a bit of popularity. Don't know from where he got associated with Rong family's Young Master, but it just so happens that Luo Zhentao coincidentally owes Rong Xu something from before, so Rong Xu went to ambush Luo Zhentao to let him arrange a role, intending to get Zhong Yi into the cast.

At first, in order to get this role, Luo Zhentao also spend a lot of time thinking of every means to get it. Now that this kind of situation happened, the only thing Luo Zhentao can think of is: first, ensures he keeps the role to leave for his own small time actors then find other opportunities to pay back Rong Xu.

Thinking till here, Luo Zhentao's heart could not help but feel relieved. On his face also appeared a faint smile: "Young master Rong, lets do it this way, I will arrange another role for Zhong Yi after he gets better. The role this time isn't particularly good, just a small supporting role. I'll do my best to arrange better role for him afterward, you see……"

"That's even better."

Luo Zhentao thought Rong Xu agreed and couldn't help smiling a bit bigger: "Then lets do it like that. Young master Rong, afterwards I……"

"I'll play this role."

The teenager slightly raised the corners of his lips, his limpid, light colored pupils flashing with a touch of bright color. It was as if the true appearance of a fine jade was shown after the dirt was brushed away, everything became tranquil and serene at this moment. The sense of inexperience that belongs only to a youth and his handsome appearance perfectly blended together, creating a splendor glow. Even Luo Zhentao who has seen countless celebrities before can not help but stare foolishly.

After waiting for a long time, Luo Zhentao finally sobered up: " ……#$#$!!!"

What the hell?!

Who will play? I dare you to say it again!!!

I, you father – Laozi, arrogant way to refer to one's self

squat at home – Home squatter, hikikomori, a shut in

not yellow nor greenstate – Not ripe, uncertain state

Luo Ge – Means Brother Luo but they're not related. Just a close form of address.

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