Swallowed Star

Volume 1 - Chapter 10: The Prospective Fighter exam (part 2)

Volume 1 Chapter 10: The Prospective Fighter exam (part 1)

“Dad, Mom, I’m going to the city’s ‘Dojo of Limits’, so I might not come back to eat lunch today” Luo Feng stood up after drinking a large bowl of gruel and eating three pieces of bread, “Just wait today for my good news today. After I pass the exam, I’ll call right away”

Gong Xin Lan laughed and then glanced at Luo Hong Guo: “Hong Guo, did you hear that? You better have your cell phone on you at all times, or Luo Feng might not even be able to contact you”

“I’ll be sure to bring my cell phone” Luo Hong Guo laughed.

“Ok, I’m leaving now”

Luo Feng winked at Luo Hua, who laughed and gave a thumbs up in return.


Early in the morning, Luo Feng left the small Southern shore region and road the #11 subway line to ‘Zhong-An road station’ and then transferred to Yang Zhou city’s center region. After leaving the subway station, he walked for ten minutes before arriving at Yang Zhou’s Dojo of Limits headquarters——Limit Hall。

Luo Feng left home at around 6 AM. By the time he arrived, it was already almost 8 AM.

“This is the legendary Ming-Yue sector?” Luo Feng stood in front of the huge door in the quiet sector. This sector’s name is ‘Ming-Yue sector’ and is where the Limit Hall is located.

“This man, this is the Ming-Yue sector, don’t come close”

Just at the small sector’s entrance, there was a row of six soldiers wearing their uniforms and holding real guns and ammo. You can tell from one look at their uniforms….. that they aren’t part of the police, but part of the army. One of the soldiers shouted: “Sir, please stand back. Once you enter the yellow lined area, we have the right to shoot and kill you on the spot!”

“Just like the legends” Luo Feng thought to himself in his heart.

Ming-Yue sector in Yang Zhou is where the Dojo of Limits’ headquarters is located!

Not only is the Limit Hall here, but also many fighters’ homes.

“According to the rumors, the people that live here are the fighters and their families! Even the police don’t have the right to come in as they please” Luo Feng marveled in his heart.

“Everyone” Luo Feng stood at the small sector’s entrance and spoke, “I am the Dojo of Limits’ elite member ‘Luo Feng’. I came here today to take the Prospective Fighter exam”. The Limit Hall holds the Prospective Fighter exam on the first day of every month.


From the guardsman’s lounge an old, bald man walked out with a computer in his hand, “Young man, you came quite early, it isn’t even 8 AM yet. Taking the Prospective Fighter exam at such a young age, your future is limitless. Ok, let me check your ID and elite member ID”

Luo Feng handed them over.


A message came up on the computer’s display after scanning the identifications.

“18 years old?” This old, bald man looked at Luo Feng in shock and then laughed, “Brave enough to take the Prospective Fighter exam at 18 years old. Not bad, I hope you pass it today”

“Thank you sir” Luo Feng replied.

“Let him in” The old, bald man waved his hand.

The small sector’s electronic door opened automatically. At this time, a soldier holding an assault rifle stepped forward and followed Luo Feng: “Sir, I will bring you to the Dojo of Limits. After you enter the sector, please do not run around! You only have the right to enter the Limit Hall and not the fighters’ homes. If you break this rule, even if I don’t make a move, the people patrolling the area will” This soldier even sneered at Luo Feng while telling him this.

“Of course” Luo Feng slightly smiled and nodded, but was surprised inside.

There indeed was a cooperative relationship between the country and the Dojo of Limits. At least the core of the Dojo of Limits will be heavily protected and guarded.

“Wow, every building is a private villa” Luo Feng looked around. Except for the center of the sector, which was the large, tall Limit Hall tower, everywhere else was a private villa. Between the villas were fake mountains, pools, and lawns.


Ming-Yue sector, inside the Limit Hall. Right when Luo Feng stepped inside the lobby of the Limit Hall, the soldier went back.

“Sir, are you here to take the Prospective Fighter exam?” Inside the hall, a beautiful young woman smiled, “Sir, please sit over there. When it’s 10 AM, take the exam with the others.”

Luo Feng nodded and walked towards the side of the lobby. There was a small bar there with a waiter and a bartender.

“Hm?” Luo Feng scanned the spots and saw that there were already three people sitting at the bar.

Two of them were having a discussion while the other one was sitting silently on a sofa.

“Look at all of those villas. That is the benefit you get from joining the Dojo of Limits as a fighter” A young man wearing a white shirt and pants said, “As long as you become a fighter and join the Dojo of Limits, you’ll get a free villa and you’ll be able to live here….. Heh, look at this environment, it’s so comfortable”

“Of course the fighter sector is different from all the other sectors outside. Look, a new person is coming” The three people saw Luo Feng. Luo Feng slightly nodded and sat on the sofa at the side.

