Swallowed Star

Chapter 1485 - Transcending Reincarnation (The Final Episode) Part 1

Chapter 1485: Transcending Reincarnation (The Final Episode) Part 1

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Within the solar system, a couple in white stood amid the void space as they looked afar at a massive celestial body that was glowing red. It was a gigantic red star!

“Even for a newborn star,” Luo Feng whispered, “the moment the original universe enters its final stage, this star will rapidly age and change. The process will be much faster than the evolution of a normal star. Very quickly, it will reach the stage of becoming a gigantic red star.”

“Haven’t you mentioned it before?” Beside him, Xu Xin said with a laugh, “Now that it is entering its final stage, the origin of the original universe is absorbing energy from all life forms and celestial bodies. Naturally, it will decline faster.” She sighed. “For years beyond count, the moment a star reached the end of its life, for the sake of Earth, we would move to another star. Now, even Earth is gone.”

Luo Feng nodded gently.

Not long ago, when this newborn star, which had just been shifted over, started to age rapidly, numerous great beings from the pulse of Earth had decided to directly move their ancestral world, “Earth,” into the miniature universe. Upon obtaining Luo Feng’s permission, the final decision was to move Earth into Luo Feng’s miniature universe. Luo Feng would set aside a special area of space within his miniature universe for Earth, and this area would be a simulated environment of the solar system.

Luo Feng let out another sigh as he whispered, “Another reincarnation era is coming to an end, just like that.”

“I can still recall the memories of our past,” Xu Xin reminisced. “Back then, we were only two high school students in the headquarter city of Earth. No one would have expected the two of us to be able to live until today—to live to witness the day all the oceans dry up, and the rocks crumble to dust, and the entire universe is finally destroyed.”

Luo Feng lowered his head to look at his wife by his side. Husband and wife looked at one another and smiled.

He turned back to look at that gigantic star, red and glowing. It was beautiful. So beautiful. Just like the sunset during the Earth’s era.

After a long time…

“Huh?” Luo Feng’s brows twitched.

Xu Xin looked confused as she asked, “What is it?” Then, as if also sensing something, she, too, looked into the distance.

A figure could be seen appearing amidst the distant void space. Shortly after, the figure flew over to them.

It was a universe master garbed in a colorful outer robe. Both her eyes were shining with light that was even more colorful than her outfit. She was one of the beast gods from within Ancestral God School. She bowed deferentially.

“Honorable Milky Way Horde Leader,” she said. “I am here by order of the three ancestral gods. The three ancestral gods wish to inform that… the original universe will be destroyed three years from now! I trust that Milky Way Horde Leader still remembers the promise that was made back then. Please do make it a point to make your way to Ancestral God Palace before the time limit of three years is up, Milky Way Horde Leader.”

Luo Feng nodded. “Got it.”

“I shall not impose any further.” The female beast god bowed again, then quietly left.

“Only left with three years.” Xu Xin sighed softly.

“Yes, three years.” Luo Feng nodded.

Xu Xin looked at Luo Feng. She knew that the moment this reincarnation era came to an end, it would not be long before Luo Feng would leave to try to achieve a breakthrough of reincarnation. How could she not worry?


The time limit of the final three years brought about an increase in the speed at which the various races in the original universe moved about. In the face of the decline of the entire original universe, they had to relocate.

Two youths boarded a spaceship that was just about to take off for a faraway star traveler. The planet was the gathering point.

“Even the original universe is going to be destroyed,” said one. “I really wish I could bring more friends along with me. Unfortunately, each of us can only take ten people.”

“Stop lamenting,” said the other. “How big is the original universe? And how big can a miniature universe be? It is fated that 99.9999 percent of the people going up will not have the chance to move into his miniature universe. We are the talents accepted by the Milky Way Kingdom, which has allowed us to bring up to ten people with us.”

It was a large-scale relocation. The criterion for the relocation of the human race followed this order. Firstly, all the sector lords, undying fighters, and those who were higher would be taken away. Next would be those talents who were chosen to be taken in by the nine groups of major powers, such as Milky Way Kingdom, the virtual universe company, the Huge Axe Dojo, and Universe Star River Bank. A handful of talents from certain rounds of the War of Talents—who had not been accepted by any party but had demonstrated outstanding performances—were also taken away.

Then, based on how high or low their abilities were, they could bring family members and friends along with them.

In fact, by comparison, the relocation of humans had been a much kinder process compared to that of the demons and the automaton race. This was because the human race had a very formidable true god: Luo Feng!

The humans might have had 98 true gods, but the surface area of Luo Feng’s miniature universe alone was 1,000 times larger than that of any other true god! He alone had the same volume as 1,000 true gods’ miniature universes!

