Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 907 - A Familiar Stranger (1

Chapter 907: A Familiar Stranger (1)

Zhang Ke walked out of the study pulling the suitcase. Coincidentally, she saw Zhong Chuchu, who was bouncing around.

Zhong Chuchu waved at Zhang Ke. “Are you leaving?”

Zhang Ke nodded, a hint of helplessness on her face. “Yes, Teacher wants me to return go back to the hospital. Ai. I’ll be alone again once I head back. All of those doctors and nurses are cold.”

Zhong Chuchu nodded her head in understanding. “Right. That is where Western medicine falls below Chinese Medicine. Perhaps it is because they are too busy, but it always feels like they don’t have any feelings.”

“It’s also because the relationships between doctors and patients nowadays are way too anxious. Therefore, sometimes, the doctor feels like the more he talks, the more he’ll be wrong and so he becomes cautious. There are some things he doesn’t want to say in order to prevent unnecessary problems.”

“That’s true.” Zhong Chuchu walked toward the study.

Zhang Ke took a step forward and stopped Zhong Chuchu. “Where are you going?”

Zhong Chuchu pointed to the study. “I’m going to find the young miss. The soup is ready and we can give it to the young master.”

Most importantly, she could also give it to Du Gang.

Zhang Ke pulled Zhong Chuchu back and said, “Teacher is looking over the materials. You shouldn’t bother her at the moment.”

“What about the soup?”

Just then, Small One walked over and, seeing Zhong Chuchu and Zhang Ke, asked, “Have you seen my older brother?”

Zhong Chuchu shook her head. Zhang Ke followed suit and did the same.

Small One looked around. “This guy! Where did he run off to?”

Zhang Ke laughed. “Perhaps he’s gone to do something for teacher.”

Small One nodded. Although this house wasn’t as large as the mansion, it was still quite big. Perhaps Big One was currently conducting some business for the young miss.

Zhang Ke looked at Small One and her eyes flashed before she said, “Oh, that’s right. Teacher wants you to take Zhong Chuchu to the office to take the soup to the President.”

Small One pointed at himself. “She told me to go?”

He needed to stay to protect the young miss. Was it really alright for him to leave like this?

Zhang Ke knew what was going through Small One’s mind and said, “Teacher said that she wouldn’t go anywhere and will stay here. With Big One here, there won’t be any danger.”

Small One obediently nodded. “Okay, I’ll set off right away.”

When Zhong Chuchu heard this, she immediately rushed to pack the soup.

As Small One was about to leave, Zhang Ke once again called him. This time, she used Small One’s name. “Leng Yu!”

Small One turned around in shock. “How do you know my name? It’s been so long since someone called me by it that it feels rather strange.”

Zhang Ke put her head to the side. “Your older brother told me. He said that the two of you were born on a stormy night and therefore one of you is named Leng Feng and the other Leng Yu.”

Small One’s mouth twitched. “Big One sure talks a lot.”

Speaking of which, the names of all of the hidden guards were kept a secret. Besides the boss and Mr. Du, there were few people that knew their names. Also, many of them were orphans and this was convenient for concealing their real identities.

Now, Big One had even told Zhang Ke their real names?

Small One looked at Zhang Ke slyly. Before, he had felt that something wasn’t right between the two of them. They did not have a normal relationship. Now, Big One even revealed his true name.

Zezeze! Was Big One falling in love?

Thinking this, Small One once again looked at Zhang Ke, already considering her his future sister-in-law.

“Leng Yu, my shoulder hurts a bit and I need to return to the hospital right now. However, when I went home to gather things for Teacher, I simply closed the door and didn’t lock it. The village that I Iive in is rather old. I’m afraid that since I didn’t lock the door, things might be stolen from my house. Can you go check up on it for me?”

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