Swallowed Star

Volume 2 - Chapter 1: Hello, Brother Luo

Volume 2 Chapter 1: Hello, Brother Luo

On the day that Luo Feng was released, the two people Zhou Hua Yang and Zhang Hao Bai were in a room in an exotic tea house.

“Brother Zhou, is something wrong? You called me here so early in the morning” Zhang Hao Bai said in a quiet, low voice, “Did that thing have results? If you did, then rest assured brother Zhou. There is absolutely no problem with the money part” Zhang Hao Bai was looking forward to whether or not Luo Feng’s arm and leg were broken.

Zhou Hua Yang sat there with a gloomy face, not saying anything.

“Brother Zhou?”

Zhang Hao Bai felt that there was something weird with the mood and quietly said, “Brother Zhou, why, why don’t you say anything?”

“Zhang Hao Bai, how cruel. You were tired of living and tried to drag me down with you” Zhou Hua Yang looked coldly at Zhang Hao Bai.

“What, what did I do?” Zhang Hao Bai’s mind was blank as he nervously said, “Brother Zhou, what’s going on? Tell me clearly” Zhang Hao Bai knew that something was off because of Zhou Hua Yang’s attitude and face, but he didn’t know exactly what happened.

Zhou Hua Yang took in a deep breath and said quietly: “Zhang Hao Bai, you told me to break Luo Feng’s leg and arm, right?”

“Yes, what?” Zhang Hao Bai said as he nodded his head.

“Hmph, what?” Zhou Hua Yang said coldly as he sneered, “That Luo Feng you want to deal with, is a prospective fighter!”

“Prospective fighter?” Zhang Hao Bai went completely blank for a moment.


The room was completely silent. Zhang Hao Bai’s face was pale and he sat there without moving a hair; balls of sweat constantly leaked out of his forehead.

Zhou Hua Yang laughed coldly on the side as he sipped his tea, not saying anything.

“How could this, how could this happen?” Zhang Hao Bai’s feelings of jealousy were completely gone. The only feeling he had left was fear! His family was rich, so he was clear about the prospective fighters’ privileges….. For him to have sent people to break a prospective fighter’s arm and leg, the prospective fighter can go through the Jiang-Nan city security agency and detain him!

Once he enters the security agency, his life is ruined!

“No, no…..” Zhang Hao Bai’s face was completely pale.

“You’re finally scared and shocked speechless?” Zhou Hua Yang angrily slammed the cup onto the table and yelled, “****, if this piece of trash really wants to die, then don’t drag me down with you! A prospective fighter, you sent me to break a prospective fighter’s arm and leg. If he reports this to the security agency, I’m in big trouble too!”

Zhou Hua Yang angrily clenched his teeth.

“Brother Zhou, what should I do? What on earth should I do?” said Zhang Hao Bai, “I, I don’t want to get captured to the security agency. Tell me, what on earth should I do?”

The security agency…..

For regular citizens, it is a mysterious yet horrifying place. If you get captured by them, your life is practically over.

“Oh yea, brother Zhou, did you rat me out?” Zhang Hao Bai’s eyes flashed. If only Zhou Hua Yang knew that Zhang Hao Bai sent him to do this, then he still has some hope if he didn’t get ratted out.

“What the **** are you thinking you dog?” Zhou Hua Yang angrily said as he stood up and pointed at Zhang Hao Bai, “The government’s men were interrogating me and I still dare not say? If I don’t, then I’ll die for you!!!”

Zhang Hao Bai froze.

Indeed, if Zhou Hua Yang didn’t tell the truth, then he would be in huge trouble.

“I only came and told you this because we have been together for so many years. At least you’ll know what’s going on when you get captured by the security agency” Zhou Hua Yang sneered, “I advise you to go back and discuss this with your father. Your father has more connections, so he’ll definitely have a higher chance of doing something about this compared to you. Brother….. your brother Zhou won’t stay here any longer, I’ll be going ahead! I already paid the bill, so you don’t have to pay”

After saying that, Zhou Hua Yang directly opened the door and walked out.

Only Zhang Hao Bai was left in the room.

“How could this happen?” Zhang Hao Bai sat on the chair and shaked his head, still unable to believe what was happening, “How, how could he be a prospective fighter! Before high school exams, he only had a fist strength of 800 kg. Just in these few days? How did he become a prospective fighter?”

“No, no, I don’t want to get captured by the security agency”

“Dad, dad….. I need to go find my dad”

Zhang Hao Bai dashed out of the tea house with a pale face and sprinted home as fast as he could.