Furthermore, Luo Feng and Teacher Origin would both achieve their breakthroughs and become true gods of void space by the end of this reincarnation era. By that time, their miniature universes would be able to accommodate even more life forms and great beings. This was why, regardless of anything, they were squeezing in as many life forms as they could. There was no need to worry about whether the miniature universes would be able to bear the weight of future multiplications in numbers of life forms. This was because things would get much easier the moment there was a breakthrough for the miniature universe. This was the reason why so many humans were involved in the relocation process!

But, compared to the countless number of humans within the entire original universe, it was still only a minority who could be chosen!


Within Luo Feng’s miniature universe, at Nine Sectors Mountain, there were gurgling streams, rolling mountain, birds, and beasts all around. It was a beautiful place, and it was also where Luo Feng had remained in solitude while cultivating. Usually, this place would be managed by Morosa.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

From afar, a dense crowd of figures was flying over. This attracted Luo Feng’s attention. He was conversing with his parents and wife. He turned to take a look.

Over 1,000 figures descended. With great deference, they all bowed and greeted, “Milky Way Ancestor!”

The 3,000-odd figures were all universe masters. The humans had a total of 1,222 universe masters. During this round of relocation, they had been scattered and were entering various miniature universes. As Luo Feng’s miniature universe was the biggest of all, the number of universe masters choosing to come here would naturally be the most—especially those with the potential of becoming true gods.

Almost all of these hopefuls had arrived in his miniature universe. The number of universe masters that the humans had entrusted to Luo Feng’s miniature universe exceeded 900. In addition, there were also some other races from the Hong Alliance without any true gods in his universe. The Hong Alliance was the leader of the humans, so it was a given that their races should be taken care of, too. This was why there was also more than 3,000 universe masters from the Hong Alliance, who had made their way into Luo Feng’s miniature universe.

More than 900 universe masters from the human race had brought along with them a sea of humans, consisting of universe knights, undying fighters, sector lords, countless talented beings, countless accompanying populations, etc.

“All have arrived,” said Luo Feng with a smile. “Let’s act according to the plan that we have come up with, then.”

“Yes, Ancestor,” over 1,000 universe masters replied with deference.

Then, one after another, they left at high speed. They dispersed all over the 100,000 plane surfaces and started releasing the human beings they had brought along with them. The respective plane surfaces where these humans were released would serve as their future homes.

“Father, you have become an ancestor,” Luo Hai said with great envy.

“In the future,” commented Luo Ping, “the humans will multiply, generation after generation. And they will all be multiplying within Father’s universe. Father will soon be making his breakthrough. By then, our ‘Milky Way Holy Land Universe’ will become an eternal existence. In the future, generations of reincarnation eras will multiply here, and naturally, Father will be the ancestor.”

Luo Feng laughed upon hearing what his sons had to say.

True enough. He and Teacher Origin could become true gods of void space anytime. This was why, internally, the humans were already calling out names like “Teacher Origin Holy Land Universe” and “Milky Way Holy Land Universe.” Also, Luo Feng and Teacher Origin were being called “Milky Way Ancestor” and “Teacher Origin Ancestor,” respectively.

“Hmm?” Again, Luo Feng turned around to take a look.

From afar, six figures were flying over.

“Milky Way,” said the six figures, all of them modest and reverent.

“Jue He, Blood Orchid, Rampage, you have come.” Luo Feng smiled and nodded. The six that stood before him were all true gods from the first and second reincarnation eras.

Soon, the great extermination would arrive. To the first reincarnation era, it would mean the arrival of doomsday. Those who could not transcend reincarnation would be annihilated. They were all aware that they did not have the ability to transcend reincarnation, so naturally, they would pin all their hopes on the other miniature universes. But capacity that a miniature universe could bear was limited, so who would be willing to accept outsiders?

Only Luo Feng could easily hope for a breakthrough because his miniature universe was the largest. Plus, he would soon become a true god of void space.

“Go on.” Luo Feng said.

“All right.” The six true gods were filled with gratitude.

Luo Feng watched them leave. There were two reasons why he had chosen to take in these six true gods. The first reason was because of the friendships he had forged with them in the past; furthermore, he was now at the level of the “ultimate limit of a true god of void space.” If he went on further comprehending the great extermination of the original universe—coupled with the constant interaction with Morosa—he believed it would not take him long to achieve a breakthrough to become an eternal true god. This was his second reason for taking them in. By then, there would be space to accommodate even more, so he figured it would not be a bad idea to take six more helpers under his wing.

“Once I become an eternal true god,” Luo Feng said to himself, “there are bound to be great beings becoming true gods in my miniature universe.”

The life forms residing within a miniature universe were not entirely devoid of chances to become true gods. Within the miniature universe of a true god, the highest possible level to be cultivated was a universe master.

