Swallowed Star

Volume 1 - Chapter 4: Luo Feng’s skill

Volume 1 Chapter 4: Luo Feng’s skill

After dinner, Luo Feng’s mom and dad brought Luo Hua to walk outside while Luo Feng went to tutor.

Around 6 PM, the sky was already about to become completely dark.

“This tutoring job will have to be on hold soon.” Luo Feng was like a leopard, flexibly moving through the alleys. There was a dead end in front, but Luo Feng’s entire body flew in the air. He jumped over two meters high, lightly tapping the top of the wall with his left hand, and fell into the next alley.

Sprinting was his warm up before tutoring.

At this time, Luo Feng’s speed was 15 meters per second, or 54 km/hour, which wasn’t even his top speed. However, it was able to serve its purpose as warm up.

[Light panting]

“One more month until exams, and then I will be able to put tutoring on hold. I earned twenty thousand dollars during this half year of tutoring.” Having the title of ‘Elite’, it was easy for him to find a tutoring job, teaching someone the basics.

The salary was 100 dollars per hour.

For five days a week, he taught for one hour a day. In other words, his monthly salary would be around 2000 dollars.

“Dad works hard all day and only earns around 2-3 thousand dollars a month. I just tutor for an hour and earn so much more than him… This is the difference between a normal person and someone with a title! If I am able to become a ‘Fighter’, then the difference would be shocking!” Luo Feng looked ahead of him and saw a cargo truck blocking the road.

However, Luo Feng didn’t slow down at all. He suddenly jumped up to a height of 2-3 meters high and then ran two steps on the side of the wall. He then dropped back down and continued running forwards.

After that──

Luo Feng has already ran to the outer part of a quiet residential area.

“Here is where Mom and Dad should be living.” Luo Feng stopped and eyed the area in front of him. The density of the homes in the area was lower and there were man-made pools. There were tons of foliage and every floor of each building had its own garden, even the higher floors.

Other than the tall residential homes, there were also villas.

Know that──

As of now, there are a total of six major bases in China, which are the six major cities. Each city has an astonishingly large population. For example, Jiang-Nan city’s population is nearly 200 million. Naturally, there is very little land. Things like villas are very rare and expensive. The large mansions that take up even more space cost an enormous amount of money.

“I’m going to #1801 of the 18th building” said Luo Feng to the guardsman outside the area.

“Wait a moment” The guardsman pressed a video-telephone number and shot the camera at Luo Feng. A voice from the video-telephone said, “It’s Feng, let him in”

“Alright sir” The guardsman let him in.


One hour later, Feng walked out the area.

“Yup, done with tutoring. Now I’ll go to the dojo and see if there has been any increase in my strength.”


The ‘Dojo of Limits’, the largest dojo on earth created by the strongest fighter ‘Hong’.

There are dojos scattered all around the world.


Luo Feng entered the dojo after scanning his student identification card at the door.

One ‘Dojo of Limits’ is like an entrenched gigantic monster: the area it covers is even larger than a high school. The main gate of the dojo is big enough to let ten cars in. Inside the dojo, there were three large silver-white structures with an airship-like style.


*This brother is one used in respect, not blood related. All the “brothers” for the rest of the chapter will be like this too.

“Greetings Brother”

On the lawn of the interior of the Dojo were large amounts of dojo members. These members saw Luo Feng’s ‘Elite’ identification on his chest and respected him.

Inside the dojo, the three structures were separated by level: one for the beginner members, one for the intermediate members, and one for the elite members.

The elite member building’s first and second floors are large teaching halls, large enough to hold a few thousand people. The teachers of the dojo taught in this hall. There were around 30-40 thousand members of this particular dojo.

You can only become a member of the dojo starting from the age of 16. After the age of 30, you are prohibited from coming back to the dojo, since you will be wasting valuable teaching resources.

There were a couple hundred ‘elite’ students, most being around 20 years old.

However, Luo Feng was only 18.

“Greetings Brother”

Luo Feng walked along as he heard people greet him. He entered the third floor of the elite building, which only elite members could enter.

The third floor was a couple hundred meters long and wide; a large training center. At this time, there were a couple dozen people.