At home.

Zhang Hao Bai sat on the living room’s sofa with both fists clenched and his body shaking.

[KA!] The door was opened.

“Hao Bai, what did you call me so urgently for? And you even said if I come late, you’ll die?” Zhang Ze Long hastily ran home from the company. When he saw the look on his son’s face, he got goosebumps as he thought, “Not good. This kid Hao Bai must’ve got caught in something huge”

“Dad, I’m in trouble” Zhang Hao Bai lifted his head and looked at his father.

Just these few, simple words——I’m in trouble.

Made Zhang Ze Long’s heart go cold.

“Tell me, exactly what happened. Tell me specifically and leave absolutely nothing out. Say everything clearly” Zhang Ze Long’s expression became serious. Even though he knew there was trouble, he didn’t panic. He did survive through the Grand Nirvana period, so what kind of things hasn’t he seen before?

Zhang Hao Bai took in a deep breath: “It’s like this, last time in our garden, a remodeling company came to move our furniture…..”

From the start to the end, Zhang Hao Bai hid nothing and said everything.

“You, you actually tried to beat up a prospective fighter?” Zhang Ze Long stared.

“I, I didn’t know” When Zhang Hao Bai saw his father stare like this, he panicked, “If I knew, then even if you beat me to death I wouldn’t have done it!”

Zhang Ze Long took in a deep breath, and without saying anything, took out his cell phone to make a call.



This sound came from Zhang Ze Long’s cell phone. Zhang Ze Long couldn’t help but to frown.

“What happened, dad?” Zhang Hao Bai asked.

“I called your uncle, but he’s hunting monsters outside the city” Zhang Ze Long sat on the sofa, “Wait for your uncle to call back”

Outside the city, nobody knows where a monster could be hiding.

So usually, people find a safe area first before contacting people in the city.

One moment later——

“Big bro, what’s wrong?” A low voice rang, “I’m a bit busy right now”

“Hu, this time’s matter is big. Your nephew messed up hard” Zhang Ze Long said, his eyes red.

“What did Hao Bai do? Big bro, tell me, I’m listening” the sound came from Zhang Ze Long’s brother ‘Zhang Ze Hu’.

“It’s like this” Zhang Ze Long immediately repeated everything that his son just told him.

After a brief silence, Zhang Ze Hu’s voice carried over: “Hao Bai this kid, dare cause trouble with a prospective fighter. That was too daring! Okay, from now on, stay home every day Hao Bai. Do not cause anymore trouble outside. And do not make contact with that Luo Feng”

“Ok, uncle” Zhang Hao Bai, as if he was holding on to his last straw, nodded in agreement.

“Okay, you guys don’t do anything” The sound from the cell phone continued, “Wait for me to come home. Even if the security agency comes and captures you, don’t do anything. Wait for me to come back no matter what. My current mission is quite important, so I estimate that I’ll need another one to two months before I can come back”

“Okay” Zhang Hao Bai nodded.

“Rest assured, Hao Bai! You’re my big bro’s only child, I’ll do everything in my power to protect you” The sound from the cell phone continued, “Big bro, my captain is calling me, so I won’t say anymore. Remember, do not do anything and wait for me to come back”

The call ended. It was only now that Zhang Ze Long and Zhang Hao Bai could let out a breath.


The Zhang family was panicking, but the Luo family was happy.

After dinner.

Luo Feng brought his brother Luo Hua downstairs and walked as he pushed the wheelchair.

“Brother, we’ve been living in this area for around a dozen years. Dad and mom have been living here for over twenty years” Luo Hua raised his head and looked at the apartment. The apartment was packed and had little vegetation. “After we leave this place and go into that Ming-Yue area, I want to come out and walk around by myself”

Going up and down the stairs every day was an unbelievably hard task for the handicapped Luo Hua.

“Okay” Luo Feng smiled as he nodded and pushed the wheelchair, “Hua, we’ll finally be exposed to the sun, we finally can get out that small room. and mom and dad finally won’t have to sleep on the couch”

Luo Hua nodded.

They have wished for this day….. for so long.

“Someone’s coming” Luo Hua raised his head and looked forwards. A young teenager wearing glasses smiled as he walked over. He first smiled to the handicapped Luo Hua and then looked at Luo Feng, “Brother Luo, right?”

“You are?” Luo Feng looked at him suspiciously.

The teenage boy smiled; “Hello, brother Luo. My name is Zhou Hua Yang! Does brother Luo have some time for us to find a place and chat?”

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