Within the miniature universe of a true god of void space, it was possible to cultivate a true god, but there was an extremely hefty price to pay. For every true god that was born, the true god of void space would have to partition a section of his miniature universe for the true god. This was something that very few true gods of void space were willing to do. However, once Luo Feng became an eternal true god, this would be a small price, which he was completely fine with bearing. Besides, ti would not take long for his universe to recover!

In the same way, the World of Jin was a miniature universe; that was something an eternal true god was capable of breeding.


Luo Feng, garbed in white, stepped into the Ancestral God Palace.

“Milky Way, you are finally here. There is only a month left before the great extermination.” The three ancestral gods were seated high above, and among them, the old ancestral god laughed. “You are here, so our final mission can be considered completed. According to the instructions provided by the willpower of the origin, you just need to stay within Ancestral God Palace. That’s all. The three of us will take our leave.”

The three ancestral gods smiled and bid Luo Feng farewell. Then the three of them left the original universe. There was not a single great being left within the entire ancestral god secret region.

In fact, it had been quite some since the great beings of the entire original universe had started leaving successively. There were not many who had remained behind.

The white-robed form of Luo Feng stood on the same spot and whispered to himself, “The great extermination.”

This was not his original body. It was only a godly powered avatar!


The void space around Luo Feng was suddenly distorted. A natural wormhole appeared, and an intangible willpower enshrouded Luo Feng.

“Letting me in?”

Luo Feng understood the intention of the willpower of the origin. He had no fear, and he strode in right away. He felt a change in time and space, then found himself entering a vast and mysterious space.

Within this space, there was nothing but countless spots of light, which were drifting about. Every spot was filled with strong power. Even the weaker ones were comparable to universe masters. Their power was intimidating to even someone like Luo Feng. Within this space, Luo Feng seemed so insignificant and small.

“Is this the place?”

Luo Feng remembered back when he was first bestowed with an inherited technique “I Am the Universe.” His consciousness had entered this area before. Back then, he had been touched by a spot of light, and the next thing he knew, he had acquired the inherited technique “I Am the Universe.” At that time, his level of achievement was low, but now, things were different. He was on a much higher level, so his field of vision was wider.

This particular space was none other than the land of the origin of the original universe.

Out of those countless spots of light, only a handful contained information on inheritance. Most contained an inexhaustible power of the origin! Every light was like a vast world where an inexhaustible power existed.

Luo Feng smiled. With a single stride, he could almost touch a light spot in a flash, but that light spot naturally drifted away, retreating to a distance of a few light years. It would not let Luo Feng touch it at all.

“Haha…!” Luo Feng laughed heartily. Then he sat down, cross-legged, directly on a particular spot.


Suddenly, within this space of origin of the original universe, a colorful brilliance appeared. The blurry, colorful brilliance was like a rainbow covering Luo Feng. The moment Luo Feng was enshrouded, he suddenly felt as though his body had been extended. His willpower started to penetrate through the entire original universe.

He penetrated through numerous star fields, universe secret regions, deserted star fields, and original stars, one after another.

As small as the width of a grain of sand—as big as the vast law oceans. Rapidly, Luo Feng’s willpower penetrated through everything. At that moment, Luo Feng felt as though he had become the original universe!

“How amazing. This… this is the structure of the original universe?”

Luo Feng was infatuated. He completely immersed himself in his surroundings. There were countless spots of light within the space of the origin of the original universe. These light spots could be divided into 100,000 different categories, which were all revolving around the same center. This was the structure of the “Beginning of the Origin”!

The difference was, this was a much more meticulous structure than Luo Feng’s “Beginning of the Origin” and “100,000 Heavens.” It was like Beginning of the Origin and 100,000 Heavens becoming an endless space.

“So,” said Luo Feng, “the energy that the Law Ocean absorbs can even be stored in the universe in such a way.” Luo Feng was in awe. “A natural wormhole… Universe secret region… So, this is the energy of life.”

Although Luo Feng was unable to penetrate into the most basic life origin, just looking from inside to outside—from a microscopic to a macroscopic point of view, carefully observing the original universe once through—he was able to comprehend quite a lot about it. The benefits that he had learned about were quite shocking.

“Yet, comparatively speaking, I still feel that the final great extermination of the original universe will render the greatest amount of help.”

Luo Feng, seated cross-legged amidst the space of the origin of the original universe, was silently waiting for that moment to arrive.


“The original universe is about to be destroyed. This scene is extremely shocking. Previously, I have seen it with my own eyes.”

Amidst the void space that was filled with chaotic airflow, on a gray ship, Rampaging Devil God was telling everyone else about the previous cycle that he had personally witnessed. Beside him were many universe masters, universe knights, undying fighters, and even a portion of talents who were cultivated in key aspects.

“How much longer before the destruction of the original universe?”

“We are amidst the void space. During the destruction of the original universe, will we be affected where we are?”

Quite a few humans within the hall were raising this question.

