Swallowed Star

Volume 2 - Chapter 8: Fighter combat exam

Volume 2 Chapter 8: Fighter combat exam

Late at night on July 31st, in Ming-Yue sector’s #199 villa. On the second floor in this villa, there were four huge rooms: A bedroom, a media room, a guest room, and a gigantic training hall. This training hall was at least 120 ping and took up half of the 2nd floor.

Late into the night, the street light shined through the glass of the media room and refracted into the training hall.

Luo Feng, wearing a loose dojo uniform, silently kneeled on the floor. Two streams of light constantly and rapidly circled around Luo Feng’s body. As if they were happy, joyous birds, they flew around the dojo quickly and flexibly.

After a while, the two streams of light slowed down and floated next to Luo Feng; they were two throwing knives.

“With my current level of spiritual force, controlling things isn’t too hard. However, if I control like four of five knives….. the speed, power, etc. diminish” Other than trying to control his new strength, Luo Feng has put most of this month’s work on his spiritual force training.

While Luo Feng was living in the Ming-Yue sector this month, he met and talked with many fighters. Luo Feng also confirmed one thing——that his telekinesis is indeed spiritual force!

“I’m taking the fighter combat exam tomorrow, so I should rest well tonight”

Luo Feng stood up and opened the glass door, and then headed to his bedroom to sleep.


August 1st, noon. Under the leadership of a fighter, thirty or so prospective fighters, including Luo Feng and Yang Wu, rushed towards the train station.

[KU-CHI~~ KU-CHI~~] The train was moving quickly into the station and the sounds of the wheels grinding against the tracks were weak. The carriages of the train were all filled with clamor, but were also completely sealed. There were no windows to look out of. In each carriage, a person appeared on the large display.

Inside the carriage, many prospective fighters were seated.

“Fellow prospective fighters, future fighters, I am from the HR alliance” a middle-aged man was speaking on the carriage’s display, “I’m sure all of you have heard of the HR alliance before! It’s the strongest, wealthiest organization and the organization with the most fighters! I’m sure everyone is also familiar with the HR alliance’s other name——The Underground Alliance”

All the prospective fighters inside the carriage quieted down.

Luo Feng and Yang Wu sat side by side, heads raised towards the large display.

“Crazy, you’ve heard of the Underground Alliance before right?” laughed Yang Wu, “They are seriously wealthy! The wealthiest organization on earth, even wealthier than a country”

“I know”

Luo Feng laughed. While he lived in the Ming-Yue sector for the past month, he has learned of many basic information from the fighters in the same area. Prior to the Grand Nirvana period, places like the United States of America and Europe all had powerful families controlling them from behind. For example, the Morgan family, the Rockefeller family, the Onassis family, etc…..

These families virtually controlled over half of the world’s wealth!

However, when the Grand Nirvana period came and the monsters attacked, many smaller countries were destroyed. The larger countries that had powerful armies all fended for themselves and strengthened their governments. At this time, many of the old, powerful families were afraid of being overpowered by the governments’ armies. So they teamed up and created——the HR alliance,or the human rights alliance.

Human rights alliance, it sounds good. However, it’s an alliance that centers around the powerful families. It’s called by fighters the ‘Underground Alliance’.

“Our alliance has the world’s largest communication platform for fighters! Here, you can accept high paying missions”

“Our alliance has power and influence all over the world! Once you join our alliance and you become one of us, you’ll receive top class service whether it’s in the USA or the European Union”

“Our alliance has the largest army and the most power in the government, join us…..”


The middle-aged man spoke for 15 minutes.

“All future fighters”

A man who had a strict face on appeared on the screen, “Let me introduce myself. I, am Jiang-Nan city’s security agency’s deputy chief. My name is Liu. In our country of China, there is no doubt that our government’s army is the strongest! Join our government, join our army, and no matter where you go in China, you’ll have the greatest support”


“Everyone” the person on the screen changed again, “I am the chief of Jiang-Nan city’s Thunder Dojo headquarters, Wang. Our thunder dojo was created by the fastest and invincible fighter, ‘Thunder Lord’. All over the world, our thunder dojo has branches…..”


“All future fighters, we have introduced the previous three. No need to say, everyone knows I’m from the dojo of limits!” the person on the screen changed to another person, “My name is Zhu Ge! The dojo of limits….. is the strongest dojo on earth and was created by the strongest fighter! In our dojo, we hold the strongest power on earth…..”


The four advertisements raised up discussion between the prospective fighters in the carriage.

“Second brother, after becoming a fighter, which side will you join? I think the dojo of limits is pretty good”

“I’ll join the Underground Alliance; you can earn the most money there, haha”

“The Thunder dojo gives fighters better conditions, even a better than the dojo of limits’. Joining the thunder dojo seems like a good choice too”

The excited discussions of the prospective fighters spread around the carriage.

Luo Feng and Yang Wu also discussed in a low voice: “Crazy, my instructor and my senior both joined the dojo of limits. Now, even you have joined the dojo of limits, so of course I will too! Even if I join the dojo of limits, I can still receive missions from the Underground Alliance. We can choose to buy things from both the dojo of limits and from the Underground Alliance”

“The Dojo of Limits, the Thunder Dojo, the Underground Alliance, and the government’s army…..” Luo Feng was clear.

Within all of those powers, the government’s army was no doubt the strongest.

For the Underground Alliance, which is made out of many powerful families from all over the world, even a country would try to avoid angering them, since the Underground Alliance controls nearly the entire world’s economy!

The thunder dojo and the dojo of limits are behind the first two in power.

However, joining these two large dojos represents freedom!

“Brother Yang, how many prospective fighters do you see on this carriage?” Luo Feng looked around and saw that there were over a hundred people inside just one carriage.

“There are a lot of people” Yang Wu curled his lip, “I just heard from other people’s discussions how there are two fighter combat exams each year. And in each fighter combat exam, over a thousand prospective fighters from all over Jiang-Nan city come to take it”

“Over a thousand?” Luo Feng was shocked.

However, that seemed right, since there was a population of two hundred million in Jiang-Nan city and ten million people in the entirety of Yang-Zhou city. In average, there are just a few dozen more fighters.

After a while——

“Fellow prospective fighters, the train will be entering the station shortly, so please prepare to get off” came a sound from the speaker in the carriage. Shortly after, the train started decelerating until it stopped.

The carriages’ doors opened and all the prospective fighters from each carriage got off.

Very quickly, the mighty crowd of prospective fighters entered a huge military camp, which took a vast amount of space. Various heated weapons could be seen on the outer parts of the camp; one cannon was pointed towards the outskirts of the camp. Large amounts of soldiers were all holding various sophisticated weapons.

Luo Feng and the group of prospective fighters looked around.

“Look outside the camp” Yang Wu excitedly pointed far away.

Luo Feng looked carefully and, other than the camp’s security line, there were a few starving monsters who were growling. However, these monsters didn’t dare approach the camp.


An ear-piercing howl made all of the fighters simultaneously raise their heads, and they saw hundreds of densely packed Fei-Qin monsters howl across the dark, blue sky.

“According the the books, after you leave the city, you can see all sorts of monsters. The books were indeed right” Luo Feng’s eyes flashed, “Humans can only live in the cities or in military camps. Only a fighter can come out here alone and fight with those powerful monsters!”


A loud sound carried to every single fighter’s ears, “Welcome to Jiang-Nan city’s northern military sector. This time, the 1680 of you will take your fighter combat exam hosted in our northern military sector. I hope most of you will pass, and I hope all of you will live through this exam!”

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