Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 23 - Of Course I should Pamper My Own Wife!

Chapter 23: Of Course I should Pamper My Own Wife!

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Everything inside and outside will be changed once we have money! Liu Duo thought.

The ox cart driver was a lonely, old man named Wang Tuozi. He sat at the side while smoking tobacco. He waited until there were enough people before heading back to the village.

“Big brother of the Ye family, you came to sit in the ox cart. Three wen per person.” He shook off the ash.

Ye Yang took out six wen straightaway and then gave them to Wang Tuozi. He placed the two bags of powder and the bag of polished rice into the cart. He then sat on the side.

Liu Duo looked at the cart that was made of wood, and then looked at the four wheels made out of wood. When it started, the ox would be pulling at the front. She had never sat in one before but was very eager to try it.

Liu Duo sat very near to Ye Yang. The ox cart was clearly very spacious, but she still chose to sit so close to Ye Yang. Ye Yang’s entire body was stiff and he did not know what to do. People who looked over would start to gossip again.

When he moved to the side a little bit, she would immediately follow. Ye Yang gave up. If she stuck to him then that’s that. If people wanted to talk, let them talk.

Wang Tuozi, who was smoking his tobacco, looked at Liu Duo and thought, The young wife from the Ye family is quite attractive. She’s just a bit too brazen! Sticking to a man in broad daylight. Wang Tuozi did not make his feelings known and continued to smoke his tobacco.

After a long time, no one else came. After Wang Tuozi finished his smoke, he sat in front of the ox cart and whipped his whip. The ox cart started to move.

As the road was uneven, the ox cart kept swaying around. In the beginning, Liu Duo felt it was interesting, as it was new, but after a while, her butt could not handle it anymore. She had never experienced such punishment before.

She looked around and saw that there wasn’t even a cushion on the ox cart! Liu Duo held onto Ye Yang’s thick and strong arms and complained, “Yang, the bumps are making my butt hurt.”

“Just bear it for a while.” He also couldn’t do anything. Ox carts were bumpy by nature. He himself did not feel anything.”

Bear? That was easy to say, but for Liu Duo who had never experienced such hardship, how could she bear it?

She held onto Ye Yang’s arm, borrowed his strength, and sat on his thighs. She used the thick and soft thighs as a cushion. Liu Duo said, while smiling happily and showing all her teeth, “Let me borrow Yang’s legs to sit on. It doesn’t hurt now.”

Ye Yang almost threw Liu Duo down the instant she sat on his legs. He was so nervous that he had trouble breathing, and his heartbeat increased.

“Get down. We will arrive shortly.” Ye Yang looked at her hair bun.

“I won’t!” She held Ye Yang’s arms again as she was afraid she would fall from the ox cart.

Ya Yang wanted to laugh a little when he looked at Liu Duo’s cheeky face. He couldn’t forcefully pull her down, right? Of course I should pamper my own wife! He felt that his life after twenty-five would no longer be bland and lonely anymore.

Sometimes, a person who doesn’t pay attention to their surroundings could also perhaps change their life. Sometimes it would be for good, but sometimes it would be bad!

The cart kept shaking. Liu Duo felt like she was about to fall asleep. Ye Yang unknowingly took the initiative to embrace Liu Duo so that she could sit more comfortably.

“Yang, it’s so boring.” The journey was silent. Only the steps and breath of the ox could be heard.

“We’re almost home.” Ye Yang looked ahead.

“Yang, sing a song for me to listen to.” She looked up and stared at Ye Yang’s clean chin. She was trying to find something to talk about to relieve the boredom!

“…” Sing? Ye Yang thought in his heart that he had never sang before!

Liu Duo didn’t get an answer. She turned her body and her back leaned against Ye Yang’s chest. “Forget it. I will sing a little song to relieve the boredom.”

Cough, cough. Liu Duo cleared her throat and sang, “Today’s weather is so fine, the scenery is nice everywhere, nice scenery…”

In her past life, Liu Duo liked to sing, but because of her illness, she could only hum softly. It had been impossible for her to sing this loudly.

Moreover, Liu Duo was very grateful for her present healthy body. She was also very thankful to God for giving her this healthy body and giving her the chance to experience living life again!

She also thanked God for giving her four men with different characteristics.

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