Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 4 - As Violent As a Robber

Chapter 4: As Violent As a Robber

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What is this all about? Urging for the pregnancy? I am still a 15-year-old child! Even though I have a twenty-five-year-old soul, the body is not ready yet!

Ye Ling passed the bowl to Liu Duo after heating the paste again, “Wife, eat this while it’s still hot. It took so long. I bet you must be hungry.”

“Oh, Ok. Thanks.” Liu Duo was hungry indeed, so she took it immediately and ate slowly. It wasn’t good to eat, but it was much better than nothing. This was the best the family budget could allow, after all.

The Third Aunt continued while looking at Ye Ling and Liu Duo, who was eating her paste, “Little Fourth, you and your brothers should treat your wife well and never wrong her. If you need some help, come to your Third Uncle and me.”

“Don’t worry. Third Aunt, we’ll treat her well and never wrong her.” Who else would we treat well except our wife?

“Well, well. It’s late now. I’m going back. Girl, come visit if you’re bored!”

“Oh, OK. Watch your step, Third Aunt.” Liu Duo answered. When she would truly visit or not aside, manner wise she should answer along.

“OK. Third Aunt, let me walk you out.” Ye Ling held the Third Aunt’s arm and walked outside.

Liu Duo felt warm throughout her body, and the pain in her abdomen was relieved somehow after finishing the paste. Then, she got up and stretched.

“Wow, it feels comfortable when the stomach is full!”

Ye Ling turned back and saw Liu Duo stretched out casually in a good mood. Finally, a wife was going to bear children in this family.

Ye Ling brought the bowl and chopsticks beside the well after tidying up. Watching Ye Ling doing the housework, Liu Duo thought this man was really diligent.

Liu Duo took a close look at him. He was quite handsome; however, it was a pity that he had leg asymmetry with one leg longer than the other that crippled him. In addition, he looked like a weak and delicate beauty, due to frequent intake of medicine.

Ye Ling’s face was flushed bright red and dared not to look at her after finding Liu Duo’s eyes had fallen on him for a long while.

‘Oh, the pretty boy is shy.’ Liu Duo grinned with reddish cheeks.

She wanted to go out and look around, so she stopped staring at him. She needed to get familiar with the surroundings where she was going to live after her rebirth.

“Well, Fourth Brother, staying at home is so boring. Let’s go out for a stroll, shall we?” Liu Duo asked Ye Ling for his opinion, in case he thought she would run away again!

Ye Ling looked up and was deeply attracted by Liu Duo’s smiling face, with such features, as well as her dimples. “My wife is so beautiful” has become a pet phrase in Ye Ling’s heart.

While Ye Ling was about to respond, a bang sounded. It was something landing heavily on the ground, startling Ye Ling and Liu Duo! They both turned their heads and looked towards the gate of the yard.

“Go out for a stroll? Do you want to run away again after only one single night? In my opinion, only one blow can let you know what I am capable of.”

“You have become the wife of our Ye brothers, since your Grandma took the money. Stop trying to run away, or I’ll show you my strength! How about snapping your legs?”

With a face that good-looking, he mouthed words that were shockingly raw and violent, talking about hitting people all the time. That was Ye Mo, the Third Brother of the Ye Clan.

He was about 1.8 meters tall, of an average figure, and stunningly handsome with a sculpture-like face that could be compared to Mr. Universe – the champion of a beauty pageant.

Such wonderful genes ran in the Ye clan! The Liu Duo who owned the original body had never looked at them properly ever since she was bought back. That was why the other Liu Duo at that moment was not very clear about their appearances.

Liu Duo was satisfied with the good look of the Fourth Brother, as well as that of the Third Brother. She was even guessing that the appearances of the First and Second Brothers must be more or less at the same level.

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