“Don’t worry,” said Rampaging Devil God, addressing the crowd in high spirits. “We will not be affected at all where we are. Think back properly, back then…”

Loneliness was indeed torturous. Even if one was invincible, if he led a life of loneliness, then wouldn’t he still be in agony? After he moved into Luo Feng’s miniature universe, Rampaging Devil God had rediscovered the happiness of living that he had once lost. He was quite optimistic by nature.

Numerous ships and palaces were suspended amidst the void space filled with chaotic airflow. Great beings from various races who had made their way out of the original universe were all waiting in silence, waiting for the moment when the great extermination would happen.


“Starting to destroy!”

“The universe membrane wall is cracking apart.”

Great beings of the various races were looking at this scene with a mixture of excitement and sorrow. There were still many ordinary beings compared to the number of those who managed to get out of the original universe from their own race who were not able to be relocated. Even Luo Feng’s miniature universe, compared to the original universe, was pathetically small. It was destined that almost all the ordinary beings from the various races would be annihilated along with the destruction of the original universe.

The destruction of the original universe had begun!

Previously, the end of the world had still in the process of gradually occurring, but at that moment, within the entire space of origin, a formidable power was produced instantaneously. This power was crazily devouring everything.

Even for the original universe—with its degree of vastness—all of its membrane walls were splitting apart at a crazy rate. Soon after, everything collapsed. Even the universe’s secret regions and star fields had begun collapsing; black holes were disintegrating successively; mineral planets, declining stars, and even some of the planets on which life forms were residing—all of these started collapsing. The moment they started collapsing, it was almost immediate that they were crushed into a flow of countless particles.


At this juncture, the origin also started to sharply reduce in size! The energy of every life form was being crazily transmitted to and absorbed by the origin. The countless ordinary life forms leading their daily lives—some babies who had just been born, some elders who were lying in hospitals, some young couples who were showing their love for one another, some enemies who were just fighting and killing one another—within a split second, all of them were annihilated. The inexhaustible energy of life was flowing into the core of the entire universe in a frenzy.



Amid the void space of Universe Ocean, living souls from various other races were onboard numerous ships and palaces as they watched the scene of the destruction of the universe unfolding before them. They were all holding their breath out of shock. Even if they had heard descriptions of this scene beforehand, when they actually witnessed it with their own eyes, they were still in total shock.

The flow of countless particles formed numerous, huge whirlpools. The powerful tearing force would have likely broken and shattered a miniature universe that entered it within an instant.

That violence! That intensity!

It made all the great beings hold their breath. The universe masters and true gods, with their ability to control time and space, were all transmitting the images of everything that was happening before them, sending the images incomparably long distances away. Everything became clearly visible. At such a close distance, everything became clearly visible. The shock was so intense that it sent shudders through the hearts of all the great beings.

“This… this is the destruction?” Teacher Origin was shocked, too.

When the destruction of the original universe began, the swallowing process formed such an infinitely strong tearing force that even a trace of it would have been enough to annihilate his entire being.

Such a strong and ultimate form of destruction caused even Teacher Origin to shudder in fear. Yet the shock that everyone felt was nothing compared to what Luo Feng felt. These life forms from the various races were outside of the Universe Ocean, watching the events from afar. On the other hand, Luo Feng’s willpower had penetrated into every corner of the original universe. He was like the original universe in its entirety. At the moment the destruction began, the feeling that struck him was overwhelmingly clear.

Firstly, within the space of the origin, the “Beginning of the Origin” started revolving 10,000 times faster. The revolving speed was inconsistent, being fast at times and slow at other times, causing the countless spots of light—belonging to 100,000 different categories—to shatter and be absorbed away. This, in turn, caused the space of the origin to rapidly reduce in size. The entire origin exerted an incredible swallowing force over its surroundings.

Swallow! It was doing its best to swallow!

Swallowing all the living beings, all the corpses and carcasses—the entire original universe!

Everything collapsed and was destroyed, transforming into countless flows of particles that revolved around and surged into the origin like crazy. All the most fundamental energy of life was completely absorbed back. To get such a massive original universe to be completely destroyed and swallowed in an extremely short period of time. The speed of those energies of life had exceeded 100 billion—even a trillion times light speed. Absolute rage! It was barbarous!


When all of the energy of life had been absorbed into the origin, the origin of the original universe instantly glowed with dazzling brilliance. That brilliance was so eye-catching that the area it spread over far exceeded the size of the previous original universe. This dazzling brilliance had even spread out far enough to shine upon those watching from within their ships and palaces.

“So shocking. Beautiful.”

The living souls of various races were holding their collective breath.


The original universe disappeared. Only the origin remained.

There was power surging up in a circular pattern surrounding the origin, but no one dared to get close to it.

Within the origin, garbed in a white robe, Luo Feng was sat cross-legged right in the middle of the whirlpool. The destruction of the original universe was fleeting and short-lived, yet unforgettable. That scene would be deeply imprinted on Luo Feng’s soul.

