Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 652 - Did I Fall Asleep?

Chapter 652: Did I Fall Asleep?

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Following Ling Tianya’s change in state, the atmosphere in the hypnosis room became tense.

The hypnotist concentrated all of his attention on Ling Tianya. “You can do it. Go back and take a look. Who are those people? Why are they chasing you?”

Ling Tianya’s breathing slowed for a moment as if she was really turning around in the hypnosis world. However, in the next moment, she would seem to be in pain, putting her hands over her head and fiercely shaking it. It seemed as though she was losing control of her emotions.

Ruan Zeyan’s forehead was tightly locked. Ling Tianya’s pain made his heart tighten. He wanted to touch her and comfort her, but the hypnotist had already warned him that while Ling Tianya was hypnotized, he couldn’t make any sounds nor touch her.

Therefore, Ruan Zeyan could only watch with his fists tightly clenched. This feeling of powerlessness left him, the strategic planner, unable to do anything.

Seeing Ling Tianya’s heart rate continue to increase made the hypnotist worry about Ling Tianya and her fetus. He had no choice but to stop the hypnosis.

Ling Tianya was slowly awakened by the hypnotist. She opened her eyes and looked around vacantly. After two seconds, her blank eyes began to focus, and she found Ruan Zeyan in the room.;

Seeing him sitting there with a pale complexion, Ling Tianya rubbed her sweat-drenched head. “Did I fall asleep?”

“En.” Ruan Zeyan held up a towel and gently helped Ling Tianya wipe away the sweat from her forehead.

‘I think that I had a dream. However, I can’t remember it.” Ling Tianya straightened her body and looked at the man in the suit. “My apologies,” she said modestly. “I have made a fool of myself.”

The hypnotist quickly laughed and said, “Not at all! During pregnancy, all pregnant women tend to be fond of sleeping. Plus, this room is dimly lit, so it’s easy to fall asleep.”

Ling Tianya looked at Ruan Zeyan. “Have you guys finished your conversation?”

“En. We are done talking.”

Ruan Zeyan left the hospital with Ling Tianya. Ling Tianya had planned to visit Yu Chenshi and Yu Luoluo in the afternoon after she was done with her prenatal examination. After leaving the hospital, she allowed Ruan Zeyan to take her to Yu Chenshi’s current residence.

In the car, Ling Tianya felt like her body was a little weak. She leaned on Ruan Zeyan’s shoulder. “Who was that man?”

Ruan Zeyan’s large hands lightly touched Ling Tianya’s face. “He is my friend who recently returned to the country and had some business in the hospital. Coincidentally I was going to visit you and met him on the way.”

Ruan Zeyan chose to keep what had happened a secret from Ling Tianya for the time being. They hadn’t yet discovered the reason behind Ling Tianya’s headaches. He didn’t want Ling Tianya to be even more burdened in her pregnancy.

Ling Tianya believed Ruan Zeyan’s words despite the fact that she didn’t feel as if Ruan Zeyan and that man were that close.

When Ling Tianya reached her destination, Ruan Zeyan left her there, telling her he was on his way back to the company.

Only after witnessing Ling Tianya enter the apartment did Ruan Zeyan call the hypnotist and ask about Ling Tianya’s condition.

The hypnotist said that there was definitely a large portion of Ling Tianya’s memories that were suppressed. There were two possible reasons for this. One was that the memory was intentionally suppressed by Ling Tianya and she didn’t want to remember it. Therefore, even the hypnotist wouldn’t be able to evoke the memory.

The second reason, which was Ruan Zeyan’s hypothesis, was that Ling Tianya had been hypnotized at some point in the past. The other person had locked up Ling Tianya’s memory and created a barrier so that if the memory was forcibly evoked, then there would be a negative consequence.

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