Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 11 - Itchy Teeth

Chapter 11: Itchy Teeth

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Liu Duo finished eating her plain congee and mantou while she listened to the teasing. She washed the dishes and placed them back into the kitchen. She then carried a stool and walked to Ye Ling’s side.

“Ling, come and sit down, don’t tire yourself. You can also collect money while sitting down.” Ever since she woke up, she saw Ye Ling dealing with pheasants’ feathers while squatting, and now he kept standing to collect money.

Ye Ling’s legs were already in an inconvenient state. Although he was not in any discomfort, Liu Duo was unwilling for him to keep standing. Of course, the other three brothers were the same. If they weren’t squatting, there were standing.

Ye Liu came to Liu Duo’s side, “Little Duo, why didn’t you also get a stool for your second brother? I am also tired.”

When Liu Duo heard the pitiful voice paired with Ye Liu’s smirk, she felt she got inconceivable goosebumps.

“Don’t you know how to get a stool by yourself if you are tired? It’s not like you don’t have hands or feet, right?” Liu Duo couldn’t help but spar him.

“Ye Liu, you come and sit. I’m not tired.” Ye Ling felt happy in his heart because Liu Duo was concerned about him, but he didn’t want Ye Liu to wear himself out. He was actually not tired. After all, he didn’t work as much as the other three brothers.

“That’s okay. Ye Ling, just take a seat. I was just teasing Little Duo. I’m not tired.” Ye Liu didn’t want Ye Ling to feel awkward, as Ye Ling was thin-skinned.

The villagers felt temporarily relieved when they saw Liu Duo showing care for Ye Ling. After all, almost the entire village knew about the escape incident. After all, no one wanted to be a shared wife. Moreover, this shared wife’s appearance was quite attractive. The only fear was that she still might be thinking of running away.

The people who came to buy meat were all gone after about an hour. The only thing left were wild boar heads, spare ribs, about twenty grams of meat, and pig offals. After they cleaned up the yard, it was already noon, and they started to prepare lunch. Ye Yang and Ye Liu hadn’t had breakfast.

“Ling, I’ll help you cook.” Liu Duo followed Ye Ling to the kitchen.

He knew Liu Duo didn’t have anything to do and was bored. Ye Ling smiled, “Then I will have to trouble you.”

“Not at all. I can’t just eat and drink without doing anything, right?” She rolled up her sleeves and got ready to work hard.

“At least you are self-aware and know that you cannot freeload!” Ye Mo couldn’t help but get in a word as he walked in while carrying chopped firewood.

Liu Duo hadn’t said a word to him the whole morning. Ye Mo’s teeth felt itchy.

“Tsk, who did I freeload off? Even if half of the things in this house are yours, you can just take them away. I don’t want to freeload off of any of your things!” She rolled her eyes at Ye Mo.

“You…” She always talked back to him. Ye Mo felt like he didn’t have anywhere to vent. He felt unbearably angry.

She just couldn’t get used to Ye Mo always criticizing her for no reason, “You…you…you what? Get out, we are busy.”

“You think I will get out just because you order me to?” Ye Mo clenched his teeth.

Not planning to keep arguing with Ye Mo, Liu Duo said to Ye Ling, “Ling, what are we eating this afternoon? I don’t want to eat paste.”

Ye Ling did not know what to do about the friction between Liu Duo and Ye Mo. He could only advise Ye Mo in private, lest it affects their relationship.

“Then what does Liu Duo want to eat?” he replied gently. The fire had just been lit.

Rice was off the table. After all, their family’s economic situation did not allow for it.

“Ling, let’s eat noodles. In any case, I don’t want to eat paste.” There wasn’t any rice left in the house, but there was a lot of flour.

“Okay. Then I will go make noodles.” Ye Ling would definitely fulfill Liu Duo’s request.

Ye Ling got up and went to make noodles. Ye Mo intuitively went to start a fire. Liu Duo saw the kitchen knife and prepared to cut some meat. A large piece of leftover wild boar was placed in a wooden pot.

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