“Morosa had shared with me how mysterious the destruction of the origin was, based on his own comprehension.” Luo Feng was still shocked, nonetheless. “But the destruction of the origin, no matter how mysterious, was, on the contrary, quite a transparent process. It was more like a soundless attack during the destruction process. But the original universe represented the origin of life. The destruction of the origin of life was so much more rapid and violent.”

The origin of life contained various laws. To start with, there was life and death. There was also destruction.

The destruction of the origin of life was entirely different from the elimination of the destruction of the origin.

“A short destruction was for rebirth,” Luo Feng mumbled to himself. “Its main purpose was to give life. Everything was for the sake of life… And the destruction of the Sector Beasts was the destruction of their roots.”

Numerous scenes of the destruction continued to flash through his mind. Morosa’s comprehension of the mystery of destruction also flashed through his mind. Both were forms of destruction, but their cores were entirely different… Luo Feng was completely immersed in all these scenes in his mind.

An intangible ripple of willpower swept through Luo Feng as understanding dawned upon him.

“Time to leave.”


Luo Feng, clothed in a white robe, was disintegrated and annihilated right away. This was merely his godly powered avatar. At that moment, Luo Feng simply could not be bothered to be distracted by how he could get one godly powered avatar to slowly fly back. It was more viable to simply disperse and disintegrate it.


At Luo Feng’s miniature universe, on one of the mountain peaks of Nine Sectors Mountains, Luo Feng sat cross-legged. He had comprehended for trillions of eras, comprehending the destruction of the origin, comprehending the origin of life. Everything was colliding with one another.

“The path of destruction.”

Luo Feng had gradually made his way down a particular path. Combining the destruction of the origin of life and the elimination of the destruction of the origin, he had arrived at a concluding comprehension for both, and everything was gradually taking form.

The collision of two entirely different origins brought a great shock to Luo Feng. He needed to sort everything in order to straighten things out. He needed to comprehend an understanding of the situation that could justify all his doubts. If he could comprehend it all, he would be freed of doubts.

Time passed. Years went by…

“I am here by Teacher Origin’s order to ask, has Milky Way Ancestor completed cultivation?”

“Father God is still in the midst of cultivation and must not be disturbed,” Xi Mo replied in a most direct manner.

Previously, Luo Feng and Teacher Origin had an agreement. After comprehending the process of destruction, they would make their breakthroughs to become true gods of void space together. Then they would try to transcend reincarnation. But now, Luo Feng was still immersed in the process of cultivation.

“Brother Xi Mo, Teacher is still in the midst of cultivation?” Na Ke looked toward the faraway Nine Sectors Mountains.

“Young fellow, is it true that you just want to tell Teacher that you made a breakthrough to become a universe master?” Xi Mo also cast his gaze over to Nine Sectors Mountain, where Luo Feng was still seated cross-legged. “When Teacher has finished cultivating, he will surely learn about it.”

Na Ke laughed sheepishly.


Time passed. The flowers and plants on Nine Sectors Mountain had gone through countless cycles of blooming and withering, and countless visitors had come looking for Luo Feng. Even Sitting Mountain Guest had come once, yet Luo Feng remained immersed in comprehension. This time around, he was focusing all of his consciousness on comprehending, without a hint of distraction. Naturally, there was no way he could receive any guests.

In the 360,000th era after the destruction of the original universe, Xi Mo and Morosa were safeguarding Nine Sectors Mountains, forbidding any other great beings from disturbing Luo Feng.


Seated on the mountain peak, Luo Feng suddenly opened his eyes.


Xi Mo and Morosa turned at the same time to take a look. Then, in a flash, both of them arrived by Luo Feng’s side.

“Father God,” Xi Mo said in an agitated tone

“Master,” said Morosa, also very emotional.

Luo Feng took a look at both of them and nodded with a smile as he said, “Xi Mo, you can inform everything that I have now stopped cultivating. I suppose there are many who would like to meet me.”

“Understood, Father God,” Xi Mo replied right away. Then he disappeared in a flash.

“Morosa.” Luo Feng looked to his side at his good-natured bodyguard. “I suppose you have also been waiting a long time.”

Morosa merely returned a good-natured smile. Of course, he had waited a long time. He was an ace at dealing with loneliness, and the only opponent that could possibly match him was his Master, Luo Feng. Naturally, he would look forward to some other activity for the sake of novelty—for instance, transcending reincarnation.

“Master, have you made your breakthrough?” Morosa was quick to ask.

“It’s a bit of a process, of course,” Luo Feng teased. “If no progress was made, even after I personally experienced the destruction of the original universe, then I would be a great, big fool.”

Before he had started comprehending this time, Luo Feng had already reached the ultimate limit of a true god of void space.

