Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 30 - Where He was Looking At

Chapter 30: Where He was Looking At

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Hearing that Ruan Zeyan was there, those guests that were preparing to leave had stopped their flurries. There was no one within them that did not want to have connections with the Ruan family. As long as they had business transactions with the Ruan family, they could look forward to a great profit.

All the ladies on site started to excitedly fix their makeup and hair, Even though they all knew that the Ruan family and the Guan family already had an arranged marriage.

An arranged marriage was just an arrangement. Ruan Zeyan and Guan Meiyi hadn’t gotten engaged yet, nor were they married. Technically speaking, all the ladies on site had a chance still.

Even Ling Yuqing sneakily fixed up her hairdo, if she could marry Ruan Zeyan, then she would definitely be someone of the upper circles. She would no longer have to be careful of her every move in the Ling family, scheming how she could maintain her status as the Ling’s daughter.

“My gosh! Zeyan’s actually here! It must be because of you, Meiyi. Why else would Yuan Teng Corporation’s CEO take time to attend such a birthday party when he’s so busy?” Ling Qi gleefully pointed out.

Everyone looked at Guan Meiyi, envy clear in their eyes. Guan Meiyi didn’t say anything, but it was obvious that she was feeling very much loved.

“What is wrong with my birthday party?” Madam Ling was a little upset at what Ling Qi said.

“Mom! Don’t take it to heart, I didn’t mean it that way.” Even if Ling Qi comforted Madam Ling, it was clear that she didn’t have any sense of apology.

Madam Ling looked at Ling Qi, not saying anything more. Her daughter had married well, to Guan Jianlin. She also gained a lot of positive attention as her mom, what else was there for her to say about Ling Qi?

Ruan Zeyan’s arrival was sudden, exposing everyone’s thoughts. Guan Meiyi’s blissful glow hadn’t passed before she saw an entire scene of ladies tidying up themselves, even Ling Yuqing had taken out her small mirror to touch up her makeup in her excitement, forgetting that Guan Meiyi was standing right beside her.

Guan Meiyi’s thoughts darkened, her lips twitching with ridicule. These women were not even good enough to be noticed by Ruan Zeyan.

It was just…Guan Meiyi couldn’t help looking at Ling Tianya standing not far away. Almost everyone was touching up their makeup, but Ling Tianya hadn’t moved at all, she just stood at the same spot. Her expression was complicated, and Guan Meiyi didn’t understand it at all.

She didn’t know why, but seeing Ling Tianya made her uneasy, and she blinked to cover it up.

It was nothing, there were so many things surrounding Ling Tianya. Her reputation was awful and her family was not as powerful as her own either; she would definitely not be a significant enough threat.

Everyone knew that in the socialite circle, beauty was of no use. The most important thing is that a families matched and that they could work together to bring both of them to greater heights.

Just based on this, the Ling family could not compare with the Guan’s.

Understanding this, Guan Meiyi’s uneasiness slowly ebbed away.

Right then, Ling Tianya was definitely not as calm as she was showing on the outside. Just by her escape stunt she had pulled from Ruan Zeyan’s Huxin Island, she knew that Ruan Zeyan would definitely be angry, but she didn’t know what he would do to her.

She hadn’t thought that Ruan Zeyan would get a hold onto her whereabouts so quickly.

Just then, Ling Tao had already invited Ruan Zeyan in reverentially.

The man wore a crisp suit. There was not an ounce of expression on his cold hard face and he was extremely disinterested in Ling Tao’s actions, his eyes fixated in one direction.

Following the path of his eyes, there were two women standing there.

Guan Meiyi, and Ling Tianya…

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