Nobody knew each other, so there wasn’t any exchange of talk.

As time passed, three more people came, which Luo Feng recognized none of. However, from their looks…. the three of them were a bit older, probably all over 30 years old. One of them was even over 40 years old.

“Ha, Luo Feng!” a loud sound came up.

Luo Feng, startled, turned his head and looked, and saw a lean man with a face full of hideous scars walking towards him: “You’re coming to take the prospective fighter exam too?”

“Brother Yang?” Luo Feng stood up and greeted him.

“It’s a bit embarrassing. I came to try last month but sadly ——my speed was only 24.9 m/s. It was off by just that one bit!” Yang Wu said helplessly. In fact, Yang Wu passed a long time ago in fist strength and reaction speed. It’s just that speed is his weak point.

However, starting from this year, Yang Wu’s speed started improving. 24.9 meters and 25 meters isn’t really a big difference. If everything goes well, he might get a grade of 25 m/s.

“I’m sure you can pass this time Brother Yang” Luo Feng laughed

“This guy named Yang tried so many times already and never passed. I bet this time you’ll fail too” a loud sound came from the side.

Luo Feng looked over and the one talking was a buff man with a full beard. Yang Wu immediately glared: “The guy named Tong, you dare talk about me. Didn’t you take the test and fail twice already? With your reaction speed, I guess you’ll need at least another two or three more years of training”

“Silence” a cold sound came from the center of the lobby.

The eight people currently there all turned their heads and saw a middle-aged man wearing a dojo uniform, “Let’s go, everyone follow me upstairs and take the exam. Remember, behave yourself once you’re upstairs. Our old friends from Yang Zhou city’s headquarters came over today, so don’t cause trouble”

“Yes” No matter if it was the arrogant full beard, Yang Wu, or Luo Feng; everyone listened and followed.

“an old friend from headquarters?” Luo Feng couldn’t help but start guessing in his heart.

Know this: Yang Zhou city has 12 Dojo of Limits and the Limit Hall. Each sector’s Dojo of Limits’ masters are called ‘Instructors’. The master of the Limit Hall is called the ‘Chief Instructor’.

After entering the elevator, the loose uniform wearing middle-aged man pressed ‘6’.

[DI!] The elevator arrived at the sixth floor.


The elevator door opened and what came into sight was a gigantic training hall with around a dozen people inside. Luo Feng recognized one of them to be instructor ‘Jiang Nian’.

“They’re here, stop chatting” A middle-aged man with loose, long hair spoke and all of them looked at Luo Feng’s group. When facing their glares, Luo Feng’s group tensed up. They knew….. that those who appear inside the Limit Hall, other than the service personnel, are fighters.

In other words, all of these people are fighters! Since this is the headquarters of the Dojo of Limits in Yang Zhou city.

“Get ready for examination” The middle-aged man with loose, long hair commanded.

Luo Feng has seen this man before on the internet. He is the master of the Limit Hall, Yang Zhou city’s chief instructor ‘Wu Tong’.

“Come one by one and give me your ID” The fighter who led Luo Feng’s group up here took their IDs and handed them over to chief instructor ‘Wu Tong’ and laughed, “Boss, there’s quite a few people today. There are eight of them!”

“Yup” Wu Tong randomly picked out an ID and scanned it on the machine next to him.


A crystal-like display that was almost transparent shot out from the machine and displayed a large amount of personal information.

“First one, Tong Guan” The chief instructor was indifferent, “Begin your fist strength test. Even those of you who came out of the army come to my Limit Hall to test, interesting”

Luo Feng, who was listening on the side, couldn’t help but smile. The Dojo of Limits was created by the strongest fighter on earth. The dojos are scattered all around the world and their examinations have high credibility. Your examination results will receive recognition in every area in every country on earth.

Even the army or traditional martial artists will come to the Dojo of Limits to take the exam.

“Test your fist strength” The chief instructor commanded.


The full bearded man immediately took a step forward. With his left hand in front of his face and eyes wide open, his right fist flew through an arc and hit against the large machine, which only shook a little bit. The machine’s display immediately displayed the number——’986kg’。

“Pass, next, Luo Feng” The chief instructor randomly chose the second ID and scanned it on the machine. He read through the descriptive personal information and couldn’t help but to be shocked, “Eh? 18 years old? Old Jiang, this is your Zhi-An section’s right? Since when did such a talented young man appear?”

“Haha” Instructor ‘Jiang Nian’ on the side couldn’t help but to laugh.

“We still don’t know if he is truly skilled” In the group of fighters at the side, a fat veteran scoffed, “He might not know what he’s dealing with and has no strength”

Instructor Jiang Nian glared: “What, jealous? Your northern section doesn’t have any sort of genius like this. Luo Feng, show them my Zhi-An section’s members’ strength”

“Yes, instructor” Luo Feng stepped up and headed towards the fist strength tester machine.

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