For all universe masters, the usual practice was to create secret techniques at the third to the fifth stages. Many universe masters would usually get stuck at the level of the fifth tier as the top! To be able to create a sixth-tier secret technique, if one did not choose to take the godly power path, then the achievable level would only satisfy the requirements of becoming a true god.

A true god of void space would commonly be around the 11th to 13th stage. If one could create a 14th-stage secret technique, then that person could become an eternal true god!

When Luo Feng had fought Sector Beast Mo He, he had been able to create a 12th-stage as the top secret technique. After six trillion eras of cultivation, coupled with long-term communicating and interaction with Morosa, he had also been able to create a 13th-stage as the top secret technique, which was the ultimate limit of a true god of void space. And this time, Luo Feng had spent 360,000 eras comprehending. Of course, he would have made tremendous progress.

The destruction of the origin of life! The elimination of the destruction of the origin! This had allowed Luo Feng to comprehend the “Path of Destruction.”

In terms of achievement, Luo Feng had taken a step up to the eternal true god level. This was because he had personally experienced the destruction of the original universe. After all, in the later stage, it would be exceedingly difficult for him to advance even the tiniest bit. Considering that fact that East Emperor Ancestor and Purple Moon Ancestor had never been able to break through in all this time, it was not difficult to acknowledge matter-of-factly.

“Feng.” A figure flew over. It was none other than Xu Xin, who had come because she knew that Luo Feng had finished comprehending.

Luo Feng smiled as he went over to her.

“You are finally done cultivating. Even Sitting Mountain came looking for you at one point,” Xu Xin told him.

“There’s no need to rush,” said Luo Feng. “Right. Can the original universe be born now?”

“It has already been born,” Xu Xin answered with a nod of her head. “The new reincarnation era has already begun.”

Luo Feng’s eyes lit up. “Come along. We shall go take a look.”

With one stride, Luo Feng brought Xu Xin along with him. Right away, he shifted their location to the peripheral region of his miniature universe. Then they made their way out. Luo Feng’s miniature universe was not far away from the original universe. At first glance, Luo Feng’s gaze penetrated the void space, and he could easily see the original universe.

At that moment, the original universe was blurred, as it was surrounded by an endless airflow. This was its most primitive state, and it was now slowly and gradually breeding within its interior. Whether this reincarnation era’s first life form could be born was still an uncertainty.

“Flourishing with prosperity to the limit before the great decline.” Before him, Luo Feng saw a scene that was robust and full of vitality. He could not help whispering, “Previously, the original universe had multiplied its number to reach an extreme, so the number of those living within it also reached an ultimate limit. Naturally, its endurance also reached an extreme limit. Therefore, there was a rapid and violent great destruction. That destruction was for the sake of the new life of today.”

Regarding his own “Path of Destruction,” his comprehension was even clearer.

“Hmm…” Luo Feng was struck by a thought. “Let’s head back.”

Xu Xin looked at Luo Feng.

“Teacher Origin has arrived,” Luo Feng said.


One of Teacher Origin’s godly powered avatars arrived at Luo Feng’s miniature universe.

“How’s the comprehension coming along this time?” Teacher Origin asked.

“I’ve made headway,” Luo Feng said. “It should be possible to cross over to the eternal level in one swift move.”

“Eternal level?” Teacher Origin was far too shocked to maintain his usual calm demeanor.

Luo Feng nodded. “The progress of my miniature universe is going to take some time. When it is almost done evolving, that will be the time when you should start to develop yours again. This way, both of us can successfully achieve our breakthroughs around the same time.”

“All right, I’ll head back and prepare.” Teacher Origin nodded.

Teacher Origin was aware that being able to gain a thorough comprehension this time was a benefit Luo Feng had gained from resolving the issue of the Sector Beast crisis.

Relying on what he had comprehended, Luo Feng had managed to break through the key bottleneck and crossed levels to become an eternal true god. Plus, Luo Feng had once saved his life, so Teacher Origin did not harbor any jealousy toward Luo Feng. Rather, he felt awe and admiration for Luo Feng.

After meeting Sitting Mountain Guest, Primal Chaos City Leader, and the rest of the company, Luo Feng started to work on his breakthrough.



Standing within the space of the origin of the miniature universe, Luo Feng shouted out a command!

Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong!

Numerous space portals were successively emerging. Every space portal would appear within the space outside 100,000 Heavens without harming any of the plane surfaces. Endless chaotic airflow was gushing into these passageways, and the membrane walls of his miniature universe were starting to grow, spreading out and expanding rapidly.

1.1 billion light years, 1.2 billion light years…

His miniature universe was undergoing constant outbursts of growth.

