Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 472 - Let Me Fan You

Chapter 472: Let Me Fan You

“Sister Duo, I’m actually not a drinker either,” Li Wazi suddenly confessed.

Liu Duo couldn’t help but laugh, “You should tell that to Sister Lian, not me.”

The more time she spent with Li Wazi, the more interesting she found him to be. It turned out he was nosy and funny too.

Little Lian gave a gentle reply, “I know my husband can’t drink much. Sister Duo, he’s just saying that he, like Yang and Mo, isn’t interested in drinking wine.”

When Liu Duo heard that, she smiled and her dimples showed up, “Oh, so that’s what he meant.”

Why didn’t he just say so!

Stunned by Liu Duo’s meaningful look at her, Little Lian felt herself blushing. Why did she feel as though she had just been teased by a player?

Li Wazi, who was quite neurotic to begin with, noticed that his wife’s cheeks had gone red. Concerned, he asked, “Dear, do you feel hot? Here, let me hold him.”

Little Huzi was almost half a year already. He loved to wander around near the dining table.

He would cry if they were to place him in the cradle, but once he was in someone’s arms, he would stop. It was like he was meant to be an actor!

“That’s alright. I can do it while you eat.”

“Then let me fan you.”

Li Wazi went to grab a fan nearby.

Coincidentally Little Lian sat on his left, so fanning her didn’t interfere with his food, since he held the chopsticks in his right hand.

Ye Ling followed suit and went to get a fan too, for Liu Duo. Ye Yang seemed to have read him well, for he took over and said, “Let me do it.”

He sat on her right, so he too could fan her with his left hand, whereas Ye Ling couldn’t because he was right-handed.

Aunt Li was glad to see how they all maintained a close relationship. Even her eyes seemed to smile.

After dinner, Li Wazi’s family stayed for a while longer before returning home.

Ye Liu, who needed a bath, rubbed his temple as he walked downstairs.

“Little Duo, I think I have a headache. So dizzy,” Ye Liu went straight to Liu Duo and leaned against her.

She happened to be brushing Hei Xiaomeng’s fur when Ye Liu attached himself to her like a boneless figure.

“You deserve it! Who told you to drink that much? You knew the aftertaste was strong!” Liu Duo rolled her eyes sideways at him. “Get out of the way. You stink. Take a bath!”

She wondered if he would feel better, or have less of a headache, after a bath.

Still smirking, he straightened himself after talking to her. “Fine, I’m going to have one. See you in bed!”

He left with a wink, and then he marched towards the kitchen.

Ye Ling was about to fetch some hot water when Ye Liu entered, “Liu, how’s the headache?”

“Still there, but no matter. It’ll get better after tonight,” Ye Liu grinned.

“Then you can bathe first. I’ve just heated the water.”

“Sure,” Ye Liu nodded in agreement. “Ling, are you done modifying the underwear? Have you washed them?”

Ye Ling nodded.

Ye Liu smiled at that, “Great, I’m going to wear mine for her tonight.”

Needless to say, Ye Ling felt shy when he heard that. His cheeks reddened. Ye Mo, who was boiling water by the stove, sank into his thoughts. The following day, he too would wear the new, altered underwear for his wife.

Ye Liu fetched his water and went for a bath.

As he bathed, he got excited just thinking about wearing the modified underwear later. And he did exactly that after he finished bathing and dried himself off.

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