*Not the “mad” kind of crazy. This is just a nickname incorporating the Feng of Luo Feng (crazy = Feng Zi)

“Hey, come Crazy.”

As he entered the large training center, all of the ‘elite’ members warmly greeted him.

“Brother Wang, Brother Yang, Sister Li” Luo Feng happily shouted back. As he looked at these people, his heart warmed. These few dozen people were all over 20 years of age. Of course, the elite members of the ‘Dojo of Limits’ of Zhi An section weren’t just these people. In total, there were over a hundred of them, but most of them were too lazy to come since there isn’t a teacher to teach.

The only people who would come to the training center are those who are poor and without anywhere else to train.

The rich people all have their own individual training center.


Almost all of these people live in cheap rental homes. Since they are all categorized as poor people, they naturally formed a clique. Luo Feng’s nickname of ‘Crazy’ came from the time when he consecutively challenged and defeated three rich elite members out of anger.

“I wonder how much my strength improved from the last half month of training.”

Luo Feng walked towards the ‘Fist Strength Tester Machine’ at the corner of the training hall, where there were two of them side by side. Whether you were a beginner, intermediate, or an elite member, you had to test the strength of your punch. Even the test to become a ‘Fighter’ has strength* tests.

*All strength tests refer to fist strength.

Luo Feng took in a deep breath and completely relaxed his body. Suddenly, his gaze concentrated. His body tensed, like a lazy lion getting ready for action. His spine tensed like a bow string. His feet supported his waist, which strengthened Luo Feng’s right fist. His punch was like a cannonball, shooting across an arc──


Luo Feng’s fist smashed against the machine.

The machine shook violently.

Soon enough, a number appeared on the machine’s screen── “809 kg”

“Not bad, crazy. Got past the 800 kg milestone” A man with a height taller than 1.9 meters who was a bit lean yet buff laughed and clapped. This buff man had a savage scar on his face.

“Brother Yang” Luo Feng laughed, “when compared to you, this is nothing. Brother Yang, could you help me turn on the ‘Speed Tester Machine’?”

“Brother Yang, named Yang Wu, is currently ranked top three within the elite members in the ‘Dojo of Limits’. If it wasn’t for his speed, he would’ve cleared the ‘Fighter Preliminary Exams’ a long time ago.

For an elite member to become a fighter.

He has to pass two exams──

The first exam is the ‘Fighter Fitness’ exam, or the Prospective Fighter exam. Once you pass that, you have proved that your fitness level has reached the standard of a ‘fighter’. At this time, you have become a ‘Prospective Fighter’.

The second exam is a ‘Fighter Combat’ exam.

Just having the body fitness doesn’t grant you the privilege of becoming a fighter. Only by defeating an actual monster in an actual fight will you be able to achieve the title of ‘Fighter’.

“Testing speed? Alright.” Yang Wu laughed as he walked towards the machine and turned it on.


The machine turned on and lighted up.

Luo Feng adjusted his breathing and stood on the track, which was 60 meters long. Close to the speed testing machine was a speed testing region.

Luo Feng exploded forwards!


In a blink of an eye, Luo Feng has accelerated to his maximum speed. His feet pedaled with strength, increasing his sprinting power. His body was like an arrow leaving a bow and flying across the runway, bringing along with him a gust of wind. Luo Feng flew past the speed testing region. After that, he naturally slowed down and stopped.

“How fast?” Luo Feng laughed as he walked towards the machine.

“Heh, crazy, looks like you improved a bit since last time. Not bad, not bad” Brother Yang, with a face of astonishment, looked at the number displayed on the speed testing machine, “Come look for yourself”

Luo Feng looked over to the machine and the number displayed was── “23.8 m/s”

“Not bad”

Luo feng wasn’t that happy though, since there were three parts to the Fighter Fitness exam, or the ‘Prospective Fighter’ exam: Strength, speed, and reaction speed. For reaction speed, Luo Feng was naturally gifted and has barely reached the level that a fighter requires.


In the prospective fighter exam, the passing mark for strength is ── 900 kg!

For speed, the passing mark is── 25 m/s! Or 100 meters every 4 seconds.

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