As his miniature universe got bigger, the space occupied by 100,000 Heavens was, on the contrary, reduced, while the amount of void space was increased. With more void space available, Luo Feng was naturally able to bring in more void space passageways! The endless chaotic airflow could then rush in to boost the evolution of his miniature universe. This pleasant occurrence of unrestrained supply to boost the evolution of his miniature universe would only happen when there were breakthroughs. Also, this supply was only for the growth of the miniature universe. The godly power that Luo Feng’s body needed for development would have to be accumulated gradually via the absorption and transformation of godly power.

2.9 billion light years, 3 billion light years, 3.1 billion light years…

The miniature universe continued to expand. It quickly became much bigger than East Emperor Holy Land.

Amidst the void space of Universe Ocean, a great many true gods and universe masters watched from afar. There were some from the human race, some from the Hong Alliance, and also some from other races. All of them were witnessing this grand occasion.

“It’s too big.”

“Exactly how big can it get, this Milky Way Holy Land Universe?”

“The diameter has already exceeded five billion light years; it is much bigger than East Emperor Holy Land.”

Sitting Mountain Guest was also watching everything from afar. He laughed and whispered softly, “It is still too early.”

This time, Luo Feng was going to become an eternal true god in one swift move, so naturally, it was still too early to expect a final outcome.

Expand! Expand like crazy! Finally, a diameter of ten billion light years was achieved, and within Milky Way Holy Land Universe, Luo Feng’s own body was also undergoing a change.

“Godly power!” Luo Feng suddenly opened his mouth and sucked deeply. Within an instant, the godly power that had been swallowed and accumulated over a period of more than six trillion eras—which was thereafter transformed and stored as a reserve—came flowing over in a frenzied manner. During this period of more than six trillion eras, Luo Feng’s godly body had long attained its perfect optimum state. If he were to transform into an ocean, its diameter could be as wide as 12 light years. At the same time, it could store a tremendous amount of godly power.

The breakthrough this time around had brought about the evolution of his godly power by 100 times!

After accumulating for more than six trillion eras, his godly power reserve was consumed by more than 80 percent, all within an instant. This brought Luo Feng’s body to reach perfection, but such perfection was only at the level of a true god of void space!

“After accumulating for such a long time, I still don’t have enough. Once I become an eternal true god, my godly power will still be lacking a great deal.” Luo Feng shook his head. “Continue.”

After the breakthrough of his body, numerous portals started to appear within the void space of his Milky Way Holy Land Universe successively. Endless chaotic airflow gushed in to be continuously absorbed and converted, and this allowed for the continuous expansion of his miniature universe.

10.1 billion light years, 10.2 billion light years…

30 billion light years…

60 billion light years…

It continued to expand. Likewise, the length of time required was also extended.

True gods and universe masters of various races were stunned into speechlessness. Gosh! Even East Emperor Holy Land Universe’s diameter was only 3.2 billion light years! Exactly how big could Luo Feng’s Milky Way Holy Land Universe get?

Plus, Teacher Origin’s miniature universe was also starting to undergo a change. Its volume was starting to undergo rapid expansion.

“Teacher Origin’s miniature universe is expanding, too. It has already reached a diameter of 1.8 billion light years, and it is continuing to expand.”

“I think his miniature universe will not be as fearsome as Milky Way Horde Leader’s.”

Great beings of the various other races were discussing the matter among themselves. They could not help but envy the humans because they had two great holy land universes.

“Teacher Origin’s miniature universe has already stopped expanding. Its diameter is 52 light years.”

“That cannot even hold a candle to Milky Way Horde Leader’s miniature universe.”

The evolution of Teacher Origin’s miniature universe had begun later, but he made it a step earlier in achieving success. By the time his miniature universe had reached a diameter of 5.2 billion light years, the diameter of Luo Feng’s miniature universe had long surpassed 90 billion light years. After a period of close to one month, Luo Feng’s miniature universe finally reached a diameter of 100 billion light years.

At long last, everything came to a halt.

“100 billion light years.” Even Sitting Mountain Guest was astounded. “Legend… This is truly a legend. For a miniature universe at the eternal level to reach this stage, it can be considered perfect. Such a miniature universe could only exist in legends.”

“Father God, this is simply impressive.” Xi Mo was incomparably excited while staying suspended amid the void space.

True gods of other races were all stunned and speechless, but the acceptance came easily deep in their hearts—after all, the one who had created all these miracles was Luo Feng!

Since long ago, Luo Feng had already become a legend within Universe Ocean.


“My godly power has, once again, condensed by 100 times.”

Behind Luo Feng, six pairs of wings were outspread. For longer than six trillion eras, the fifth pair of wings simply could not be repaired, but now, in an instant, it was fully restored.

“But the godly power reserve within my miniature universe is still insufficient. If I were to transform into an ocean now, the maximum diameter possible would most likely only be slightly more than two light years.”

Previously, his godly power reserve had been totally sufficient for him to become a true god of void space. But he was still far from becoming an eternal true god.

“Fortunately, my current miniature universe is much bigger than before. The swallowing and transforming of godly power has become much more efficient, too.”

Luo Feng nodded. Milky Way Holy Land Universe was unbelievably huge. Upon absorbing the chaotic airflow, it formed a gigantic whirlpool that even a universe master would have had to travel in a palace true treasure in order to pass through. Otherwise, anything would be strangled to death.


With one stride out, Luo Feng left the space of the origin and arrived at the Nine Sectors Mountain of Milky Way Holy Land Universe. All of Luo Feng’s family members were waiting for him.

“Ha!” Luo Feng laughed as he walked toward them.

Suddenly, his expression froze with that smile plastered on his face. An invisible ripple brushed past Milky Way Holy Land Universe to convey a piece of information.

“One year?” Luo Feng mumbled to himself.

Now, he clearly understood. He had broken through to become an eternal true god. Within a year, he had to transcend reincarnation. Even though it was said to be required within a year, Teacher Origin had successfully achieved his breakthrough a month before Luo Feng. If both of them were to transcend reincarnation together, then the time remaining was, in fact, only 11 months.

“Father, Mother.” Luo Feng laughed and continued with the conversation he was having with his parents.


Luo Feng and Teacher Origin met once, had a discussion, and decided that after ten months, Luo Feng would head to Tilted Peak Sector to try to transcend reincarnation. So he had spent the past ten months making all the necessary arrangements.

In the past ten months, Luo Feng met up with many people. Some were from his time on Earth. There were included individuals from his time growing up and maturing. Some were those who had influenced him or those whom he had influenced. There were just too many people.

His children from the pulse of Remote Ocean, like Xi Mo, were all still alive. He met up with old friends from the pulse of Earth, like Wei Wen, and others.

Back when he had first joined Virtual Universe Company, he had gotten to know many good friends, including Bo Lan, Rong Jun (Tu Man), and Wu Ka. Although they were all quite talented, it was still extremely difficult for them to become universe masters—and even more difficult if they wanted to become true gods!

This was not an uncommon occurrence. Luo Feng’s son, Luo Hai, had great opportunities, including conditions that would have been considered perfect. But he had never been able to achieve a breakthrough to become a universe master. Bo Lan and Rong Jun had finally become universe masters, while Wu Ka remained a universe knight. As for the batch of great beings from the War of Talents, there were some who had been annihilated while honing their skills, and there were even some who had not become undying fighters. They had not been able to wait until the day the humans could achieve the status of an ancient civilization.

Previously, the three brothers of Earth had been Hong, who was naturally a true god; it was needless for Luo Feng to even mention this. As for Thunder Lord, even with the help of Luo Feng and the pulse of Earth, it was still difficult for Thunder Lord to become a universe master. After all, to the pulse of Earth, Thunder Lord was unquestionably a respected elder.

True Yan, too, was merely a universe master at this juncture.

“Teacher, within my miniature universe, you are perfectly capable of achieving a breakthrough to become a true god.” Luo Feng told True Yan earnestly. “To me, segregating another miniature universe is really not a big deal.”

“That Official Po Yu…” True Yan, on the contrary, was feeling quite uneasy.

“Back then, on Demon Note Mountain, although she stabbed me in the back, she had her reasons for doing so,” Luo Feng said. “Besides, that was a matter that took place ages ago. Teacher, do not take it to heart.”

Back then, the reason why Official Po Yu had plotted against Luo Feng was simply to take revenge on True Yan!

This involved a love story. True Yan’s lover had died long ago, and True Yan felt especially guilty. He knew that Official Po Yu hated him, yet he could only put up with it all. When investigation results indicated that Official Po Yu had plotted against Luo Feng, True Yan had pleaded for Official Po Yu!

This time around, amidst all the migrations into miniature universes, Official Po Yu had moved into Teacher Origin’s miniature universe. This was also because True Yan had intervened along the way to help Official Po Yu. This blurred the nature of the relationship between Official Po Yu and True Yan.


Before Luo Feng set off for his journey to achieve his breakthrough of a reincarnation era, he gave his disciples one more lesson. Then off he went.

Outside Tilted Peak Sector, a ship was suspended. On it were many figures, including Primal Chaos City Leader, True Yan, Sitting Mountain Guest, Luo Hong Guo, Gong Xin Lan, Xu Xin, Luo Ping, Luo Hai, Luo Hua, Darkness True God, Ice Mountain True God, and Long Yan True God. They had all come to send Luo Feng and Teacher Origin off.

Sitting Mountain Guest was the most relaxed of the lot. “Rest assured,” he said. “If even Luo Feng is in danger while breaking through the reincarnation era, then East Emperor Ancestor and Purple Moon Ancestor must have long ago lost their lives.”

Sou! Sou!

Far in the distance were Star Tower and a ship. Both were flying toward Tilted Peak Sector.

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